93 Element Escape Upgrade

The system continued to provide Han Cai with up-to-date information regarding the clever strategy that had been hatched by members of the Cui family in order to get the core elders of the Sky Soaring Sect to divulge the location of the medium-grade mine. 

They came to the conclusion that Elder Pan would be the best person to assist them in kidnapping one of the sect's inner core disciples. 

However, the majority of these disciples were always protected or only rarely left the inner sect.

During the time when they were discussing how to put the plan into action, Elder Pan offered information that was helpful. 

He informed them that one of the highest-ranking outer sect disciples, Liqin, was very close to an inner core disciple, Niu. 

So, if they wanted Niu to leave the sect, they had to use Liqin.


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