Transmigrated: Patrick's Marvel Adventure

After being mysteriously transmigrated into the world of Marvel, Patrick finds himself amidst the chaos of the battle between the Avengers and the Chitauri Army, led by the menacing Loki. As he struggles to understand his new reality, he discovers three cards in his possession, each containing the abilities of powerful characters from different movies and anime. In the midst of epic battles and earth-shattering confrontations, Patrick must navigate his way through the conflicts and challenges of the Marvel universe, all while coming to terms with his newfound abilities and the impact he can have on the world around him. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, Patrick's choices will shape the course of history and determine the ultimate outcome of the battle between good and evil. Moreover, he is also presented with the opportunity to travel to multiple worlds, each holding its own unique challenges and adversities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This will be an AU MCU. Moroeover the story won't change much till the plot of the 'Age of Ultron' movie. Consider yourself warned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I own nothing except the main character of the book. The Marvel Universe and the upcoming worlds to which the MC would travel to belong to their respective creators. Also the cover page is not mine. If the owner of the cover page wants it to be taken down, then it can be done. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For 5+ advance chapters visit my patreon. patreon.com/StoryTeller229

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4. Introductions

'.....'= Thoughts 

"....."= Conversations 


As the three Avengers turned their attention back to Patrick, he could sense their curiosity and apprehension. He took a moment to assess the situation before speaking. "I'm not your average guy, that's for sure. I possess certain abilities that set me apart from the rest of humanity."

Steve narrowed his eyes, a hint of suspicion coloring his tone. "Like what kind of abilities?"

Patrick's smile remained unchanged as he replied, "Let's just say I have enhanced strength, speed, and agility, along with some other... unique capabilities."

To be honest he had no need and responsibility to tell information regarding his abilities to the three people standing in front of him.

The only thing he wanted was to rush at a frightening speed to the top of the Stark Tower Tesseract was being used in order to open the portal.

But he was not foolish enough to do so. Although the current Avengers wouldn't be able to stop him if he tried to just take the Tesseract and flee away from here, there were quite a few powerful people keeping watch over this war.

Patrick looked at the top of the building, gazing at the portal powered by Tesseract, his mind racing with thoughts and possibilities. Yes, he had the ability to rush down there and take the Tesseract, but what would be the consequences of such an impulsive action? The Ancient One and Odin were powerful forces that were surely keeping watch over the war, and if he were to make a move, they would undoubtedly be aware of it. Patrick had no desire to provoke such powerful entities. He wasn't strong enough to do whatever he wanted in this world.

Furthermore, he had not yet fully checked whether the Tesseract was a suitable energy source for his needs. He may have a feeling that it would be the perfect source of energy, but he knew that he needed to be certain before making any drastic moves. The last thing he wanted was to take the Tesseract and find out that it was not the right energy source for him.

As he pondered his next move, he couldn't shake the feeling that directly going towards the Tesseract would make his goal easily understandable to powerful organizations such as SHIELD and HYDRA. They could try to manipulate him by using his need for the infinity stones to their advantage. Patrick had no doubt that SHIELD would do whatever it took to control the situation and bend him to their will.

He knew that he needed to approach this situation with caution and strategy. Rushing in and taking the Tesseract in a blaze of glory would only lead to chaos and potential manipulation. He needed to be smarter about this. He needed to find a way to get the Tesseract without drawing unnecessary attention and without falling into the hands of those who would try to control him.

Patrick also knew that maintaining a good image was crucial for his plans moving forward. With the support of the Avengers, his aim to find appropriate energy sources would become more efficient and effective. Moreover, being a good guy who saved the people and the world from an army of aliens would prevent SHIELD and the World Security Council from taking any inappropriate actions against him, well, not completely, but at least they have to think twice before doing anything drastic.

Despite the benefits, the losses could not be ignored. However, Patrick didn't mind the losses. Maintaining a good relationship with the Avengers had quite a few perks that would definitely bring him more benefits than losses..

As he glanced away from the portal, he felt a sense of calm determination wash over him. He may not be able to rush in and take the Tesseract, but he was confident that he could find another way. He had the power and the intelligence to figure this out. And when he did, nothing would stand in his way.

Despite appearing to be in deep contemplation, his thinking lasted only a few seconds. Patrick's contemplating and thinking speed had increased considerably after acquiring Kizaru's abilities.

Before anyone could prod further, a rumbling noise filled the air, drawing their attention to a figure speeding towards them on a motorcycle. It was none other than Bruce Banner, the brilliant scientist who transformed into the Hulk when provoked. The sight of him emerging from the dust cloud was a welcome relief for Natasha, Steve, and Tony. They rejoiced at his arrival, knowing that his expertise and brute strength would be invaluable in the fight against Thanos and his forces.

"Banner, you're here!" Tony exclaimed, relief evident in his voice. "We could use your help right about now."

Bruce brought the bike to a sudden halt, his expression a mixture of weariness and determination. "Sorry I've been MIA. But I'm here now, and ready to smash some alien invaders."

As the group exchanged quick updates, Patrick observed the interactions with a keen interest. His gaze lingered on Bruce, and there was a glint of recognition in his eyes.

Bruce looked curiously at Patrick as he had already seen a huge yellow sword cutting down a similarly huge alien from far away. After talking with the three he understood that it was actually Patrick's ability.

"Patrick Bateman," Patrick introduced himself, his tone friendly yet suggestive of hidden depths.

"Bruce Banner, a scientist," Bruce smile while shaking Patrick's hand.

"I take it you're not your average scientist either." Patrick muttered.

As Bruce shook Patrick's hand, the corners of his mouth quirked up in a wry smile. "You could say that. I have a bit of a... rage issue."

Their exchange was interrupted by a sudden gust of wind and the sound of thunder. A figure descended from the sky in a flash of lightning, landing with a resounding thud. It was Thor, the God of Thunder, his majestic presence commanding attention and respect. His blue eyes sparkled with a mix of curiosity and admiration as he took in the scene before him.

"A most fortuitous meeting," Thor boomed, his voice carrying the weight of centuries of battle and wisdom. "I am Thor Odinson, and I sense great strength emanating from you, Patrick Bateman."

Patrick inclined his head in acknowledgment, a flicker of interest dancing in his eyes. "Nice to meet you, Thor. You've got good hair."

The tension and uncertainty that had been lingering in the air seemed to dissipate in the wake of Thor's arrival.


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