Transmigrated as Princess

Lin Xiao transmigrate from the modern world into the ancient era as a princess. her transmigration as princess but Little did she know, that nothing happens without a reason..... Then...what is the reason for her transmigration.? She wanted to find it but something was coming in the middle of her goal.... What was that......? There was a strange energy that was attracting her towards that power…. In all of this she had to marry crown prince Mo Lichen. will she marry him with her heart? What kind of story unfolds between them..? Did she ever find out about the mysterious source of energy….? when things from her past come and intervene in her present. Did her past have something hidden which would have power to shake her present happiness. ..........______ ______ "how could you love me knowing who I am? and what I did." Linxiao said looking in calm sky and warm tears roll down her cheeks. "it's because it's have to you. I love all of your side in the past or now. it doesn't matter, you are angel or demon. or a villain of my life." a silhouette came near to Linxiao and wrap her Little body in his muscular arms. "When did you come?" Linxiao tilted to face the man who come. As Linxiao look into his eyes. he held her face with both of hand and lean to her cheeks to sucked the drop of tears that still come out from her eyes. "Don't you know I hate them seeing them here in your eyes." as he said his eyes alter colour in red. And the hand which were wrapping her waist in lovingly a moment ago. now were on her neck pressing hard like it was impossible for Linxiao to even breathe. like he want to strangle her to death. Did she had discover the reason of her transmigration.....? To discover the mystery read her journey to unravel the truth. follow me on Instagram-@Ayana_lee_1256 This story is my original work. keep supporting the story by giving your vote, comments, and reviews about the story. Thank you to pick my story. your Author is new in this and English is not my first language, so please manage some mistakes but if you find them then please tell me I will appreciate to correct them. Happy reading to readers and keep reading If you like my work because the story will be interesting.

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Princess Had Fear From Medicine

Furthermore, Linxiao's situation was not that bad; she only had fatigue and was a little sleepless. so she did not need to take them more, only one time would work but for that at least she had to take it.

"Liu Ying, I really don't want," says Linxiao, her eyes pleading that she doesn't want to.

But would Liu Ying be willing to hear this....?.

No, she can't..... how can she when it comes to Linxiao health.

So, she stares at Linxiao "Miss if you do not take it then how would you be good earlier ".

"Liu Ying...please.... I don't want to take them" Linxiao again pursued Liu Ying and thought that maybe she would understand it and not force her.

And she doesn't have to take this traditional Chinese herbal medicine which master Wang prepared for her.

"Miss don't….ammm.. If you don't take them then I have no choice but to call prince Lin Feng," Liu said, bringing a bowl of medicine in front of Linxiao.

Hearing Lin Feng name shiver run down her body only thinking about his cold aura from earlier. However, Linxiao knows that he must behave like that because seeing his priceless little sister try to take her life. but she know from memories of the host that her brother loves her most and always try to give her best whether he has to sacrifice something for her but he always does best in his knowledge.

Thinking of Lin Feng, Linxiao knew that if he found out that she did not take medicine then he would come to her leaving all his work and he would personally feed her medicine.

So, Linxiao left this idea because she knew that she can't skip from Medicine either this way or that way she had to take medicine.

"Okay bring it to me" with no choice left therefore she says to Liu Ying to bring medicine to her.

Linxiao takes a bowl in her hand and brings it to her mouth. just the smell of medicine goes in her nostril. She averted her head on the other side because of the faint smell of medicine but ignoring the smell she kept one hand on her nose to clenched it tightly and with the other, she drank the medicine in a bowl just in one go.

Just as her tongue touched the bitter taste of medicine she frowned and felt like she would throw out all of them at any moment which she had eaten.

Because of the bitter taste of medicine, she felt that her throat was burning.

Seeing Linxiao's situation like that, Liu Ying immediately brought water to Linxiao.

Linxiao keeps a medicine bowl on the other side and takes a glass of water for Liu Ying and drinks that immediately like her life depends on it.

After taking medicine, Linxiao's face did not look any good. She felt like she was sitting on the fire.

Linxiao felt that after drinking water, her throat still felt the bitter taste of medicine.

Liu Ying..!.. Can you... give me something sweet? Glancing towards Liu Ying, Lin Xiao asked, at first she was uncertain whether she should ask or not but she ignored it, and asked.

"Of course! Miss." Liu Ying replied, staring at Linxiao's face.

Liu Ying immediately went and came back as quickly as possible, taking some red bean buns and some almond jelly in her hands.

Liu Ying gives that to Linxiao to eat. 

Linxiao takes sweets from pitying hands and immediately puts them in her mouth.

As soon as the sweet taste of beans entered her mouth all the bitterness of the medicine disappeared instantly.

It was the best red bean buns she had ever eaten in her life. it's not like she was poor in her world but the taste was not good as it is now which she eats.

Linxiao then thanks Liu Ying for giving her a delicious dish and after that Linxiao starts talking to Liu Ying. 

Linxiao didn't act any different from the host and she talked to Liu Ying like they were friends.

In Fact, she said that Liu Ying didn't need to call her Miss from now on, she could tell her Linxiao or… xiao as others say to her.

Liu Ying asked, ….why..?

Linxiao explained to her that it felt weird when she said to her miss because they have been friends for years so there is no need to be formal with her.

Firstly Liu Ying rejected the idea because she says that she was calling her miss for years. How can she call her by her name even though they have been friends for years.

And she even asked why Linxiao was saying this all of sudden out of nowhere.

Then Linxiao explained to her that she came back from a life and death situation so she understands how someone's life is important and how she regrets ignoring all the people who cared for her because of a scam man.

So, with too much pressure and pursuit coming from Linxiao, Liu Ying has to accept that.

Linxiao think that if she talk with Liu Ying she can find out about the situation in the palace 

Because she knows that, the situation must be getting worse because of her, try to attempt to take her life.

So, she thinks it is better to understand what happening in advance will help her to face her brother Lin Feng and her father when she will meet them.

But who would have thought that this situation would come this early?

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