Transmigrated as Princess

Lin Xiao transmigrate from the modern world into the ancient era as a princess. her transmigration as princess but Little did she know, that nothing happens without a reason..... Then...what is the reason for her transmigration.? She wanted to find it but something was coming in the middle of her goal.... What was that......? There was a strange energy that was attracting her towards that power…. In all of this she had to marry crown prince Mo Lichen. will she marry him with her heart? What kind of story unfolds between them..? Did she ever find out about the mysterious source of energy….? when things from her past come and intervene in her present. Did her past have something hidden which would have power to shake her present happiness. ..........______ ______ "how could you love me knowing who I am? and what I did." Linxiao said looking in calm sky and warm tears roll down her cheeks. "it's because it's have to you. I love all of your side in the past or now. it doesn't matter, you are angel or demon. or a villain of my life." a silhouette came near to Linxiao and wrap her Little body in his muscular arms. "When did you come?" Linxiao tilted to face the man who come. As Linxiao look into his eyes. he held her face with both of hand and lean to her cheeks to sucked the drop of tears that still come out from her eyes. "Don't you know I hate them seeing them here in your eyes." as he said his eyes alter colour in red. And the hand which were wrapping her waist in lovingly a moment ago. now were on her neck pressing hard like it was impossible for Linxiao to even breathe. like he want to strangle her to death. Did she had discover the reason of her transmigration.....? To discover the mystery read her journey to unravel the truth. follow me on Instagram-@Ayana_lee_1256 This story is my original work. keep supporting the story by giving your vote, comments, and reviews about the story. Thank you to pick my story. your Author is new in this and English is not my first language, so please manage some mistakes but if you find them then please tell me I will appreciate to correct them. Happy reading to readers and keep reading If you like my work because the story will be interesting.

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Catch her

Just listening to Liu Ying, she stops in her track to think about something but she shakes her head and again starts to run towards the gate.

 She ignores all the calls of Liu Ying.

Linxiao thinks about how weird the girl was. She did not know her but the girl acted clingy with her like they knew each other for a long time.

"I wanna go to my Home" Linxiao Said, still running as fast as she can.

She did not understand what these people wanted from her. She didn't have enough money or anything like that.

 She wants to tell them that they are wrong. She was not the right person whom maybe they thought she was.

Just as she was about to reach her destination. she collides with something hard in her way.

she lost her balance because of collusion in the middle of her way. as her speed was fast.

she closed her eyes tightly, she waited to feel pain falling onto the ground but to her surprise, it never came to her. instead a warm and strong-arm wrapped in her body.

Just as she was about to fall on the ground by the collusion of the hard chest of a man, his warm hand clutched her waist. as she was now, in his embrace.

When she feels a hand on her body, she knows that someone had saved her from slip. She clutches the clothes of the person tightly to support herself. 

The scene paused for a moment like a man staring at Linxiao.

 A man who just saved her stares in her beautiful face with his wide eyes.

He saw how beautiful she look in close proximity. When she had closed her eyes like a frightened child who fears pain and had a complicated emotion on her face.

Linxiao waited for the man to leave her, but to her surprise, he did not leave her.  She gulps as she felt her heart was racing like a bullet train.

she could hear the fast heartbeats of her. and she knows he could also hear them as they were close to each other. she waited for he would leave her but still he didn't let her go in his arm. she signed and slowly opened her eyes, to see the face of her saviour.

Who didn't have the intention to free her.

When she opened her eyes a handsome face came to her view at first. He was staring at her like he was seeing a girl for the first time.

Linxiao's eyes stuck in his alluring black eyes. they was glowing like a galaxy. If someone stares into his black eyes for too long. Then they would surely fall for him.

She scans his face from eye to nose like a robot who deadly wants to recognize his master.

"How handsome", only one word comes out from her mouth in the excitement of seeing the beauty of his face. Other hand he lost into her eyes. as he thought it has something different in her eyes.

By hearing her, The man comes back to her senses from the magic of Linxiao's face. A mixed-up emotion was seen on his face but he hides it and immediately leaves it off his hands.

However, in the excitement of seeing the handsome man in front of her. Linxiao had already removed her hands from men's clothes. And just he removed his hand from her body. Linxiao lost her balance and fell to the ground with a loud bang sound.

"Ouch," she cried in pain.

Linxiao frowns on him for his behaviour. How can he leave her to fall? When he saved her in the first place.

Linxiao stood from the ground, she started rubbing her back and hips with her hand. while staring at the man in front of her. He had worn a white-coloured long Robe-type outfit which was used in ancient times in the Qing dynasty.

"Why did You leave me, when you saved me first?," Linxiao says to him glaring into his eyes.

He looked at Linxiao's small figure again, when she stood from the ground.

He didn't answer her and smirked, glancing at her like he was mocking her.

Just as he wants to open his mouth to say something to her, he stopped in the middle by the arrival of Liu Ying and other guards.

"Are you ok, Miss Linxiao?", Liu Ying cried while checking on her body.

It clearly shows how much she cared for her miss, who didn't give her any face.

"What happened?", The man asked, eyeing Liu Ying and saw other guards behind her.

"Nothing happens prince", Liu Ying replies to the man in hesitation. While hiding the fact Linxiao wants to run away again.

"Then what about the commotion?," he asked, glaring toward Linxiao and back to Liu Ying's side.

"Prince..." Liu Ying gulped but nothing came out of her mouth. Fear was visible on her face seeing the Prince in front of her.

Linxiao sawed the scene in front of her where they both ignored her like thin air and talking to each other. She did not understand why the girl fears to him. but how can she be silent when it's related to her.

"prince my foot", she murmured to herself, which was only heard by her.

Linxiao thinks that that man was another actor in the drama by seeing his clothes and his personality. Which enough to make girls crazy when he would be on screen.

Like a heartthrob....

How could she have too much fantasy? Like she was on a Drama set.

She Ignored all of them. she makes her way towards the gates. when she was already running.

" Miss you can't run again" Liu Ying screamed seeing her race again.

The man turns on high alert hearing Liu Ying.

He left his focus from Liu Ying to Linxiao who was running towards the gate.

"Catch her" he instructed his man to catch Linxiao.

Some new guards came out when others were already behind her.


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