Transmigrated: Love Across Four Decades

On their wedding anniversary, Mrs. Sato stepped out to buy some groceries, only to find herself transported forty years into the future. Confused and still holding her groceries, Hana Sato was taken to a community service center, where she was picked up by her husband who had aged into an old man. Jun Sato had lived as a widower for forty years, believing that his young wife had disappeared and likely died. He never expected her to return one day, her appearance unchanged. "Ah, Sato Sensei, is this young lady your granddaughter?" "No, she's my wife." "Your... wife???" And so, rumors spread among Sato Sensei's students that the gentle and kindly Sato Sensei had, at his advanced age, remarried a young wife, tarnishing his reputation for decency in his later years. ... — Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?

Treein · Urban
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49 Chs

The End

"The two excerpts just now are from these two books. I remember Naniwa University Library has them for borrowing. If you students are interested, you can go and read these two books in full. So, that's it for today's class. Everyone, class is dismissed."

Jun stood at the podium packing up his things. Those who came to his lecture weren't just students; there were also some people from outside the school and some teachers from within the school. This kind of monthly lecture that each department had was open to everyone. Lecturers ranged from the youngest professors to seasoned professors like Jun.

Some professors were witty and humorous, making their lectures lively, or they were good-looking, attracting more attendees.