Transmigrated Mind

Here I am again, stuck in the darkness of my own room. Surrounded by thoughts that has been plaguing my mind since the day I've decided to drop out of college. Yes, that's me. John Colton. A 28 year old college dropout now leeching off his parents, refusing to make a living on his own. But no, this isn't a story about how useless of a son I am. No... This is the story of the time where I got lost in my mind and got transported to another world. A world where magic and mythical beings exist.

Praefactuss · Fantasy
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The Party



Name: John Colton

Age: 14

Level: 5

Experience: 200/500

HP: 80/100

Mana: 50/50

Strength: 5

Intelligence: 10

Dexterity: 6

Agility: 7

Wisdom: 5

Unspent points: 0

Skills: Identify

Boons: Wadur's Blessing

Curses: -None-


I spent most of the night staring at this screen that only I can see. After a while, I started to understand what most of them meant, but this was just based on knowledge of some RPG games I used to play.

Strength was meant for how strong I am physically and seeing that I am a child and seemed like a spoiled one, a 5 was completely understandable.

Intelligence should pertain to my magic power and my mana and not directly affect how smart I am. Seeing as to how I have a 10 on it and basically know next to nothing.

Dexterity should be how good I am with handling things especially with my hands.

Agility would be how fast I am and how good I can dodge or move unexpectedly.

Then there's Wisdom, I have no idea what benefits this stat gives me... Does it pertain to brain power? Or how clear-headed I can be when faced with unexpected situations? That I don't know but I'll find out sooner or later.

Identify and Wadur's Blessing were self-explanatory so I had no problems with that. Only after a while of coping and understanding this status screen of mine is when I decided to go to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of knocking.

"Yes, yes come in." I sheepishly answered.

To my surprise, multiple maids came in with my breakfast and clothes I were to wear for the big celebration my father has planned out for me.

Madeleine was nowhere to be seen but I was brought out of bed and was given my breakfast. It was something you would expect of nobility. High class meats and veggies cooked in an extravagant way. I ate my breakfast and the maids speedily took the plates and utensils onto the cart and dragged them away. Next thing I knew was that these maids were starting to remove my clothing one by one.

'Oh, am I going to have to get used to this?' I can't even begin to think of how I'll get used to people I don't know or am close to undressing me and seeing me in my underwear.

"Thank you, but I can do this myself." The maids stopped for a moment but one voiced out.

"Sorry for the disrespect, Honourable, it's already late in the afternoon and the party is nearing its start and Lady Colton specifically asked us to get you ready and all prepared for the celebration of your return." I can see how anxious and nervous she was and I felt sorry for her and decided to let them do what they had to do.

"Alright, please carry on then." I lifted my arms as they removed my clothing one by one and led me to what I think was the bathroom. There wasn't a shower nor a toilet, instead you can see one large tub filled with lukewarm water and several buckets to the side as well as sponges. I got into the tub and the maids began scrubbing and cleaning every part of my body. Of course, I didn't let them clean any of my lower body and told them that I can do that myself.

After a while of bathing and dressing me up. I looked at the mirror. What greeted me was a strapping young man that looked of nobility. My hair was all fixed and the bandaged was removed with no sign of the wound I had yesterday. I was wearing flashy clothing just like what my father used to wear yesterday. Looking at myself, I can tell that this body is very handsome, albeit a little skinny for kids his age but still a ladykiller nonetheless.

'I'm really going to have to get used to this new look of mine.'

It was very awkward to move in the new clothes I was wearing but I got used to it rather quick. I have no idea on how a noble should act and I don't want to seem pretentious or full of myself, so I just walked with confidence. My back straight and my head held high. The maids led me to the entrance of where the event was to happen and I could feel my nerves starting to go off.

'How the fuck am I supposed to act in this kind of scene. I mean yeah, my parents were rich and I used to go to different balls where they'd meet partners and shit but its nothing this grand... Well, I guess I'll just do what I normally do and just be respectful.' I was told to wait till my name was called out and when I was introduced.

