Transmigrated into One Piece world with a Gift Pack

An ordinary soul from Earth mysteriously transmigrates into One Piece World. What's more, he was presented with a Gift Pack from God. Follow his journey, from being a slave to an extraordinary existence that everyone fears.

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Here comes, Whitebeard!

Unknown to Marines,

Approximately 6,000 feet above the Marineford, three people watched the arrival of Whitebeard pirates standing atop the clouds. They were none other than, Madara, Jax, and Akira.

"Madara-san, it's starting! Whitebeard has come!" Jax spoke, observing the situation with a spyglass. "Shall we make our move?"

"No! It's too early. And, I want to see whether the Whitebeard is as strong as his fame!" Madara answered. 


At the same time,

A little cloud carrying three people — Blaize, Kuina, and Regis —dashed towards Marineford. Utilizing the travel time, Blaize checked the system panel,

[~ Name: Blaize Hunt

Occupation: Marine

Constitution: 100 [Half God]

Devil Fruit: 79.9

Haki: 100.0

Free attribute point: 8.1-->11.1 ~]

The system rewarded him points for defeating the pirates; Blackbeard group - 1.0 points, Redfield - 0.5 points, Bullet - 0.5 points, and other miscellaneous pirates - 1.0 points.

In total, his free attribute points rose by 3.0 points. It's a big leap.

In no time, his group arrived at Marineford. Instead of showing himself, Blaize went to Madara's location and landed on the clouds made by Jax.

"Looks like I came on time!" Blaize spoke. Looking at the situation below, he commented, "I can feel Whitebeard has consumed the golden blood that I gave him. I'm excited to see him fight the Admirals!"



On the leading ship, Moby Dick, fourteen Captains of the Whitebeard pirates people stood in a row. Marco, Joz, Vista, and other captains with hefty bounties.

Their indifferent eyes scanned the Marines gathered while their countenances showed no emotion. But, the Marine soldiers below could feel the intimidating aura radiating from them.

Facing the Whitebeard group, the Marines sweated with audible gulps. After all, they are facing the Yonko group.

Sengoku, Garp, Tsuru and three Admirals stared at Moby Dick. After a second, everyone heard the sound. "Tap! Tap! Tap!"

'He's coming!' The Marines held their breath while silence enveloped the area. 

Among the nervous expressions of the elite Marine soldiers, Whitebeard walked along the stairs and emerged from inside the ship.

They finally glimpsed at him, Yonko Whitebeard holding the Naginata in his hand walked over and stood on the deck of Moby Dick. His majestic figure sent fear into the hearts of countless marines.

"Gurarara—!" Whitebeard slammed the naginata to the ground. "It's been a while, Sengoku!!"

"Whitebeard!" Sengoku reacted.

Whitebeard looked at Ace in the execution platform and commented, "Give me a second, Ace."

"Oyaji—" Ace looked at Whitebeard while tears flowed from his eyes.

"Is he really the old Whitebeard? Why do I find him so scary?" A Marine soldier sighed.

"It's not just you, something's wrong!"

Not just him, everyone looked at Whitebeard in shock. Unlike his aged self, Whitebeard exuded vibrant vitality while his body brimmed with overwhelming strength. 

Garp looked at Whitebeard in stupefaction. "His aura is stronger than his prime! What did he do?" 

Just a look, Tsuru shook her head. She knew the Marines had miscalculated. "I hope Sengoku has some backup plans, otherwise we are done for!"

Akain clenched his fist, feeling Whitebeard's overbearing Haki. 'Every one of them! Why can't he just go and die? His era is over!'

"Arara..." Kuzan sighed. Only Kizaru stayed relaxed as if he was just a spectator.

"Whitebeard!" Sengoku's face darkened while cold sweat covered his forehead. 'How did he revitalize his body to his peak?'

Looking at Ace's tearful face, Whitebeard comforted gently. "Don't worry, Ace. With me here, no one can harm you!"

Whitebeard grinned while his eyes turned fierce. Cleching his fists, he punched the air on both sides. 'Crack!' A cracking sound ensued before the air shattered into countless fragments.

A terrible shock force swept across the surrounding waters, the sea surged wildly and regressed. Within a few seconds, they came back as a Mega tsunami.

The massive waves blocked the very sun and shadowed Marineford.

Looking at the mega-tsunami, the Marines gulped with fear on their faces. Against this kind of disaster-level power, they can do nothing but watch.

Whitebeard's single blow crushed the Marines's fighting spirit.

Seeing this scene, Aokiji got up from his seat. If no one takes action and stops this blow, Marines will suffer heavy casualties!

Leaping into the sky, he stretched his arms. Ice spear extended from his fingers and touched the monstrous waves.

"Ice Age!" Aokiji's called. In an instant, Kuzan's ice power completely froze the billowing waves along with the entire sea.

"Admiral Aokiji stopped Whitebeard's attack."

"Yes, we have Admirals on our side. We don't have to fear anything." The Marines woke up from their fear and showed fighting spirit.

"That's right!"

"Aokiji...you little brat!" Whitebeard grinned. 

Kuzan radiated cold air as he attacked Whitebeard, "Ice Spear!" Hundreds of ice spears materialized before him before he launched them at Whitebeard.

Unlike in the original work, Aokiji attacked with full force. He could tell Whitebeard before him is not the aged man with weak Haki, his strength is at his prime.

So, he didn't hold back his strength.

Facing Aokiji's Ice spears, Whitebeard smashed the air with overwhelming strength and Haki. The air cracked! 

The power of shock crushed Aokiji's spear and struck the latter. "Ararara!" Though Aokiji elementalized his body in time, the shock waves carrying Haki smashed him away.

His body crashed into a far far-away building, destroying everything in the way while clouds and dust rose covering everything.

From the rising dust, Aokiji's figure appeared dusting himself. 'Such power...It's no doubt his strength is at his peak.'

When everyone noticed the drop of blood trickling from the corner of Aokiji's lips, they couldn't believe their eyes. Everyone present was shocked by the scene.

Who is Aokiji? One of the Marine Headquarters Admiral with shocking strength. Aside from Yonkos, they rank in the top.

Such a strong man was injured by Whitebeard's single blow. Everyone wondered, "Can they really defeat this monster named Whitebeard?'

At that moment, Blaize's figure appeared in the minds of Marines — Vice Admiral Blaize, the current Strongest man in the world. If he was here, they don't have to be helpless.

A question crossed their mind, 'Where's Vice Admiral Blaize? Why isn't he participating in the war?'

At that moment Sengoku's voice resounded across the marineford. "Don't be afraid, everyone. Whitebeard is old and sick, he must have used external means to improve his strength. It's definitely temporary!"

"Yes. Fire! Destroy the Moby Dick!" The Marines responded.

"Go, my sons. Rescue Ace. Tonight, we will celebrate our victory!" Whitebeard commanded.


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