Transmigrated as a Ghost

Dying in a tragic accident Marcus Ferrous gets transferred to a fantasy world of monsters and magic, except when he arrives contrary to what he expected he is now level one and a ghost. Left with nothing on a strange new world, Marcus will struggle with everything he has on his journey to get stronger and uncover the secrets of his new world. Artwork By Radiopaque.

MegaC · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1098 Chs

Chapter 540 Ardea’s Request and Lilia’s Evaluation.

'It came out better than I expected.' 

Holding his knew adamantine shield aloft, Marcus could not be prouder of his work.

He had just made four masterpieces back-to-back, and truthfully this was the best one he had created.

He had used the last of Gwyneria's and the mythic grade monster parts he had gotten from Tralenstein in its creation.

This had made the shield incredibly sturdy, and for even further reinforcement he had used the core of the boss of the glacier as its focal point, as well as incorporating the plates of its carapace on the outside.

'I wonder how much a shield like this would go for. If Thabon's had been worth almost eighty thousand, this one would have to be worth at least two hundred thousand, but probably more.' Marcus thought as he examined his shield.

It was now probably tied for the best piece of equipment he had, along with his scythe.