79 First Kill

He felt angry. Angry at this man for being a F***ked up piece of sh*t eating eyeballs. He felt angry at the old man of the dark hall for waiting and not trying to save the children. He felt angry at Dongmei for making him go through this sh*t. But the angriest was Han Cai in this World. This messed up mother-effin tragedy-filled, good-for-nothing world. This did not need to happen. It was unnecessary. Couldn't this bastard have a normal meal? What kind of messed up fetish was this? But this world was filled with messed up dumb f**ks like these.

Han Cai disappeared where he was standing from and reappeared in front of the man sitting in the corner. Han covered his hands with celestial Qi and shoved them right into the eyes of a woozy man. The man yelped, trying to get away. 


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