31 S-class Heroes Vs Melzargard

Once I was inside the ship of Boros, I immediately wasted no time and headed straight to where Boros was. But my stupid ass doesn't know where exactly he is at the moment. How the hell do you navigate through here? And there were some monsters who were appearing here and there but of course, you already know that it wasn't much of a distraction or a threat to my very precious life in this world. In the show, they didn't show the map of Boros's ship. Well, they did, but it looked like pipelines to me rather than a map of a spacecraft. Just great. My only chance to get to him is by going to where Geryuganshoop is, which is the control room

Camden: "I guess I should start finding him now" I said to myself as I kept going in circles, sideways, upwards and downwards around the ship. That was no joke actually, though from guessing where I landed first. Geryuganshoop's place is probably forward in my direction, which is literally just common sense at this point. I need to access their security room or something so that I could get to where Boros's is

[You could just punch you're way there, but I don't want to upset you so I'll keep this to myself.]

Chiaki thought to herself as she watched me going through the halls of this massive place.


Melzargard: "Hahaha! Is this all you can give? I am disappointed. I thought this planet was going to be a challenge. I guess Lord Boros might have just wasted his time if this is all your strength" He said to Bang, Atomic Samurai and Iaian, one of Atomic Samurai's Disciple, though if you look closely, you can see that his left hand was lost during him and Melzargard's first encounter

Atomic: "Iaian, back off. You need to rest after you've just lost your arm. You've done what you can for now" He said to him, holding his Katana in front of him as he looked at Melzargard so that he doesn't take the chance of him attacking when his guard is down

Iaian: "No, I can still hold my ground Sensei"

Atomic: "Argh, fine. There is no turning back now so keep your guard up" He said to him as he nodded his head, readying his blade as Melzargard unexpectedly appears next to Iaian in an instant which greatly shocked the three of them

Melzargard: "Now to get you out first" He said as one of his large hands shapeshifted into a large hammer, slamming it towards Iaian, Intent to crush him into nothing but splatter. And as Melzargard's attack got closer though, Bang appeared right on time to deflect the hammer back to Melzargard. Seeing this greatly shocked the Alien being as he got hammered down by his own attack, resulting in him falling to the ground

Bang: "Now!"

Atomic: "You got it" He said as Atomic Samurai jumped towards Melzargard, readying his weapon to finish off the being

Atomic: "Atomic Rush!" He said as he thrust his Katana right in Melzargard's chest, after that, he pulls his Katana out as he uses his speed to appear around Melzargard's body in a blur and launch devastating slashes. Doing this, Atomic Samurai managed to cut the Alien being's body into different pieces as he jumped back to where Bang and Iaian were

Bang: "Is that enough?"

Atomic: "I hope so" He said, but suddenly. The body of Melzargard started to form back together. A few moments later he was back like nothing happened to him as the three looked at him with surprised expressions

Atomic: "Dammit"

Melzargard: "Hahaha, now that's what I like to see, though it's still not enough to possible defeat me. Now how about it's my turn?" He said as two out of the five heads, left Melzargard's body, each of the heads shifted into two new bodies, forming a similar look to Melzargard

Bang: "This might be a lot more troublesome than we expected it to be" Bang said as Atomic Samurai nodded, thinking this monster is very problematic for even the likes of two S-class heroes

Melzargard: "There, now we're even in numbers. How about I make the next move?" He said as the two newly shapeshifted Melzargards rushed at them as Bang and Atomic Samurai readied themselves

Atomic: "Get out of here Iaian!" He shouted at him as Iaian could only nod his head. He lost his arm and almost got killed by Melzargard, he decided to make some space for the two S-class to take on the seemingly high threat Level monster. He'll just get in their way anyways

"Incinerate!" "Tank-top Tackle!"

