Transmigrated Into A Divine Beast And Formed A Contract With A Beauty

Shen Fei was transmigrated to a parallel world that was different than his. As the world slowly regained its spiritual energy, its citizens entered the age of tamers. Unfortunately, Shen Fei had become a cat. The only thing he could do was act cute and wait until his demise arrived. However, one day, he received the God-Tier Familiar Evolution System. … Qin Wuque was a s*xy and pure beauty. When she wore a long white dress and tied her hair up, she would look like an angel. Other than her beauty and curvy body, she was kind. It only made Shen Fei like her even more, and he vowed to protect her forever. Suddenly, a series of notifications appeared in Shen Fei’s head. [Ding!] [God-tier Familiar Evolution System has been activated] [Ding! Connected to host. Qin Wuque. Age: 18] … My name is Qin Wuque, and my beast is super wild. He’s also arrogant as well. He wouldn’t let any guys get near me. He even wants to sleep on my bed with me. Ever since I tamed him, I could never tame another beast again because all the other beasts would get beaten up by him. Um… So, am I the master or is my beast the master of me?

Disappeared for Eleven Months · Urban
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40 Chs

I’ve Been Reborn As a Cat?!

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"Hiss, why does my head hurt so much?"

"What is this place?"

Shen Fei smelled a foul stench, as if the water in the sewer was mixed with the smell of all kinds of feces.

He opened his eyes, and they were like magnifying glasses. He looked at his surroundings as if they were magnified several times, and his sense of smell was very sensitive.

All kinds of familiars were gathered here. Purebred black cats, little dogs with big tongues, and even sick little lions and green snakes.

Shen Fei carefully felt himself and was immediately dumbfounded.

"D*mn, what is this thing?"

"My arms have turned into furry little claws, and my body is very short. I look especially cute."

"I actually turned into a cat!?"

After being shocked for a while, Shen Fei slowly calmed down and accepted this reality.

Although he had read many novels and understood rebirth, transmigration, and all sorts of storylines, what happened to him this time really made people speechless, right?

It was fine if he was reborn, but he actually reincarnated into a cat?

How could a person accept that they had become a cat?!

Shen Fei slowly walked to the side of the fence and looked at the crowd of students around him. It was as if they were very excited and were chattering as they looked at the fence to choose something.

He was actually going to be sold?

Shen Fei rolled his eyes and slowly lay on the ground. He was different from the other people who had been reborn. Other people had all sorts of golden fingers and were invincible existences.

He had become a miserable cat.

However, at this moment, a pair of clear and bright eyes were also looking at the familiars as if they were choosing something.

"Cough, cough."

"Alright, alright, everyone stop arguing. Back up." At this moment, a middle-aged man shouted at the top of his voice.

The noisy crowd immediately quieted down and looked at the middle-aged man with a big belly in front of them.

"First of all, congratulations to everyone. Today is the day to choose your own familiar. You must choose well. After all, this is the first familiar in your life!"

"If you choose well, it will pave the way for you in the future!"

"Okay, I'm done. Everyone, come up and choose your own familiar!"

As soon as the man finished speaking, the students all rushed up and began to communicate with each other excitedly.

"Hey, hey, everyone, don't be anxious. Let me out first!" The man was squeezed into the crowd.

"Look! That Lightning Wolf is so handsome!"

"Cheh, look at how cute that kitten is."

"I want that lion."


The crowd was extremely lively.

However, at this moment, Shen Fei did not want to be chosen as a familiar and let others be his master. He slowly climbed to the innermost part of the familiars and let their bodies block him as he observed his surroundings.

"Wu Que, what kind of familiar do you want?" a short-haired girl with glasses asked the girl next to her.

This girl was very beautiful. She was tall and had a delicate face with light makeup. She had a pair of clear and shiny eyes and a pair of small cherry lips under the bridge of her nose. She wore a long dress and stood behind the crowd as if she was untainted by mud. She was like a lotus flower that was clear but not demonic. She did not fit in with the noisy crowd.

She used her hand to brush the hair that had fallen on her face and tucked it behind her ear. "I don't know, Xiao Qian. Teacher said that she would bring me a very good familiar today and asked me to wait for her here..."

"But she hasn't come yet," Qing Wuque said helplessly.

"Alright then. I'll go and pick my familiar first. You wait for Teacher," the short-haired girl said and rushed into the crowd.

Shen Fei laid lazily on the grass in the familiar pen. Although the surrounding was emitting a foul smell, he had slowly gotten used to it.

He turned his head to look at the girl standing outside the crowd. His drooping head suddenly became energetic. There was only one word to describe it in his heart: Beautiful! She was really too beautiful.

Although Shen Fei was an otaku in his previous life, in this life, he had become a familiar.

He jumped out of the fence with both hands and feet and walked towards the girl.


A sound was heard, which attracted the attention of the girl who was staring at the crowd in a daze.

"Eh? What a cute kitten," Qing Wuque exclaimed as she looked at Shen Fei who was on the ground.

It was the first time Shen Fei heard someone describe him like that. He was speechless and protested.


Although Qing Wuque could only hear a meow, she was very fond of fluffy cats since she was young.

She squatted down and held Shen Fei in her arms, gently stroking Shen Fei's little head with her small hands.

Just as Shen Fei was about to curse, sounds of mechanical electronics like one that came from the alarm clock sounded.


[System evolution successful!]

[Congratulations on activating the God-Tier Familiar Evolution System!]

[Host has been automatically bound, Qing Wuque, 18 years old!]

[Host has been automatically bound, Shen Fei.]

[Please communicate more with the host, Qing Wuque, to earn favorability!]

Shen Fei was suddenly a little stunned. His big, shiny eyes blinked as he digested this information.

Before he could react, another mechanical voice sounded. The voice introduced this world and the knowledge of all kinds of familiars.

It turned out that this world was a parallel world of spiritual energy recovery on Earth. In this world, the full name of a familiar was given.

As long as a student grew up in the school and reached the age of 18, they could receive a familiar for free.


However, in the eyes of Qing Wuque, it was as if the kitten in her arms had been frightened by her.

She picked up Shen Fei and gently rubbed his head with her chin.

[Ding! Favorability + 1,000!]

"What... What the h*ll is this favorability?" Shen Fei slowly turned his head to look at the image in his mind.

[Favorability: The value obtained from communicating with the host. Can be used to exchange for various items in the Favorability Shop.]

After reading the acceptance, Shen Fei looked at an attribute panel next to him. This was his attribute.

[Host Shen Fei (Tier 1 Low-Level Spirit Beast Cat)]

[Strength: 20]

[Agility: 25]

[Vitality: 23]

[Defense: 42]

[Skills: None]

[Favorability: 1,000]

At the bottom of the attribute panel were the items in the Favorability Shop.

He roughly looked at the various pills that improved his body and the pills that changed his body...

There were also some pills that were actually related to humans...

Shen Fei flipped through a dazzling array of introductions of various items page by page.

However, the only problem was that the favorability rating required for these items was simply too high!

Looking at the end, just like that skill book, any one of them would require a few thousand, or even tens of thousands of favorability ratings.

Shen Fei, who was gradually understanding the system, also looked at the host that he had bound to, Qing Wuque.

He needed to earn favorability to constantly improve himself...


Feeling Qing Wuque with his chin, Shen Fei also stretched out his little pink tongue and licked Qing Wuque's dainty hand, making Qing Wuque burst from happiness.

At that moment, a sharp and unkind voice came.

"Oh, is that the familiar you picked, Qing Wuque?"