I stood there patiently waiting until I heard the voice of Connor Colton, my father. "Now, everyone. The main character of this event has finally arrived. Please give my son, John Colton a warm welcome." As he said those words, the even more gigantic ornate doors opened and revealed the giant ball room that was crowded by many people in formal and noble clothing.

I was greeted by the sound of clapping and instruments to indicate my arrival. I feel my body freeze but forced myself to move forward.

'I have to keep appearances and make them believe my story.'

As soon as I walked into the room, I was above multiple flights of stairs, looking down on all the people that have attended the party.

"Father." I looked to him. "May I please have a few words before we officially start?" He nodded and spoke.

"Seems like my son has a few words to say to everyone. Please quiet down and listen to what he has to say." At his orders, the clapping and the instruments died down quickly. It was silent. Silent enough that I believe you could literally hear a pin drop if one did. I clear my voice and started.

"Ehem, My name is John Colton. During the past few years, I might've done terrible things that may have incurred the wrath and hate of some of the people in this room. For that, I am terribly sorry." I gave them a solemn bow and stood up back straight.

"For my past misdeeds, I am willing to right them. The John Colton you see now, is not one of that that plagued you in your memories. But one akin to a phoenix, I am a person reborn. Thank you."

'Shit, that was cringe-y... Hopefully they like it.'

It was silent at first but when one started clapping, the others followed suit.

"Hahaha! Yes, he is right. This my son!" Connor bellowed as he put his hand on my shoulder, pride glistening in his eyes. "Now, everyone enjoy the party, the food and the amazing company we have!"

I walked down the stairs and head to the table where my mother, Heather Colton, was. As I walked towards the table, I was bombarded by people saying their greetings and acknowledgement of my apology.

'This is tiring... Do I have to do this every time?'

I finally reach the table and sat down next to my mother.

"Mother, my memories are still a bit hazy... Is it alright if you could tell me things I should know before I embarrass myself completely" I say as I scratch the back of my head giving her a shy smile.

"Oh dear, you are right. We've completely forgot to bring you up to speed." She replied. "The basic things can be touched on later but what's the most important right now is for you to remember who that man is" She pointed towards a man with who I presume to be his wife and daughter.

"That is Earl Samuel Thomas and his wife, the Countess Isabel Thomas. Given the title of Earl by the King of our Qaviel Kingdom, they are the rulers of Leprington, where our Barony of Eshon resides in. The young girl beside them, who is your age, would be Lady Luna Thomas."

Heather gave me a faint smile as she mentioned the daughter's name. "Now go on, don't be shy and give your respects. Our families have always been close. Why not try and win the hand of Lady Luna as well" She said jokingly.

"Okay... I'll go and give my greetings, but I won't promise anything about Lady Luna's hand." I give my mother a shy gaze and started walking towards the family.

"Greetings Lord Samuel Thomas, Countess Isabel Thomas and of course, Lady Luna Thomas. Thank you for gracing our humble barony with your presence" I said respectfully accompanied with a bow.

"Hahahaha, no need to be so formal with us, young John. Your father and I are as close as brothers, we could be said to be family already! Of course, if you want to make it official, you could always marry Luna over here." I feel my ears start to heat up and looked towards Luna.

She was a stunning beauty. She has fair white skin, black hair and hazelnut eyes. Her body was accentuated perfectly with the dress she was wearing and she carried an air of nobility making it seem like she was a goddess out of reach.

'God she's a beaut...' I shake my head. 'She's only 14, don't get any ideas, me. You're 28!'

However, with her father's comment about marriage, her face started to redden and quickly hides behind her mother, who was also a natural beauty.

Her father on the other hand was a bulky man, I could see the muscles bulging even over the layers of clothing he had on for the occasion. He had a kept beard with a small scar on the side of his cheek. This man has seen battles, and many of them.

