2 Chapter 2

(1st pov)

I woke up and sat up from my bed before rubbing my eyes so the tiredness could go away.

I let out a small yawn before stretching my arms.

I looked around my room for a few seconds as something didn't look right.

Scratch that, everything didn't look right.

"W-Where the hell am I..."

(3rd pov)

Confusion and slight fear were evident in his voice.

It was only given as everything around him had changed.

He was no longer in his cheap one-room apartment but rather in a whole different place.

The place he was staying at was far worse than his old apartment.

There were decorations, but this place looked way more impoverished.

The place looked like it would be destroyed if there was a small wind storm in the area.

The walls were thin, there was no furniture and there was only a small table which looked to be the dining table.

He then noticed something was wrong with his bed. He couldn't feel the comfiness that he would usually feel and felt a little uncomfortable.

He looked down and realized it wasn't even a bed.

"...A futon?"

The futon even looked worn out as there were patches that were ripped.

He only knew this was futon since he would see them all the time when he would be watching anime.

Something then caught his eye that made him tremble.

It was his hands.

They were small hands. The size a kid would have.

Yesterday night's advertisement from the computer suddenly popped up in his head.

"I-It can't be..."

He then suddenly bolted up and ran to find a mirror that was in this poverty-stricken place.

Luckily he found one quickly as this place was small.

The mirror had a small crack in the bottom corner but he could see himself very clearly.

He had messy long black hair the reached to his chin as if he hadn't had a haircut in a long time and black eyes.

He moved his long hair to the sides so he could see his face.

In the mirror was the face of a child that looked to be about 12 or 13 years of age.

His eyes were wide as he couldn't believe what was happening.

It was only when he pulled his right cheek that he came back to light.


The boy didn't know how to react as he could only laugh with emptiness.

As many thoughts were going through his head, he suddenly felt an extreme headache.

He clutched his head as the pain was unbearable. This was probably the worst headache he's ever felt.

Gnashing his teeth as he felt this horrible pain, sudden memories staring flowing into his head.

The predecessor of this body was an only child and was living with his mother. He also realized something as the memories kept pouring in.

This wasn't the country he used to live in. It was Japan.

He also noticed a really big factor that played in this new world of his.

It was a world filled with people that had superhuman abilities or going by the correct terms, Quirks.

Even though most of the memories hadn't finished settling inside his mind, an excited smile was plastered over his face as he knew this world.

He had recently finished watching the up-to-date anime series related to this quirk-based world.

But his smile soon vanished as his memories stopped flowing.

Although this world had people with quirks, there were also people without quirks, known as Quirkless.

These were mainly the elderly but there was still a small number of young people that were born quirkless.

And unlucky for him, he was part of that category.

The boy's hair had moved and had fallen over his eyes so you couldn't see his expression.

He also realized why he woke up alone in this place as the fantasy dreams about having an amazing quirk and doing cool things in this life, slowly faded away.

When the predecessor of this body was younger, he was quite energetic and would smile a lot. He was also entranced by the people that would go out saving the day with their amazing powers. He even had a favorite hero that he wanted to be just like.

His name was the number one hero, All Might.

The boy's mother made sure to shower him with love. It was very tough for her as she was raising him alone, especially financially. But the end goal in her mind, made everything worth it so she kept trying hard.

Although the boy never met his father, his mother would talk very favorably about him, saying he was an amazing hero with a powerful quirk.

The boy started to admire the father he never met through his mother's words.

He was also waiting for the day his quirk would manifest and wish he could get a powerful one just like his father or even All Might.

When the fateful day came, it was proven that he would be quirkless through the many tests that he had taken.

As the boy was heartbroken, his mother was in even more distress. When she was pregnant with her child, she was confident her son would be like the man she had that one-night stand with.

Using her good looks, the man she had slept with was a top hero so she was joyful she could have a son related to him.

The mother was in distress but had made herself believe that her son would just manifest his quirk more later than the average kid.

Some years went by and the kid had turned 12 years of age but his school life was rough. He was constantly being severely bullied for being quirkless.

No one was on his side in school since he was powerless.

The only reason had hadn't fallen into despair was because of his mother and his favorite hero, All Might.

