34 Five Months Growth

[Name: Han Cai]

[Age: 12]

[Life Span: 90 Years]

»Strength: 25

»Perception: 35

»Agility: 22

»Speed: 22

»Constitution: 25

»Intelligence: 10

»Charm: 10

»Cultivation: Qi Condensation level 2 (Soaring Sky Cultivation Technique)

»Skills: Crane Sword Style (Level 4)

[Exchange Points: 872 (20/day)]

[Extract Exchange Points : 8076(source EARTH,WIND)]

[Storage Space : Spirit Stone (1) Gold Coins (100) ]

[System Update : ? (Collect 100000 points to unlock)]


[Initiate Law of Equal Exchange?]

Han Cai looked at his status panel. He was satisfied with his growth in the last five months. The two spirit stones of monthly allowance helped him a lot. When he leveled up his sword technique to level 4, his cultivation automatically reached level 2.

There was growth in his stats, at the age of 11, he had the strength of more than twenty men. With every level up in his cultivation, his strength increased by 10.

While leveling up, technique boosted his stats by 1. There was a qualitative change in his sword technique. When he reached level 4, he could use the sword more freely, and the amount of qi needed to release the sword qi decreased massively.

His attack power was around 145 now, with a penetration strength of 175. He could kill a foundation establishment-level cultivator if he attacked with all his strength. Now he needed 12,000 exchange points to get his cultivation to Qi condensation level 3, and he needed a whopping 32,000 exchange points to get his sword technique to level 5.

After Han Cai leveled up last month, the exchange points collected by the system from him increased to 20 from 11. He was still collecting around 44 points through earth and wind sources.

This time he also improved his intelligence and charm. An increase in intelligence helped him a lot; he almost had eidetic memory now. Because of an increase in intelligence, his perception went above 35, and he could perceive everything happening outside his quarters sitting inside.

For any other cultivator, when their cultivation rose, their perception grew slowly, but Han Cai's perception would multiply because of his high-level intelligence. After leveling up intelligence to 10, when he tried to level it up, the system told him it would cost a thousand points, so Han Cai decided to stop at level 10.

Han Cai also finally leveled up his charm. Han Cai looked very elegant with black hair, Jade white skin, and an elegant face. There was charisma all around him. He looked like a young immortal.

Earlier, he was not interested because he wanted to keep a low profile. When he showed his skills to elder Zhou, he saw how much benefits he received from him just because he showed some talent. Now that his plans have changed, he had decided to participate in a tournament.

He wanted everyone to have an excellent impression of him. He wanted everyone to perceive him as the male version of cold beauty, an elegant and mysterious young man.

Han Cai had given it a deep thought after his plans of doing missions and building strength had to be changed when elder Zhou brought him up in his faction. The spirit stones were very useful for him but then again they were very useful to any cultivator.

Han Cai wanted to be excluded from doing missions but keep earning spirit stones; The best method was to woo the sect elders, make them think he was the most precious disciple for the sect, and get them to invest in him.

Han Cai was honest with himself; he knew he had a very lazy personality and preferred the recluse lifestyle. He also knew there might be many times when the situation might not be under his control; at such times, people might have a favorable impression because of his charm, which could save him some hassles. Considering this, Han Cai also decided to increase his charm to 10. Above level 10, the charm also needed around a thousand exchange points, so he halted it at 10.

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