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Transmigrated As Haruno Sakura With System


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In the past she was a career woman who working as a designer and then open her own company at the age 24. After 10 years her company became one of the biggest company in korea and generate million of sales every month. She was beautiful but her personality make people afraid of her, thats why she still single at the age 40. In a free time She loves to cook and cleanliness, fighting (Mixed Martial Art) and watch anime especially naruto and demon slayer. One day, she suddenly woke up as haruno sakura. "DING" (This is newbie package for host) - Nano Machine - Character Template (Yoriichi) - Legendary Sword Shusui (I wrote my own fanfiction because i was angry with some writer who stop writing story about haruno sakura) (There wont be harem, because harem destroy the fun)


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