He had asked his mother about his father several times as he wanted to meet him but his mother would always dodge the question. The father figure that he hoped to have had slowly vanished from his thoughts as he grew older.

The mother was falling to stress and anxiousness as her son's quirk had failed to manifest. She even had thoughts of abandoning her child.

The only reason she had decided to raise her kid was because that child was from "that" man. She was hoping when her son would get older, he would awaken a powerful quirk and take her out of this poverty life.

Her quirk wasn't that impressive so she couldn't hope to escape herself. And raising a child by herself was extremely difficult.

The mother would constantly be gossiped about through the neighborhood, especially about her son and her work...

One day, she couldn't take it anymore and said to her child that she would go buy groceries and would take some time to get back home. She had firmly told her son to not look for her if she was taking a long time and that there was some food for him in the small fridge. She had even left 20,000 yen for him and to spend it if he ever ran out of food. To her, this was a fortune but she had to leave her son with something.

Even though she was crying the day that she left, her son gave a bright smile and followed her directions. But deep down, he had a feeling what she was about to do.

He may have not been a very smart kid, but due to his severe bullying, this was always something that had etched in his heart thanks to those people.

Back to the present, a day had passed since the boy's mother's departure.

The young man that had taken over the young boy's body was now standing motionlessly.

He then started to walk toward his futon and laid on it.

His hair roamed around the futon and you could now see his cold eyes. He wasn't angry that he had just been abandoned but he was angry because he was sent to this world with nothing.

'I would choose my previous life than being sent to this world in this shitty condition!' The boy thought angrily.

As he took a deep breath to calm himself, he suddenly said with dejected eyes.

"...Should I just kill myself..."

Although he has future knowledge about this world, he was powerless to even do anything. He couldn't even bring anything knowledge-wise since this is modern-day Japan in the 22nd century and he didn't even have an Eidetic memory. He may have been quite smart but that doesn't mean he was a super genius.

Suddenly the boy furiously shook his head and slapped his face so he could stop those negative thoughts.


"Fuck that!"

"To hell with that shit! I'll study hard and make a decent living! It'll be tough since I know what's coming for me, but I've been through worse! I'll strive to be rich and enjoy life..."

With determination in his voice, he had set the main goal for himself.

The boy then got up and realized he was speaking English as his main language but had understood Japanese quite fluently thanks to his predecessor's memories.

"So my name is Akiyama Kazuki, huh..."

'Good thing I have a decade's worth of Japanese customs installed in my brain so I won't stand out by doing something that is the norm overseas.' Kazuki thought to himself.

Kazuki felt his throat quite dry so he was going to drink some water from the sink when he noticed something at the small table.

The money that this body's biological mother had left was there untouched. It looks like the young boy was eagerly waiting for his mother to return so he decided not to waste any since he knew money was rare considering the lifestyle he lived in. Even if it was a false sense of hope.

But this wasn't what caught his attention. It was a letter written with English words on it.

Kazuki was weirded out since he didn't remember there being a letter, especially in English.

He slowly picked it up as it was directed to him.

-To the New Akiyama Kazuki

Kazuki was at a loss. He quickly opened it as he figured out what this meant.

-You may be angry considering that you were brought to this world as a young kid and quirkless at that. But since you were lucky enough to be sent to another world, you won't be gifted with only that. So I decided to give you a unique quirk only for your use. No one will be able to steal, copy or spy on you. This is my last message to you from now on so I hope you enjoy this second life...

Sincerely, ...-

Kazuki couldn't see who it was addressed by since it was blank but he didn't care as he was shaking in excitement.

"This changes everything for me," Kazuki said excitedly.

So will his future plans change? Nope. He will still strive to be rich regardless if he has a quirk or not.

His mindset hasn't changed since his last life.

Kazuki never had thoughts of striving to be a hero, antihero, or even a villain. He just wants to have a luxurious life, something he's never had a chance to attain.

"But heroes do get paid really good, don't they?" Kazuki asked himself.

Being a villain was a no-go since he didn't want to have a mark on him and have every hero on him.

Kazuki then remembered the Hero killer Stain who would go after heroes with his kind of mindset.

And forget about being an Anti-Hero.

"Well, it all depends on what quirk I have."

Kazuki decided to wait and see what kind of quirk he would have before making up his mind on reaching his goal.

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