181 How Would I Have That Much Strength

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Afraid that the Emperor would hurt himself, he had no choice but to go out and get Zhao Qian and the others, thinking to have them tie the Emperor up for now.

However, the Emperor was an untouchable, supreme being. There was no way in the world he would have the guts to tie the Emperor up.

Seeing the Emperor's eyes becoming glassy and his expression showing signs of madness, Chief Physician Lin stammered, "Quick, tie His Majesty up first and let him calm down."

Zhao Qian and the others were all taken aback when they saw their master in such a state.

"Chief Physician Lin, what the hell is going on?" Coming back to his senses, Zhao Qian reached out to grab Chief Physician Lin's collar furiously. "Didn't you say that the poison in Master's body can be removed after he takes the detoxification pill? Why is Master like this now?"


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