139 Flame of Higher order

Kaido rose to his feet unscathed as if Blaize's attack did no damage but was really surprised when he saw Blaize in his feet without any injuries as most of the time all will fall after getting hit by his Raimei Hakke!

He caressed his chest feeling slight pain as Blaize's attack injured him. 'It's not some luck, his strikes damage me. It's similar to Ryuo and Oden's technique but where did he learn that?'

Grinning lightly, he laughed. "Worororo, you are not bad. This fight won't be as boring as I thought it would be."

Saying Kaido swung his Kanabo vigorously that propelled a projectile-like shockwave. 'Kongo Kabura!'

Blaize pulled his fist back and slammed it forward that nearly cracked the air as it carried his physical strength, Haki, and devil fruit power. Fist-shaped heat pressure roared forward and met Kaido's shockwave.

It was a bad move to face it head-on as Kaido's strike shattered his punch and advanced forward. Blaize once again used his hand and miniature suns to block the shockwave that's already weakened by him.

Even so, the strike pushed him back and forced his body to slide for a few meters before stopping.

Opposite, Kaido once again transformed to his full beast form and roared. "Demolishing Wind!" As he blew strong, powerful yet sharp crescent wind blades lanced forward.

Facing Kaido, Blaize didn't plan on holding back at all as golden flames of destruction erupted from him. He concentrated, sharpening his senses, feeling the heat, and imagined the power of the ever-burning sun.

Without his knowing, he entered a deep level of concentration and his mind grasped something that's far away from him. The flames around him kindled and burned fiercely as some kind of change happened.


A succession of slight sharp snapping noises came from the golden flames as if countless mini-explosions indistinct to human ears were occurring.

A dumbfounding thing happened. The golden flames got torched by the flame of higher-order as its color changed every passing second as if they are fighting within.

Crimson, red-orange, once again gold, then purple before finally settling at white-blue. As soon as his flames transformed everything began to change.

The ground he was standing on began to melt while the miniature suns he created also changed their color, a bluish hue appeared on its core. A temperature of extreme spread, affecting the surrounding.

Kaido's dragon eyes narrowed feeling the heat. Glaring at Blaize he muttered, 'Something has changed.'

Opening his eyes, Blaize smiled. 'Is this devil fruit awakening or just improvement in temperature and color! Let's find out!'

With a thought, the flames transformed and took the form of a dragon that's bluish-white in color, as big as Kaido's frame. Soaring into the sky, it roared and challenged Kaido.

At the same time, the large miniature suns behind Blaize collapsed into a sea of flames before taking the shape of a Dragon. But this one had a different appearance: a golden body and bluish head.

Unlike the last one, Blaize commanded it to soar above the clouds.

"Interesting! Dragon vs Dragon, bring it on!" Kaido screamed and darted towards the bluish dragon while whirling his serpentine body into a coil to summon several tornadoes around him.

Blaize's blue dragon swung his serpentine tail fiercely to shatter the tornadoes into nothingness before colliding against Kaidou. As soon as the flaming dragon touched Kaido, his impervious scale showed signs of burning.

Feeling the burning sensation, Kaido moved fiercely destroying some parts of the flaming blue dragon but before he could make his next move he felt his entire body is coiled.

"Crash!" Struggling to free himself, Kaido crashed into the ground.

At that moment, the other flame dragon that had soared into the sky revealed itself but it was enormous, at least twice as big as Kaido's dragon form.

"Dragon Drive!"

Blaize grasped his Fist and the huge dragon collapsed, splitting into countless bluish-golden arrows that rained down from the sky.

As the other flame dragon pinned Kaido to the ground, he couldn't dodge the attack even though he sensed them from miles away. He roared while an overwhelming Haki broke out of him shattering the dragon that bound him and faced the arrows.

From the distance, it was a beautiful display as all the arrows had a golden body and a bluish head. Regis, Rosinante, Kuina, Kuzan, and other marine soldiers viewed the spectacle without blinking afraid of missing something.

But what no one expected happened at the last moment as Kaido withdrew the Dragon form and changed into, human-beast, hybrid form.

Gripping his Kanabo tightly, he imbued them with Haoshoku Haki which resulted in thin lightning-like streams of dark energy emanating from his weapon.

Gazing at the sky, he swung the club with extreme force, causing a massive tornado-like wave that spiraled into the sky destroying thousands of arrows effortlessly.

None remained. All it took was one strike, to stop one of Blaize's strongest skills. It didn't deter Blaize but instead made him smile because Kaido's finally starts to take him seriously.

Blaize knew Kaido only transforms into the hybrid form if his opponents prove strong enough to handle both his human and full dragon forms. In this form, he's strong, tough, and fast with no weak spot.

The actual battle between them is just starting!


Marine Headquarters,

"Kaido's so strong. No wonder he's an Emperor of the sea." A soldier muttered looking at the ongoing battle.

Among the crowd, Gion stood along with a few of the sisters from Vice-Admiral Tsuru's unit. She felt weak watching the battle and figured the gap between her and Blaize.

Even Sengoku was surprised by Blaize's devil fruit powers and the strength he displays.

At that moment, Kizaru and Sakazuki who rushed to the Headquarters on their own arrived just on time to watch Blaize's flame transforming from gold to bluish-white.

"He's scary. I think he's stronger than us, the Admirals." Kizaru commented.

As for Sakazuki, he stood there clenching his fist in anger. 'It was supposed to end that day, I was so close to killing him. If not for Kuzan and...'


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