Samuel caught me staring at his daughter and said. "You and Luna haven't seen each other in ages, might as well give you two children some time to catch up! Come, Isabel, lets greet our hosts and maybe reminisce about the past." Samuel and Isabel head towards the table were my mother was at and left me and Luna to ourselves.

"Hello, Lady Luna. It's been a while since we've last met. Forgive me but I've incurred some problems with my memory and cant seem to remember most of what happened for the past 5 or more years..." I struck up a conversation and she seemed sad about my forgetting of past memories.

"Hi John, you can drop all the Lady stuff since we're actually really close... in terms of friendship that is." She replied with a shy and cute voice.

"Oh? We were close? I'm sorry but I would love to hear the memories we've had with each other. It'd be a shame if those were just lost and forgotten." I replied with an eager face and a kind smile. "Alright, I'll tell you all that I remember."

She told me various things from when we were younger and the things we would do together. We would play around the courtyard while our fathers were talking and would almost always find a way to get ourselves covered in dirt and mud. We talked for so long that I couldn't keep track of the time.

"I'm sorry, Luna. That I've forgotten all of these wondrous memories we've had but I think I can make it up to you." Luna looked at me with a surprised face.

"Oh? How do you think you can make it up to me?" I give her a slightly mischievous smirk.

"How about we get out of this party, it's too crowded for my taste. I may be reborn but doesn't mean I'm still not as mischievous as I was before" I said with a slight chuckle. Luna eyes seemed to glow and a wide smile appeared on her face.

"Okay, John Colton. Lead the way." I grab her by her hand and sneakily left the room with her.

We went outside to the courtyard. It was already nighttime and you could see the beauty of the castle with the faint glow of magical lamps illuminating the pathways. With Luna's hand in mine, I brought her to the middle of garden and as I let go, I let myself fall to the grass and looked up at the stars.

"Come join me, Luna! The grass here is pretty comfortable, hahaha."

Luna was hesitant at first but eventually laid down beside me and we watched the stars together. Soon enough, I saw a shooting star pass by and looked towards Luna. Surprisingly, I catch her staring at me instead of watching the stars. She hastily turned her head and started to blush. I pretended not to notice.

"Hey Luna, there's a shooting star! Make a wish and it'll come true!" Luna looked at me. "I've never heard of that saying, and that doesn't seem to be realistic at all!" She laughs.

"We're just making wishes, Luna, it doesn't hurt to believe in something so nonsensical yet beautiful, don't you think?" I give her a smile. "So make your wish, and I'll make mine!" We lay there looking at the stars, silent as we make our wish. A couple of minutes later, I turn back to look at her.

"So what did you wish for?" Her face starts to redden.

"T-T-That's a secret! I won't tell you!" She says as she pops out her tongue in a playful way.

'She's so cute.... No, no, no.'

"Fine... Well, I wished that I could unravel the mysteries of this world. I wanna understand how this world works, wouldn't that be nice?"

Luna looked at me with a shy smile. "Yeah, that's something I would look forward to you achieving, John. I believe you can do it."

We stared at each other for a while until we heard people calling out our names. "Honourable John? Lady Luna? Your fathers are looking for you!" We got up, and dusted off the dirt and grass bits on our clothing and went back to the room in time for the farewell.

"Thank you everyone for joining us tonight! I hope you had a wonderful time, and please do remember the words of my son tonight." Connor looks to me for a second and continued with his speech. "Without further ado, the party has ended. For the Qaviel Kingdom!" He said as he raises his glass for the final time.

Everyone bid their goodbyes to our family and the Earl's and went on their way home. After a bit more time, we said our goodbyes to the Earl and his family as well, officially ending the party.

"Okay, John, you should rest up. Tomorrow, your training finally begins. You have to make up for all the time that you've wasted while you were gone doing... other things." Connor said to me.

"Yes, Father." I went back to my room and got into my bed.

'I'm spent, please don't let events be a normal thing around here. Although I did enjoy the time I spent with Luna.' With this thought in mind I fall into a deep sleep.

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