50 Fear

In his study, Han Cai learned about the history of the sky-soaring sect. It would be wrong to call Han Cai a curious person. Because of his lazy personality, Han Cai preferred to pay attention only to things that could help him in living a comfortable life. But now that he was a core disciple of the sect, the sect had a lot of expectations from him. Han Cai was lazy, but he was cautious too. Seeing a protection array and so many defense mechanisms set up by the sect to protect core disciples must mean only one thing. There were enemies of the sect who wanted to hurt core disciples, which made sense because there was no way an influential organization such as sky-soaring might not have any enemies.

Because of this, Han Cai needed to understand this world's ways and power structure. Han Cai started reading the history of the sect.

The Sky Soaring Sect was founded over a thousand years ago by a group of powerful cultivators who sought to escape the politics and power struggles of the larger sects in the central regions of the Daxing continent. The Yin country was located in the north of Daxin continent. The leader of the group that founded the sky-soaring sect was a man known as the immortal Master Lu. They decided to establish their own sect in the northern region of Yin country, a land known for its cold and snowy climate. They set up a small base in these beautiful mountainous regions of the cold north and began to attract like-minded cultivators to their cause. Over time, the sect grew in strength and influence, becoming one of the most powerful sects in the northern region.

The Sky Soaring Sect's main competitor sects in the northern Yin country were the Frost Peak Sect, the Heavenly Thunder Sect, the Divine Wind Sect, and the Starfall Sect. The Frost Peak Sect is known for its mastery of ice-elemental techniques and has a strong presence in the snowy regions of the north. The Heavenly Thunder Sect is famous for its lightning-elemental techniques and has a reputation for being fiercely competitive. The Divine Wind Sect is known for its wind-elemental techniques and is known to have many powerful flying cultivators. Lastly, the Starfall Sect is known for its mastery of earth and space-elemental techniques and is considered the most mysterious of the four sects.

Han Cai was not afraid of these sects but seeing northern region mentioned so many times. Han Cai felt goosebumps all over his body for some reason. Han Cai was born in one of the northernmost remote town of Yin country. Yin country was one of the northernmost countries in the Daxin continent. He could not find any details about other continents in these books, but from what Han Cai gathered, he had a hunch Daxin continent must be the northernmost continent.

What did this all mean? Was he born in the remote north of remoter north? Was it just a coincidence that he was born northernmost remote area of this cultivation world? Han Cai's murphy's law belief pushed forward. His high perception told him it was not that simple, many common people were indeed born in the northernmost area of yin country, but Han Cai was not just a common person. He had a system.

Because of his perception, Han Cai felt a vague danger. He did not know what it was, but he felt afraid for some reason. It was not a simple fear. This fear was like something that would suffocate him just thinking about it. Han Cai asked the system if it could use exchange points to clarify why his perception was giving him a feeling of vague danger. The system gave him a short answer, not enough exchange points.. When Han Cai tried to ask how many exchange points he lacked system gave him a number that was more than a quintillion. Han Cai got tired of counting zeroes and finally gave up.

Han Cai decided not to overthink it. He also resolved to boost his intelligence stat as fast as possible so he could understand this fear he felt just now.

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