Transmigrated as side character, i will steal all the heroines Book

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Transmigrated as side character, i will steal all the heroines


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Ray, a super nerd virgin otaku student was transmigrated into a game based on galge. "Ding, please prevent the main heroines from falling in love with the protagonist Rewards: Elementary Cooking skills. Penalty: The host will lose his house and all his property." Wait, WHAT THE HECK!!! I don't want all of this, please return me to my old world!! "Ding, It was indicated that the host wants to reject the mission. Reject the mission and immediately gain the penalty Y/N" NOOOOOOOO, What in the seven hell has I did to ever deserve this thing!!! Follow the journey of Ray and the absurdity of the system in this story. Other tags: Beast taming, School life, R-18, MILF, Weak to strong, Yandere, Evolution, Annoying system, Super annoying system, Super super annoying system don't complain you have been warned. I don't own the cover. Hi everyone, I have created a poll in chapter 40, please feel free to join if you have any ideas or Spirit beast you wanna see in this story ^_^. I know I can't make everyone happy, but I'll try my best, and thank you to everyone who has supported this story. Discord: https://discord.gg/henXAtbX


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