Transmigrated as the Tortured Female Lead's Daughter

My mother is the sweet, silly, and innocent protagonist of an angsty novel. My mother was the substitute for the overbearing CEO's unrequited love interest who ran off when she found out she was pregnant. As for me, I'm nothing special. I'm just the child prodigy who became a hacker at the age of five. … Genius hacker Gu Chu found herself reborn in the pages of a tear-jerker book. She had been transformed into a cute little five-year-old. Her mother was the tragic female protagonist while her father was the uncultured, boorish male protagonist. There was also a gaggle of hostile, opportunistic relatives and a pretentious, seemingly-virtuous but vile-hearted aunt... Gu Chu straightened her small little frame and began waging war secretly to help her mother. What bad intentions could a five-year-old have? She just wanted to protect Mama. … Until one day... The man who had hunted her across half the globe in her previous life suddenly appeared. As he stared at the weeping little doll-like child in her princess dress, the man fell silent for a long while.

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Chapter 19: Weird Kindergarten

Translator: ShinoJ

Obviously, this friend held an extremely important position in Zhao Yan's heart.

Gu Chu cupped her chin and said slyly, "Friend... Oh, Chuchu knows. It must be an auntie, right?"

Gu Manxi smiled and said, "Chuchu, don't talk nonsense."

Zhao Yan coughed slightly, neither admitting nor denying it.

Gu Chu naturally knew that this was definitely the room that Zhao Yan had prepared for his first love. His first love was a popular talented gamer. He had more than eight million fans on Weibo and an annual salary of tens of millions. He was quite famous in the Chinese e-sports circle.

Gu Chu also knew that in the original novel, Zhao Yan's secret relationship with his first love was soon discovered by the Zhao family. The old-fashioned Tang Chunxiu and Zhao Jing were burning with anger. They tried to sabotage the relationship and indirectly killed Zhao Yan's first love, causing Zhao Yan's personality to change drastically...

That night, Gu Manxi and Gu Chu temporarily stayed in the apartment.

Gu Chu's small feet were still wrapped in gauze, making it difficult for her to move. Gu Manxi's heart ached terribly, and she regretted coming to the capital even more.


In a manor in the capital.

"Young Master, Young Master, Miss Gu went to the central hospital today."The assistant opened the record book and reported Gu Manxi's condition to the young master.

The man rested his chin on his hand and tapped the table with his right index finger. He said slowly, "Why? Did she cripple Zhao Manshi?"

The assistant was stunned, then shook his head violently. "No, no. Miss Gu's child, Gu Chu, injured her feet. It seems that she was injured by Zhao Manshi."

The man stopped tapping the table. Disbelief flashed in his eyes.


Not only did this woman not cripple Zhao Manshi, she couldn't even protect her own daughter!

When did she become such a weakling...

Based on his memory, she was always acting like she was the best person in the world. She would rather let the world down than have the world letting her down. She was cool, arrogant, and treacherous.

She also liked to flirt.

The man rubbed his chin. He could not figure it out, so he gave his orders, "Continue to follow then. Report to me if anything happens."

"Yes, Young Master." The assistant bowed his head respectfully and suddenly thought of something. "Young Master, Cheng Kaiyuan seems to have popped up again recently. He might be planning to target you."

The man said impatiently, "Get someone to give him a good beating and put him in the hospital."

This bunch of incompetent bastards who liked to cause trouble were really annoying! They should all be sent to the hospital's intensive care unit and stay there for a year and a half before they could be discharged. This way, they would not cause trouble all the time.

The assistant was filled with respect. "Yes, Young Master."

Even though the young master was young, ever since he was kidnapped back then, the young master seemed to have changed into a different person. He was swift and decisive in his actions and did not drag his feet when he did things. He taught those disobedient fellows in the family a good lesson and they did not dare to say a word.

The family had already tacitly acknowledged the young master as the successor.

Only a few fellows were still trying to seize power. However, their powers were barely significant. 

Thinking of this, the assistant's admiration for the young master grew stronger and stronger. 


The next day, Gu Chu obediently stayed at home to recuperate. Zhao Yan was busy with his work. After Gu Manxi finished making lunch, she secretly went to the so-called "Royal Kindergarten", intending to find out what was going on.

Gu Manxi took the subway for an hour and transferred two buses before finally arriving at the so-called "Royal Kindergarten" mentioned by Tang Chunxiu.

Although Gu Manxi had mentally prepared herself before she came, she still couldn't help but gasp when she saw the kindergarten herself. This kindergarten was actually transformed from a dilapidated mental hospital. The high and broken walls were surrounded by a ring of electric wires. The surroundings were covered with weeds, and the stinking ditches at the corners of the walls were filled with leftovers. Flies were everywhere, and there was also a strange medicinal smell.