Transmigrated as Princess

Lin Xiao transmigrate from the modern world into the ancient era as a princess. her transmigration as princess but Little did she know, that nothing happens without a reason..... Then...what is the reason for her transmigration.? She wanted to find it but something was coming in the middle of her goal.... What was that......? There was a strange energy that was attracting her towards that power…. In all of this she had to marry crown prince Mo Lichen. will she marry him with her heart? What kind of story unfolds between them..? Did she ever find out about the mysterious source of energy….? when things from her past come and intervene in her present. Did her past have something hidden which would have power to shake her present happiness. ..........______ ______ "how could you love me knowing who I am? and what I did." Linxiao said looking in calm sky and warm tears roll down her cheeks. "it's because it's have to you. I love all of your side in the past or now. it doesn't matter, you are angel or demon. or a villain of my life." a silhouette came near to Linxiao and wrap her Little body in his muscular arms. "When did you come?" Linxiao tilted to face the man who come. As Linxiao look into his eyes. he held her face with both of hand and lean to her cheeks to sucked the drop of tears that still come out from her eyes. "Don't you know I hate them seeing them here in your eyes." as he said his eyes alter colour in red. And the hand which were wrapping her waist in lovingly a moment ago. now were on her neck pressing hard like it was impossible for Linxiao to even breathe. like he want to strangle her to death. Did she had discover the reason of her transmigration.....? To discover the mystery read her journey to unravel the truth. follow me on Instagram-@Ayana_lee_1256 This story is my original work. keep supporting the story by giving your vote, comments, and reviews about the story. Thank you to pick my story. your Author is new in this and English is not my first language, so please manage some mistakes but if you find them then please tell me I will appreciate to correct them. Happy reading to readers and keep reading If you like my work because the story will be interesting.

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Linxiao Receive Love...

While they were talking, Linxiao heard a hoarse voice coming from outside.

"How can you do this" came a voice from outside of the room door.

Hearing the sound Linxiao curiously looked towards the door, to know who was outside.

A man with a handsome feature and well-built body with a pair of black eyes came to her view.

Linxiao glanced at the man who was standing at the entrance of the room.

He was the same man whom she had seen before he had worn a white long robe when she saw him, however, this time he is wearing a light blue long robe which enhances his well-built body structure excellently.

But today in his black alluring eye there was some coldness which was far away from friendly and caring which she had seen before when she collided with him at that time.

At that time his eyes looked like he was an easy-going and caring person but who knew he looked horrified when he turned into a cold man.

He was none other than her brother. handsome and male God Prince Lin Feng.

Linxiao was staring into his eyes like she was already lost in his alluring black eyes.

"Greeting to prince Lin Feng" Liu Ying immediately bowed to Lin Feng when she saw him.

Hearing Liu Ying's voice, Linxiao came back to her senses from mesmerizing the beauty of her Brother handsome features and Deep-alluring Black eyes.

Linxiao immediately brings her thoughts.

"Greeting to big brother" Linxiao stood from her bed balancing her body weight. 

She wants to bow in front of the Prince but she can't.

Linxiao came to realize that her body did not support her. She thought her body was fine now but it was all her thoughts that came to vines.

Linxiao lost her balance but was immediately held by Liu Ying and Lin Feng at the same moment from both sides before she fell.

With the help of Liu Ying, Lin Feng settled Linxiao on the bed.

After settling Linxiao, he looks towards Liu Ying.

"I want to talk to Linxiao," Lin Feng said to Liu Ying.

Liu Ying looked at Lin Feng with her puzzled eyes.

' If you want to talk then, talk why you are staring towards me'  Liu Ying says in her mind.

But she can't say it loudly in front of Lin Feng. ..Can she??

Here Linxiao looked at Liu Ying and Lin Feng one after another, But she did not understand If they were in some staring competition.

On the other side, Lin Feng's dark eyes who was studying Liu Ying like he can swallow her holl at the moment for not understanding what he had said.

But Liu Ying was all puzzled and Confused.

"I said I want to talk to Linxiao alone, you don't understand.?. Lin Feng said angrily. 

" ohhh… apologies prince, I should leave both of you," Liu Ying said impatiently, then she bowed again in front of prince Lin Feng and immediately left both of them alone in the room, closing the door.

Just seeing Liu Ying leave the room. Lin Feng turned his head toward Linxiao. He stared at her face with his cold eyes and came towards Linxiao and sat on the bed beside Linxiao.

Seeing that Lin Feng's all the attention on her, Linxiao became anxious with his old gaze.

Lin Feng came furious, he wanted to scold Linxiao for what she had done thinking, that, she regained her strength and he thought that she must be fine till now but when he saw that she was still weak his heart melted immediately. 

He isn't able to say anything to her.

"How are you feeling now.? Lin Feng asks.

"I am fine now, big brother" Linxiao doesn't say anything at first she thinks what she should say? but in the end, she replies.

But when she calls him elder brother. It seems to be coming naturally out of her mouth. It doesn't sound like she's speaking big brother for the first time.

While calling someone elder brother was a feeling for her which she had never felt because she had not any siblings.

But now, at least she has one now!

So she is happy to see all this setting of God. She looks satisfied knowing that at least God has given her a family and a brother now! Who cares for her.

Lin Feng's heart melts after listening to the soft reply of Linxiao. 

His coldness slowly starts to melt only hearing the voice of her younger sister.

However, thinking about how she tried to kill herself, wants to take her life coldness which melted a moment ago and comes back again in his eyes.

"How can. How can you do this Linxiao.? Lin Feng says, glaring into her eyes.

"Apology big brother" Linxiao replies to him. 

"How can you want to kill yourself?", Because of some jerk!" Said Lin Feng, holding Linxiao's hand in his hand.

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