73 [Bonus chapter]Yongnian

After Contemplating for a long time, Qiang decided to use his chess piece in the outer sect.

Elder Yongnian was a well-known elder in the outer sect, renowned for his expertise in poison and weapons. Although many people were aware of his poison and weapons expertise, very few knew about his dark and unethical activities.

Yongnian came from a humble background, but he stumbled upon a cultivation technique called the Yin Death Cultivation Technique which involved using poison Qi and corpse Qi to improve cultivation. He was a hard worker and cultivated diligently, which helped him to rise up the ranks and become an outer sect elder when he reached the foundation establishment realm. Like other outer sect elders, he started his own faction, the Yonginian Faction.

Yongnian's cultivation technique was incredibly demanding, and when he finally reached the foundation establishment realm, he discovered that the corpse Qi in his dantian started to evolve into death Qi. This was a purer version of corpse Qi, and he knew that if he continued to cultivate death Qi, he would be able to refine the bodies of dead cultivators and use them to do his bidding.

However, the process to convert spiritual Qi in his body into poison yin Qi or corpse yin Qi and then converting that corpse yin Qi into death Qi was long and arduous. To speed up the process, he needed to absorb corpse Qi directly from outside and convert it into death Qi. The problem was that the only source of quality corpse Qi was from recently deceased cultivators. Absorbing corpse Qi in this way was frowned upon as it involved defiling the bodies of the dead, and many sects considered it to be part of the demonic path.

To solve this issue, Yongnian came up with a long-term solution. In his faction, he mostly recruited young female disciples and raised them with patience. When these female disciples grew up, they were very loyal to him and would go out and seduce other cultivators, poison them, and bring back fresh bodies for Yongnian to experiment on.

However, somehow his secret was discovered by Qiang, one of the inner core disciples. From that day on, Yongnian became one of Qiang's lackeys in the outer sect.

Qiang visited Elder Yongnian in his quarters. Elder Yongnian lived in a small, isolated quarter within the outer sect, which was a reflection of his enigmatic personality. He rarely ventured out of his quarters and spent most of his time studying and researching poisons. When Yongnian saw Qiang, he knew he was in trouble. Every time Qiang demanded something, It made Yongnian's life difficult.

In terms of appearance, Elder Yongnian was a middle-aged man with a thin build. He had a gaunt face and sharp, piercing eyes that seemed to look right through you. He wore a long, outer core robe that signified his status as an elder.

Qiang got straight to the point.

Qiang "Elder Yongnian, I have a mission for you."

Elder Yongnian "What mission?"

Qiang "I need you to get rid of Han Cai."

Elder Yongnian "Han Cai?"

Qiang "Yes, Han Cai, the new inner core disciple. Personal disciple of the sect master."

The Yongnian felt like his soul had left his body when he heard the mission.

Elder Yongnian "Get rid of Han Cai? Sect master's disciple? That's asking for death. Why would you ask me to do something like that?"

Qiang "I have my reasons. And I need it done quickly, within a matter of days."

Elder Yongnian "I don't think I can do that. I wouldn't dare to touch an inner-sect disciple. You are asking me to kill core disciple. The sect will never let it go."

Qiang spoke firmly, "You will do it, or I'll inform the discipline hall about your heinous acts."

Elder Yongnian shivered. "You Can't!"

If the sect found out about his vile experiments, it would not be just reputation and position in the sect, but the discipline hall would chop off his head.

Qiang "Elder Yongnian, I understand your hesitation in killing Han Cai. But I promise you, once he's dead, I'll make sure you don't face any consequences."

Elder Yongnian "What do you mean? How can you guarantee that I won't face any consequences?"

Qiang "My Clan will take care of you. You won't have to worry about anything, and you can just leave the sect and hide in my Clan's city. We'll provide you with all the cultivation resources you need, and you can cultivate without any worries."

Elder Yongnian" Once he dies, you think they will let me leave the sect? "

Qiang "Don't worry about that. I have many lackeys in the outer sect. No one will know of your departure. You will leave a day before he dies. I'll make sure that everything is taken care of. My Clan will provide dead bodies too ."

Elder Yongnian "I don't know... It's a big risk. What if something goes wrong?"

Qiang "Nothing will go wrong, and I have a plan. But you need to make sure that the poison is untraceable."

Elder Yongnian felt defeated. He sighed and spoke, "Alright, I'll do it. But I need a stem of a gork plant to make the poison. It's only found in black ape forest and will take a year to get."

Qiang "Try to get it as soon as possible if you need spirit stones, feel free to ask. Hire some cultivators with flying beasts and use them to get it sooner. I'll expect results soon. And remember, if you fail, I'll make sure you suffer worse than death."

Yongnian nodded in defeat.

Qiang was pleased with the Yongnian's cooperation and left the cave abode with a smile on his face.


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