1 Ch 1 : Why the heck i was transmigrated as a mob

[ DING!!, Congratulations host has been selected to be transmigrated in the dream world of all otaku. ]

'What the heck, why am I hearing things! Am I getting crazy after reading too much transmigration light-novel?'

[ DING!!, Thank you for waiting. The transmigration process countdown will be started. ]

'Wait wait wait!!! I did indeed read many stories about transmigration, but I never wanted to be transmigrated myself!'

[ System countdown started. ]


[ DING!!, It was detected that the host wasn't satisfied with the system. ]

[ Error ]

[ Error ]

[ Error ]

[ Error ]

'What the hell.'

[ Error confirmed, initiating auto problem-solving for the issues. ]

[ Error solved, The host will be transmigrated not as the protagonist. Thank you for your patronage. ]

'WAIT, WHAT!!!!, I SAID I DIDN'T.....'

[ The host will be transmigrated right now, thank you. ]

'What a dumb... '





'Where in the hell am I?'

The boy's name was Ray. He was a nerd and super virgin with absolutely 0 experience with women. A total loser who could only satisfy his fantasies with those 2D moving girls.

'Hey, I can sue you for slander you know!!! It was not true that I have 0 experience with women, at least even if I could not call myself a master in women, I do have some experiences on them.'

Well, if you are making such a big fuss over holding hands with a woman, thinking the woman has fallen for u and confess on the same day for being rejected at the end as an experience with a woman. Then I could only say my condolences.'


[ DING!!! Congratulations to the host to be transmigrated to the dream world of nerds.]

[ A new system will soon be bonded to the host for host further convenience. Thank you, and adios. ]

Ray could only rub his temple at the stupidity of the situation. What kind of stupid thing he has gotten now.

[ DING!!, Thank you for waiting!! I am your new system, to be called system A-017. ]

[ It was detected that the host is still confused about the situation. It is recommended to the host to check the information at the system to gain further understanding of the situation."

Ray was in a very bad mood right now. He was transmigrated without his concern, and he didn't even know what situation he would face soon.

"Okay system, open information panel."

[ With pleasure host. ]

[ Name : Ray Carmelo ]

[ Title : - ]

[ Lv : 1 ]

[ Strength: 50 - Even elementary school kid is stronger than you ]

[ Agility: 60 - You could race with a sloth and lose ]

[ Dexterity: 120 - Who knows how you train your hands to be this flexible ]

[ Stamina: 30 - You would faint just after taking 5 steps of stairs. ]

[ Charm: 20 - A girl will hate you just by looking at you. ]

[ Special skill: Lucky Boy (1/1) ]

[ Innate ability:

[ - Taking TV remote with feet ]

[ - Sleep anywhere, everywhere ]

[ - Wiggling ears ]

[ - Peel apple perfectly ]

[ Description: A Side Character in Super-Duper Love Plus Ultra game ]

Ray was speechless at his stats and abilities. What the heck was those super-low stats and useless abilities.

The thing that most bewildered him was the last description of his info. He was indeed transmigrated on a game world, but not as the protagonist and instead as a mob.


[ Well, cheer up host. with this invincible system, it will take no time for you to be able to stand at the top of humanity and even in the universe. ]

Ray saw a glimmer of hope at the announcement of the system.

"So, system can you make me the most handsome person in the world right now?"

[ Err..... No. ]

" Well then, how about the richest person in the world?"

[ No... ]

" Then, how about being the strongest in the galaxy?"

[ NO, and why was it more difficult every time? ]

"Zhe, Useless system."

[ ..... ]

[ Host, please be aware that this system was programmed to assist users to be the top of humanity, not to instantly make you the top of humanity. You need to do missions and clear obstacles to be able to maximize the system. ]

Ray was silent hearing the response of the system. Deep down, he knows that there would be no soft rice to eat. But he was just too lazy to do those missions.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in Ray's mind and a wide smile appeared on his face.

"Okay system, now I proposed you change your name to Aina."

[ Okay, system name changed to Aina. ]

" .... "

[ .... ]

" .... "

[ .... ]

"WAIT, this scenario is wrong!!! Shouldn't it be the time that you say [Congratulations that host has completed a hidden mission, please receive the following rewards.] and give me few of the most op cheats of the time."

[ .... ]

[ No, There was no such thing. ]

This time, Ray was truly dumbstruck and could only scream at the uselessness of the system


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