Transmigrated as Princess

Lin Xiao transmigrate from the modern world into the ancient era as a princess. her transmigration as princess but Little did she know, that nothing happens without a reason..... Then...what is the reason for her transmigration.? She wanted to find it but something was coming in the middle of her goal.... What was that......? There was a strange energy that was attracting her towards that power…. In all of this she had to marry crown prince Mo Lichen. will she marry him with her heart? What kind of story unfolds between them..? Did she ever find out about the mysterious source of energy….? when things from her past come and intervene in her present. Did her past have something hidden which would have power to shake her present happiness. ..........______ ______ "how could you love me knowing who I am? and what I did." Linxiao said looking in calm sky and warm tears roll down her cheeks. "it's because it's have to you. I love all of your side in the past or now. it doesn't matter, you are angel or demon. or a villain of my life." a silhouette came near to Linxiao and wrap her Little body in his muscular arms. "When did you come?" Linxiao tilted to face the man who come. As Linxiao look into his eyes. he held her face with both of hand and lean to her cheeks to sucked the drop of tears that still come out from her eyes. "Don't you know I hate them seeing them here in your eyes." as he said his eyes alter colour in red. And the hand which were wrapping her waist in lovingly a moment ago. now were on her neck pressing hard like it was impossible for Linxiao to even breathe. like he want to strangle her to death. Did she had discover the reason of her transmigration.....? To discover the mystery read her journey to unravel the truth. follow me on Instagram-@Ayana_lee_1256 This story is my original work. keep supporting the story by giving your vote, comments, and reviews about the story. Thank you to pick my story. your Author is new in this and English is not my first language, so please manage some mistakes but if you find them then please tell me I will appreciate to correct them. Happy reading to readers and keep reading If you like my work because the story will be interesting.

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You can't hurt yourself

Linxiao thoughts in her mind "she is in drama set or, it must be some scene of the drama, maybe that girl was rehearsing her scene". But she speculates again, ''Why did she come to me for rehearsing her scene, even though she did not answer my question, which I first asked her, instead she was using me for her rehearsal".

Linxiao was thinking all of this in her mind when she was still held by the girl.

"Miss Linxiao, are you okay? Is your body still hurt somewhere?" that girl leaves Linxiao from hug and starts asking questions as she checked on Linxiao's body here and there by touching her.

And the sudden voice of the girl helps Linxiao to come back from her own thoughts.

Linxiao looks at the girl whose acting skills look genuine. If she don't know it was historical drama set, then she might think the girl really cares for her.

But Linxiao knew the reality and glanced at the girl's hand, that was still on her shoulder. she held the girl's hand and removed her hand from her shoulder.

Linxiao says "miss I would appreciate your talent if I saw your Drama air on TV in future. but right now, I am not in the position, so please you should stop". saying this Linxiao stops in the middle and continue again. "And secondly please keep your acting rehearsal to yourself or to someone else who was interesting".

"And thirdly answer to my question which I had asked you first, where was the exit of this place," Linxiao said in frustration as she was holding her irritation.

"Miss what are you saying?," Liu Ying (the girl who was in a blue dress) said to Linxiao.

Liu Ying looks at Linxiao's behaviour and listens what she had said to her but she did not understand what Linxiao was saying to her.

"Drama aaaa.... or Acti...ing" what did you say, Miss," Liu Ying inquired again while crying because she didn't understand what language her miss was using.

Linxiao listened to what Liu Ying told her "ohhh sorry I didn't know that saying your skill acting will hurt you" she said while smiling apologetically.

Linxiao thinks, she insults girl acting skill. so that's why Liu Ying was crying.

"And please tell me where was the exit door," Linxiao asked again to Liu Ying but this time she asked with humbleness.

Nevertheless, it was unknown to her what will happen next when she will find the answer to the questions which she was longing for.

However, Liu Ying does not understand why her miss asked about the exit, again and again.when she herself knew that.

Liu Ying came forward ignoring the question about the exit and asked "miss why did you come out of your room?, I was just coming towards your room for your help". she says with concern.

Linxiao stares at Liu Ying with her furious eyes like she really pissed off because of how clingy this girl was but she controlled herself, she did not show it on her face.

"Why come out, huhh huhh.. you want to know?. huuh, because I want to go away from here, that's why" Linxiao answered but she was getting furious with so many questions.

"Miss you can't go again," Liu Ying said.

she came closer and held Linxiao's. As she was afraid that if she doesn't hold her miss maybe she will again run away leaving her behind. 

so, Liu Ying held Linxiao's hands tightly as her life depended on her.

Seeing what Liu Ying was try to do. she thought girl wants to catch her for something.

But for what? which she still did not know and the reason behind her doing this.

So Linxiao can't trust anyone in these strange places with strange people around her and didn't let her guard down.

Linxiao removes her hands from Liu Ying's clutch and looks here and there to find any way that she can go outside from this place. because till now she understands that girl will not help her.

she have to found her way herself.

Just as Liu Ying could do something.

Linxiao run away from Liu Ying catching sight of a huge door that were in the open area and looks like the exit of the place.

"Miss you can't run away again" Liu Ying shouts and also runs behind Linxiao.

Just hearing Liu Ying's shouted. some of the guards who were guarding the palace came behind Liu Ying and Linxiao who were already running towards the exit direction.

Guards also started to run behind Linxiao to catch their Princess. If they would not able to catch her or something bad happens to her again, then they would be held responsible for that and their life will be at stake.

Linxiao hears the commotion and she looks behind while running, to her surprise she saw that Liu Ying and others who were playing as guards were also run behind her.

She saw that Liu Ying was crying while telling her to stop.

Linxiao wants to laugh and tease Liu Ying if she would not in this situation right now because she thought how can anyone cry anytime. If she had to give Liu Ying a name, then she should give her name as a cry baby.

She thinks if there would be any competition for crying then she was sure that Liu Ying would be a winner of that competition.

Then again Linxiao looks behind Liu Ying, she finds that at least seven to ten male and females who were playing as guards were also running behind her.

The scene looked like they were doing their suiting or something which didn't come to her mind right now.

 She looks back and thinks again that it looked like they were going to some running competition.

Linxiao did not understand why these people wanted to catch her when she did not know any of them.

Even though she never had any connection with any of the drama creators, maybe they were directors or producers and she never met anyone before.

Instead, she is just a normal girl who was going only to her university, so why are they behind her.

Linxiao looks behind her while running as fast as possible. Her heartbeat starts to increase because of running fast.

 She had never participated in any physical activity in her University, so it was hard for her to keep up with the fast running pace.

"Why are you chasing after me?" Linxiao asked Liu Ying while she was running and didn't stop in her tracks.

"Miss stop, please stop...miss, you can't run away again" Liu Ying replied to Linxiao.

Liu Ying tried to keep up with Linxiao so she could stop her from running but she wasn't able to do soo. 

"I will not stop, I have to go out from here" Linxiao counter-attack to Liu Ying.

"Where you wanna go, miss? You can't hurt yourself again," Liu Ying said.

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