Transmigrated into One Piece world with a Gift Pack

An ordinary soul from Earth mysteriously transmigrates into One Piece World. What's more, he was presented with a Gift Pack from God. Follow his journey, from being a slave to an extraordinary existence that everyone fears.

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War! Whitebeard Pirates vs Marine Headquarters

With the bay now frozen, Whitebeard's ships are unable to move while the Marines begin to bombard them with cannon fire. The Whitebeard pirates charged forward over the ice surface without minding the canon fires.

The pirates and Marins battled above the ice surface. In no time, the fight was chaotic. 

The Vice Admirals stepped forward to stop the Commanders of Whitebeard pirates but the strength of Marco, Joz, and Vista is clearly superior to them.

Seeing the situation, top-level Vice Admirals came forward and clashed with the Division Commanders by joining forces.

At that moment, Mihawk stepped forward startling many people. 'Hawk-eye Mihawk is making the move?'

"What? Do you want to make a move?" Doflamingo snorted.

"I just want to figure out the true distance between us and the man who once hailed as the Strongest Man in the World" Mihawk commented while his sharp eyes fixed on Whitebeard.

Drawing his Supreme grade sword, Yoru, he swung it with his full strength. A green sword light swept towards Whitebeard, cleaving the ice surface on its way.

"Mihawk brat, you are still too early to challenge me! Go and play with Shanks for a few more years before coming at me! Gurarara..." Whitebeard laughed and slashed his naginata wrapping it with Quake bubble.


Upon collision, Mihawk's sword light burst into countless particles unable to bear Whitebeard's power. The World's Strongest Swordsman slash was broken by Whitebeard in a simple manner.

"How can it be?"

"Am I seeing things? Hawkeye's slash was resolved just like that?" They wondered whether Mihawk used his full strength.

It's true Mihawk didn't use his full strength, it's just a pure swordsman slash without any haki or technique.

Whirling the weapon over his head, Whitebeard slashed vertically wrapping his naginata with a quake bubble. The air cracked, firing a slash that ripped the space itself.

Whitebeard's slash wasn't as exquisite as Hawkeye but it carried oppressive strength along with shock fruit power.

Facing Whitebeard's attack, Hawkeye's eyes narrowed as he swiftly used his sword to parry the slash.

'Clang!' The collision triggered a minor shockwave and pushed the other warlords away from Mihawk's side.

The strong impact and vibration made Hawkeye's arm tremble and he was forced to take a few steps back to offset the power.

A look of astonishment flashed in Hawkeye's eyes, 'Such strength...no wonder he was called the strongest man!' 

"Hawkeye was pushed back? He's this strong even in his old age!" The Marines face changed seeing the clash between the strong. 

Whitebeard is too strong! It's completely different from the old and sick man they assumed.


The still atmosphere was broken by boisterous laughter,

"Puff...Bwahahaha!" Garp laughed, pointing his finger and hugging his stomach. "Whitebeard is really strong. First, he hit Aokiji, and now, Mihawk!"

"Garp, you shut up!"

Sengoku shouted from the execution platform, his eyes glared at Garp.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have done that." Garp apologized insincerely.

"Damn!" Sengoku's having a headache. 'Something's wrong with Whitebeard's strength, I thought it's just temporary. It's unwise to delay anymore!'

Considering Whitebeard's strength is at his peak, only he and Garp can stop him. But, looking at Garp standing below, Sengoku shook his head.

Ace is Garp's grandson. He knew his friend well, and even if he took action because of his duty he would never give his all.

Blaize's figure flashed in his mind but the World Government strictly told him to keep him out of the war. 'With Blaize, I don't have to worry about Whitebeard. Pity!'

He can only utilize the Admirals. He trusts their strength but against the peak Whitebeard, the three Admirals need to attack together to defeat him.

Whitebeard standing atop Moby Dick felt Sengoku's gaze, he looked at the latter before flashing a grin.

'Not good!' Seeing Whitebeard's grin, his senses gave him a warning.

"Sengoku, I hope you prepared well before declaring war against me." Saying this Whitebeard leaped high in the air and landed firmly on the ice surface.

As he landed, Whitebeard's eyes flared purple-red. Ripples moved in all directions with sparks of royal purple lightning. The ice surface showed signs of crack while a shockwave blew everyone far away from him.

A precise burst of Conqueror's haki knocked out the weak-willed Marines.

Foam came out of most Marines's mouths as they all hit the ground with audible thuds; their eyes blank and mouths wide open.

Aside from strong-willed Marines, everyone below the Rear Admiral level was taken out by Whitebeard's wide-range haki burst.

"Damn, Haoshoku Haki—" A Rear Admiral uttered, using every ounce of his willpower to stand on his feet.

Almost 70 percent of the marine's force was knocked unconscious.

'Whitebeard!' Sengoku clenched his fist and ordered the soldiers to rise the iron wall in advance. He needs to stop Whitebeard from rampaging.

Dozens of walls shot up from the ground, encircling the Whitebeard pirates and blocking their exit and path toward the execution platform. their path.

As the pirates tried to attack it, the wall didn't budge while cannons emerged from the walls, preparing to fire. Seeing all this, Whitebeard snorted. "Petty tricks." 

Whitebeard grabbed and pulled the air as if it were tangible. As he did that, the entire island shifted to his wish. The Bay Area went up while the Iron Wall was pulled down.

With a little twist in the air, the two sides collided and merged as one while the iron walls disappeared underneath the ground.

"Gurarara...Sengoku, if this is all you prepared...." Whitebeard cocked his arm back and banged the air in front of him. "You are underestimating me!"

The air cracked followed by a thunderous sound "Boom!" A terrifying shock swept through Marienford like a ferocious beast destroying everything in its path.

Its target is the execution platform where Ace is kept.

Huge cracks spread like spider webs, unable to withstand Whitebeard's frenzy. The very Marineford quivered! 

"Not good!" Sengoku sweated. The war's going in the worst possible direction. If they do nothing, they are done for as he knew how scary Peak Whitebeard is!

"Sakazuki, Kuzan, Borsalino!" Sengoku called. Like in the original series, the three Admirals came forward and stopped the shockwave with Haki emission using their full strength.