152 Surging Undercurrent

Blaize waved his hand, the bluish-white flames came forth and burned Crystal's body to ashes.

The power of Crystal-Crystal fruit is truly something else. He plans to exchange it using the system exchange function and present it to Kuina.

It would be a perfect fruit for her. And, Blaize needs the power of the fruit on someone close to him as it would help him in the future when he opposes the World Government.

On the other side, Kizaru defeated Silversword and apprehended him. With Crystal and Silversword defeated by Blaize and Kizaru, the crystal pirates lost their will to continue the battle.

So, the marines soldiers easily captured the remaining pirates and shackled them.


"He won," The CP-0 agent muttered, finding it a little unbelievable.

"It's indeed surprising." They knew how powerful Crystal was, so they thought Blaize would utmost stop the latter from achieving his goal.

But, they didn't foresee Crystal, one of the four emperors of the sea, would fall here. It's a big event that would shake the entire world.

"Report the entire battle to the Five Elders." The CP-0 agent in command ordered.


When Blaize went back, countless marine soldiers were dragging the captured pirates to the battleship.

"Blaize-kun, I see you got even stronger. What happened to Crystal?" Kizaru came to his side and asked.

"Dead and his ashes were scattered in the wind." Blaize cooly replied.

"You killed one of the Yonko, the news will take the world by storm, and once again going to drive the New World into chaos," Kizaru spoke in a lazy tone, with his hands in the pocket.

Blaize didn't care.

At that moment, the Marine soldiers who noticed Blaize's presence gathered around cheering and shouting his name. "Vice-Admiral Blaize!"

Of course, they are happy since they took down the Yonko crew. They will definitely receive a huge amount of Merit points for partaking in the battle.

And, they can brag to their family and friends once they reach the Headquarters. Every one of them was in high spirit.

"Enough! Everyone, get on the ship if you don't want to sink to the bottom of the sea, the crystal surface will soon start to disintegrate." Blaize shouted, calming the excited marine soldiers.

Taking his words as a command, they quickly boarded the ships and prepared the sails.

Blaize wasn't joking when he said that. The only reason why the crystal surface didn't disappear, is because it wasn't entirely made of crystal fruit ability.

Crystal used his ability to crystalize the water, it's similar to elementalization, so the sea won't immediately return to its previous state.

At the same time, it won't take too long either. They have at least another ten or so minutes before it starts. Along with Kizaru, Blaize too boarded the battleship.

Once the crystal surface began to thaw, the Marine battleships departed and sailed towards Punk Hazard.



Kizaru went to report the battle to Sengoku while Blaize met excited Vegapunk, who eagerly asked him about the mechanism behind the high-temperature flame and explosion.

"Figure it yourself, aren't you a scientist?" Blaize replied in a mysterious tone and left while the other scientists along with Vegapunk wondered.

Walking to the front deck of the ship, Blaize felt the changes brought by the recent rise in his attributes.

[~ Name: Blaize Hunt

Occupation: Marine

Constitution: 67.9

Devil Fruit: 70.0

Haki: 70.0

Free attribute point: 0.5 ~]

Aside from increasing his strength, there wasn't much change. Blaize thought he would awaken new ability once his devil fruit cross '70' points, but he was disappointed.

However, he sensed a change will happen pretty soon. If he's not wrong, it would be when his attribute hits '75' points.


Marine Headquarters,

Ending the call with Kizaru, Sengoku rubbed his temples in helplessness but a smile hung on his face. 'Blaize brat did it?' He didn't blame him as he knew it's unavoidable.

In fact, he's proud that Blaize defeated a Yonko by himself. Once the news gets out that Marines took down a Yonko, it would raise their reputation and stop countless pirates from sailing the sea.

It's a good thing but Sengoku has to prepare for what's to come.


At the same time, in Room of Authority, Mary Geoise.

The five Elders received rather shocking news. 'Crystal is dead, killed by Blaize!' The break in the balance, it's something they don't want to happen.

It's also why they ordered Sengoku not to eliminate the Yonko group even if they have the power to do it.

"It's time we take his life since even IM-sama expressed his thoughts!" One of the elders, who has large birthmark spots on his forehead and a large white mustache, spoke.

Everyone agreed. In truth, even they didn't expect IM-sama would pay attention to some unknown person and tell them to personally take care of it. It seems they underestimated Blaize.

"It won't be easy as Sengoku and Garp favor him too much. If they knew, considering Garp's personality he will definitely stand against us. Even Sengoku, too.

We can't afford to fight them both, even with our strength." The tall and thin bearded old man with white hair spoke.

"True. We have to make him come to us. We knew everything about him, let's see if we can use any of it." The elder who holds the samurai sword with him uttered.

"Good" In a matter of minutes, they planned and ordered the Cipher Pol to come and meet them.


The next day,

Unkown his life is in danger and the five old fellows are coming for his head, Blaize escorted the Vegapunk and other scientists to Punk Hazard.

Unlike in the original series, the Punk Hazard is full of life spread with trees and animals. As for the secret base, it was built at the center concealed from the ordinary people's eye.

Blaize and Kizaru didn't stay for long as they have to escort the surviving Crystal pirates to Impel Down.


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