1 Chapter 1: Transmigrated As Haruno Sakura

(Clarification: English is not my first language. I will try my best to improve my grammar. I Wrote story about haruno sakura because i felt angry with writer who drop story after 40 chapter. )

My name is Eun Hye, im a CEO and founder of my own company. At the age of 40 im still single, according to my friend, man are afraid of me because of my personality. Because of business i need to become very strict, this made people afraid of me.

I dont have children thats why i fond with my niece and other kids, if they visit to my house i will treat them like a sister and sometimes like a mother. My personality is different at home and company, i can become caring woman with children but very strict with adult.

My niece like to watch anime and because of this i become addicted with anime, especially demon slayer and naruto, i felt sympathy with naruto past and sasuke. I want to adopt them as my son and suddenly i woke up as haruno sakura.


"eurgghhhh" i yawn and woke up from sleep and feel a strange with my surrounding, this is not my place but i feel very familiar with this room. I try to walk around and found out i become smaller. Suddenly i become afraid and to confirm my suspicion i went to find mirror, i looked at my appearance and found out i have become another person. This looked like Sakura from Naruto, she had pink hair, wide forehead and beautiful face.

Where am i? Did someone kidnap me?

Suddenly i heard sound,

DING - Transmitting Memory To Host

I felt pain and i saw a video and memory about sakura. I realised i have transmigrated into Naruto World.

DING - Newbie Package

- Nano Machines

- Affinity Of All Elements (Chakra)

- Character Template Yoriichi

- Legendary Black Sword Shusui

Extra Information:

Nano Machine is a very advance technology, it can duplicate cell/blood to heal injury. It can copy other movement and transmit it into the brain. It can change a structure of body to make it stronger and help host with various task. (OP TECHNOLOGY)

Yoriichi is one of legendary demon slayer who can defeat demon king with ease.

Shusui is one of legendary sword use by RYUMA, it became black because of haki.


I was surprised with a newbie package that i received and felt angry for some reason. Maybe some mad scientist capture me and put my consciousness in a computer and sent me to naruto world.

I shouted "ARRRGGHHHHHHH SSIBBALLLLLL. Luckily i was alone at that time, my mother went out to buy some food.

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