Transmigrated as Fat young missy Book

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Transmigrated as Fat young missy


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Mo Ran, an extremely talented and gorgeous Army doctor, found herself transmigrated into the body of a 130 kilos unfavoured young daughter of Qin family, Qin Yan. Originally with powerful medical and martial arts skills, Mo Ran faced great difficulty dealing with heavy body of Qin Yan. She vowed to loose weight and restore her original appearance. No matter how difficult it was, she was determined. Her vicious mother and white lotus sister stood shocked seeing the changes in Qin Yan but the faceslapping had just begun. Her plans were perfect but a little bun suddenly intervened.. "I like Sister Yan. Dad, I want to live with Sister Yan." The CEO of Xi Corporation, the richest business magnate in the country said, "We both Father and son like you. Come home with us." FL : Strong and determined. ML : Crafty and shrewd.


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