28 The prospect of marriage!

The prospect of marriage is always divine and pure.

By agreeing to the marriage, you're trusting your partner to take care of you while you take care of them. Marriage is not a short-term deal, it is a life-long commitment to share and love your partner. So choosing your partner is the most crucial element in marriage.

If you chose wisely, then you're blessed with a fulfilling life but...but if you chose wrongly- may the gods be with you.


It's been almost a month since our dear beloved young master consumed the divine herb. There weren't many noticeable things that happened during these days so he was rather feeling uneasy about this marriage trip. Like he thought, neither Calen nor his sister Celeste were not to be seen anywhere in his vicinity, which might be courtesy of the Duke.

"Something is going to happen at the marriage." He muttered to himself while looking at the full-body mirror.

"Stop being negative, master. Everything is going to be alright there. The only sad thing that happens is that this lowly maid will dearly miss your company." Lily said with a sad tone as she tightened his buttons.

"...Oh, is that so? Why don't I give you something so you won't miss me that much?" He said to her as he caressed her smooth cheeks.

For the past month, they fucked like animals, like it was the end of the world.

He experimented every position he knew from the earth and tried to form new positions with the help of his healthy body and Lily's magic. The amazing thing was, she never said 'no' nor showed any discomfort. And not to mention she was the wildest one almost sucking his soul along with his juices.

Saying she was wild is just an understatement, she was not wild, she was the fire. A deadly fire that consumes everything she touches.

Her face was just inches away from him. She could feel his hot breath on her. She could feel his teasing smile on her but she didn't look at his face.

"Oh? What is this? Why must my beloved love look so sad?" He tipped her finely shaped jaws, making her look at him and his sparkling eyes.

"...There might be beautiful ladies there- noble ladies. With your handsomeness, you are ought to get many proposals." She didn't look at him but he can sense her sadness and uneasiness.

'Whoa, how cute!!!' He felt a wave of happiness- real happiness to see her cute reaction.

"Jealous, are we?"

"Eh...no. I always know I can't have you to all myself but...if- if you feel like you need someone to complain to someone to share with- I-I'm always here for you, young master." She looked at him with all the love and care in the world.

'Alright, Im'ma protect her no matter what happens.'

For Damien, who grew up without anyone loving him, this was like a drop of water in the most deserted desert of hell.

He wanted to squish her pretty little cheeks and kiss her endlessly and that is what he did.



He took her lips on him, ever so gently yet ever so passionately.

Their lips intermingled like snakes mating.

"Mhmm~" She moaned as she tasted his soft lips on her.

A string of saliva connected them together even after their lips parted.

"There are women I want to sleep with. There are women I want to share my love with and the number of my lovers will only increase and not decrease. But..." He looked at her teary eyes. "...but no matter what, you are and will always be my first lover. It won't change and it will never be changed."

A single moment of butterflies and stars, born out of the two lovers who were gazing tenderly at each other.

"...Young master..." She tiptoed and nibbled at his tender and soft lips.

He tenderly cupped her face but she suddenly jerked her head, softly holding her left ear.

"What is it?" His gaze turned sharp as he tried to title her face.

She caught his arm before it could touch her.

"It's nothing, young master. Some mosquito or something like that bit me there. There is nothing to worry." She said with a soft sad gaze.

"That statement itself felt ominous, Lily. Show me!" He commanded and grabbed her arm before removing it from her face.


"...This...? Is it your husband again?" He caressed the red bruise near her ear which was covered by her hair. If it wasn't for him cupping her head, he would not have discovered it.

"Is it him? Answer me, Lily!"

There was a moment of silence as she thought about her reply.

She didn't want him to find this out but here they are.

"He- he came drunk last night. Something he haven't done since he was warned by the duke a few months before. I know it was dangerous to talk to him right then and there so I made the bed and went to sleep but then he...uh...he suddenly went mad and..." Her eyes moistened and tears started to roll out, her breaths getting harder and harder. "...He- he started to beat me and pinned me down an-and..." She broke down, hiding her face behind her trembling palms.

Her soft and sad sobbing voice was the only sound that rang through the large room. Like a church bell on a soundless night.

He could see tears leaking through her palms, tears of sadness and self-pity.

He knew very well that she must be feeling ugly inside.

Damien just stared at her. His pupils visibly shaking. He didn't know what was happening to his body but it was filling with rage and murderous intent.

Murderous intent to kill that fucking bastard.

How could that trash do something vile to this pitiful woman? How could anyone, as a husband, be trash as he was?

'...I'll kill him. I'll kill that bastard.' Many ludicrous and maniac thoughts were spiraling down his mind but he refrained from thinking further and just hugged the sobbing woman.

It was a tender and soft hug as he didn't want to startle her and make her remember more than she had to.

"It's okay now, I'm here. I'm here." He repeated those words to himself more than to the weeping woman. As a reminder that he promised himself that he'll protect her.

She wrapped her trembling hands around him as he also tightened his hold on her to reassure her.

"I'll take care of everything. You don't have to worry about anything. I'll protect you even while I'm not here. So worry no more, it'll be alright."

He didn't mention about the things he planned on doing to her trash of a husband as he know she will plead to him to not do anything to the trash. Even if he just straight-up abuses her, she'll plead for his pitiful life. That's the type of woman she was and that fucking trash dared to touch her?

His eyes glowed an eerie red as all the rage in the world clouded his mind.


"...If I gave you a job- a very important one, would you do it sincerely without so asking why?" The young master's deep and commanding voice rang through the Empty garden.

Luther didn't know what was this eerie and dangerous aura oozing from this young master.

"Of course, young master. Whatever commands you give me, I'll do it so with my at most sincerity and heart. I won't ask why, either." Luther said as a matter of fact.

"I see. What if I ordered you to kill someone? Would you do it so with the same sincerity and heart?"

He was getting really anxious looking at the glowing eyes of his young master.

"...Yes. I'm your knight and I swore to protect you. I'll do what you asked without asking any questions, young master." Luther kneeled on one knee and touched his chest with his right hand.

"Good. And this is between you and me, right? No lover or lord would know this exchange, right?", His voice was becoming cold, literally and figuratively.

"Yes, young master. This will be between us. I give you my words as an honorable knight who pledged his alliance to you."

Luther could feel the subtle and sudden change in the air, he could feel the chills in his bones.

'...Mana? How can this be?!'

"Very well, we're going to kill a fucking bastard. We're going to wipe a fucking trash from the face of this world. There are some people who doesn't deserve to be forgiven and forgotten and there are those who don't deserve to love and we're going to kill one of those trash. Whether you're going to be with me or not, I need to know it now." His glowing red eyes locked with Luther's dark eyes.


Still kneeling, Luther unclasped his sword from the scabbard and held it on his palms, and presented it to the young master.

"My life belongs to you and my sword heed your call. I'll be your death reaper, young master. Name the one and I shall cut him down, may it be noble's or king's, I'll cut them all."

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