424 Wallet

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If she hadn't followed Cai Meihua to buy the bag this time, she definitely wouldn't have thought of buying it herself.

However, this also reminded her. Didn't her mother-in-law dislike her for not being sophisticated enough previously? She bought a bag for her mother-in-law as a 60th birthday present. It would definitely make her happy.

Cao Meihua seemed to understand this as well. She nodded as she listened at the side.

"Yes!" Su Wen, who had business come to her doorstep, wouldn't miss this opportunity. "Tell me about your mother-in-law's personality and hobbies. I'll know what to choose."

After Deputy Director Wei's description, Su Wen had an idea and naturally knew what to do. Those who had stayed abroad had a romantic and exquisite side to them, as well as a conservative and traditional aspect deep down.

Su Wen quickly came up with a design in her mind. She borrowed the pen and paper in Cao Meihua's office and quickly drew a sketch.


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