Transmigrated As My Crazy Alpha's Assassin! [BL] Book

novel - LGBT+

Transmigrated As My Crazy Alpha's Assassin! [BL]


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[MATURE CONTENT ALERT] “You are like a dagger stuck deep into my heart…and I feel like I might die if I remove you apart, my little lamb!” … What possibly worst can happen when an ordinary man with aichmophobia gets transmigrated to the ancient time into a body of an assassin? Living his ordinary life was always fulfilling for Noah, but his life takes a fatal twist when he faces a grave betrayal, that leads him to transmigrate into an unknown scary world, even worse in the body of a deadly assassin, Sheoran! The only vision he retained in the last few moments of his own world was the gaze of a dazzling golden pair of eyes that swallowed him whole! Crown Prince Xanthus, the mightiest true blood Alpha was always admired by his entire pack. But, beneath his drop-dead enchanting charm, cold heart, and crazy bloodthirst, he suppressed an innocent soul that was broken and butchered with pain! But his whole world turns upside down when he confronts Sheoran, an assassin who shivers at the sight of a knife! What happens when unpredictable destiny brings two polar opposite hearts together, omitting the boundaries of their inevitable existence? Can two wounded souls embrace the warmth of their yearning love? Will they survive deadly turmoils across their path or the fatal love will exist as a forbidden obsession bordering on insanity? >>>> (Don't forget to check the review section where I am leaving eye candies for you all. The cover strictly belongs to me and designed by my beautiful artist: @Bea_Cortez