Both Genos and Tanktop Master appeared as they managed to land an attack on the two Melzargard clones, resulting in them getting knocked back to where Melzargard is as Genos and Tanktop Master went next to Bang and Atomic Samurai

"Heh, nice work" The voice of Metal Bat could be heard as he was with Iaian

Bang: "Right on time I see"

Genos: "Hai, we made it here as fast as possible. Good thing we managed to arrive on time"

TTM: "It seems you two we're struggling to take the thing down"

Atomic: "No, this one's different" He said as Atomic Samurai pointed his finger towards Melzargard and his two clones whereas the other S-class also looked at them

Melzargard: "More of you? This might be worth something after all" He said as the two clones merged back with Melzargard, making him stronger as he wasted no time and charged at the group of S-class

Atomic: "Get ready!" He shouted as everyone nodded, but then

"Angel Rush!" Puri Puri Prisoner came out behind the heroes all naked, jumping through the air and throwing a punch towards the charging Melzargard, Melzargard seeing another newcomer, uses his hands to create a shield as he blocked Puri Puri Prisoner's fury of attacks. Melzargard immediately creates a long and sharp spike with his other hand as he thrust it toward Puri Puri, making it connect to his chest as he spits out some blood, sending him back to where the others were while holding his chest where Melzargard's attack landed

Genos: "Incinerate!" Genos said as he brought his hands up and launch a blast towards the falling Melzargard, though Melzargard was just barely able to escape by making wings around his back as he retreated back

Iaian: "Are you okay?"

Puri Puri: "Yes honey, I just need to wait for it to heal" He said as Iaian nodded, looking at Melzargard with his newly created wings

Metal Bat: "So he can make anything with his body?"

Bang: "Yes, from the looks of it"

Atomic: "And worse, he has wings. We can't fight him while he's in the air"

Genos: "I have attacks that can hit him mid-air" Genos said to them, thinking that his arsenal of attacks could get a few hits on Melzargard

TTM: "Then you're the only one who can get those wings off him so that we can rush him on the ground" He said to Genos as he nodded

Metal Bat: "We'll try and do something while you try and take out its wings"

Genos: "Then let's begin" He said as the heroes made their way towards Melzargard who was watching them the whole time

Melzargard: "So now they're going for the attack. No matter, I'll kill them all" He said as he flapped his wings and floated high up in the air before flying straight down towards the heroes

Metal Bat: "Here it comes!".


"Who dares intrude in here?!" Geryuganshoop exclaimed as he looked through the screen that was monitoring different parts of this humble abode

Geryuganshoop: "This is bad, the intruder has been eliminating almost everyone on the ship" He said as he examined the halls that laid a bunch of dead monster bodies 'I'll send somebody to deal with this'

*Punch* *Punch*

I've been punching monsters more than usual, maybe because Boros's ship was filled with monsters that I wouldn't even consider calling monsters. They are weird as crap to look at, though I think I've been making some progress through the ship since out of nowhere. A bunch of monsters suddenly decided to appear, I guess I'm close to the middle part of the ship

"Hahaha" I heard a sudden laugh as I stopped in my tracks and looked up to see a monster with very sharp teeth on his face and as well as his two hands

"You managed to make it this far intruder, I am surprised. But this is the end of you! With my acid breath, you'll be gone" Groribas said as he rushed at me 'I think it's a perfect excuse to do this'

Camden: "Amaterasu" I said as my eyes activated into a Black Rinnegan and black flames envelope Groribas

Groribas: "What the?!" He said out loud as he looked at the flames that were on his body, and he began to feel the pain emitting from it

"AGHHHH!" He shouted as he dropped to the ground and began to roll around. He tried to shake the fire away and even used his acid breath to try and stop the flame somewhat. But no luck as he continued to scream until he finally gave up and accepted his death by my flames

Camden: "... Not gonna lie but I was kinda feeling bad for him. Getting burned slowly until you die seems pretty rough" I said as I continued my journey by jumping to where Groribas was before meeting his fate as I continued to make haste.


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