Transmigrate to the world of The Lord of the Rings?

Join me on this journey full of excitement and memorable moments, from traveling with Gandalf, facing the perilous paths of Middle-earth, forging alliances with noble races, and ultimately standing against the fearsome Nazgûl of Sauron in the heart of Minas Tirith. Together, let us write our own saga, where courage and camaraderie shall prevail in the face of darkness. English is not my first language. This work is inspired by the novel 'Star with the Lord of the Rings' by the author Shen Hai Lao Mao. I didn't like how the original author led the novel to ruin, so I decided to improve it and make it readable. All rights to the creator of the image, if you see this and want me to remove the cover photo, feel free to let me know. patreon.com/Mrnevercry

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Word count, read it if you want to see what the original Chinese novel is like.



The sky is starry.

At the edge of the forest, the fire was faint.

"Clap clap. clap."

Grease-laden dry wood crackled in the fire.

A tall and strong young man sat cross-legged by the fire, with a bloody furry bear's paw stuck on a sharpened wooden stick in his hand, which was roasting on the fire.

The aroma of cooked meat continued to spread around.

In the depths of the forest, a pair of green pupils under the light of the fire looked at the fire in the distance, sniffing their noses and roaring constantly, looking very anxious.

Beside the fire, a huge corpse of a violent bear with a body length of nearly three meters lay there icy cold.

The young man squinted at the wolves deep in the forest and didn't care.

Ma Teng, no, it should be Morgan now.

More than half a month ago, he came to this world from the Great Celestial Dynasty, and his soul was put on the body of a young man named Morgan.

Morgan was being hunted down and was about to die under the swords of two guards.

As a veteran boxer, Morgan fought back and killed the two guards. He also got some information about this strange world from them.

This is an age of cold weapons similar to medieval Europe on Earth.

Morgan and the two soldiers were from a small town called Filo, and like the two soldiers, he was also a member of the town guard.

The reason why Morgan was hunted down was because the original owner got involved with the wife of the commander of the town guard, that is, he gave his boss a green hat.

Then he was chased by his superior's company to avenge his personal revenge, and there was a scene where his soul passed through.

After killing the two guards, the town of Ferro will definitely not be able to go back.

Morgan quickly left the scene after touching the body.

After processing his loot in a village not far from the town of Filo.

To avoid trouble, Morgan bought a horse and left the village overnight.

Because the original owner has been living in the town of Ferro since he was born, his barren memory has extremely limited knowledge of places outside the town of Ferro.

Morgan can only ride a horse and go blind, until now.

"Clap clap."

The oil stains that kept coming out of the bear's paws dripped into the fire and made a sizzling sound.

"almost ripe"

Morgan sniffed the smell of meat from the bear's paws and couldn't help swallowing.

This giant bear is the biggest prey he has caught these days.

Originally, he just wanted to catch wild animals for dinner as usual.

Unexpectedly, the giant bear attacked him.

The bow, arrow and long sword went up together, and Morgan almost slapped off an arm before killing the giant bear.

He definitely couldn't finish eating such a big bear.

It's summer now, and he wants to get rid of this giant bear as soon as possible.

Such a big bear can sell for a lot of money, which is very important to Morgan, whose pockets are already empty.

Fortunately, it is not far from the nearest human habitation.

Looking at the meat-smelling big bear's paw in front of him, Morgan's mind moved.

Brush brush.

One after another virtual data emitting a pale white light began to appear in front of him.

[Time Traveler: Morgan]

[Race: Human]

[Biological level: first-order]

[Soul Power: 1]

[Attribute: Strength+; Constitution+; Agility+; Spirit+]

[Ability: Common Language; Muay Thai LV2; White Crow Swordsmanship LV1; Archery LV1]

[Talent: Intimacy (Special Skill)]

[Current world exploration progress: 0.01%]


"Hey, soul power actually appeared"

Looking at the data 1 clearly displayed after the soul power column, Morgan looked overjoyed: "It finally appeared!"

The thing in front of him appeared after Morgan killed the two guards.

For the past two weeks, Morgan has been summoned almost every day to have a look.

But nothing has changed.

When I looked at it yesterday, the column of soul power was still empty.

Now, there is a data 1 at the back of the soul power column.

After thinking about it for so many days, Morgan reacted immediately and looked at the giant bear corpse beside him.

Apart from spending a lot of time fighting this giant bear today, he spent the rest of his time on the road.

The source of soul power is likely to come from this giant bear, and it can only come from this giant bear.


Looking at the corpse of the giant bear for a while, Morgan let out a long sigh.

Before that, he had been thinking about the so-called system in front of him for a long time, and had also made a lot of attempts.

It's all clear now.

Soul Power: It should be obtained by killing other creatures.

But the condition is: the strength of the killed creature needs to be stronger than himself, or equal to himself.

At least he can't lower himself too much, because Morgan had killed a lonely wolf before.

Nothing but getting a corpse.

As for the others, the four attributes of strength, constitution, agility, and spirit should represent the four attributes of one's own body.

The + sign that vaguely appeared after looking at the major attributes should be the need for soul power to strengthen.

The following data "ability" is also easy to understand, which represents the skills that you have mastered.

The "common language" should be the one that comes with the system.

"Muay Thai LV2" should be the reason why he was a senior black boxing master in his previous life.

"White Crow Swordsmanship LV1" is the swordsmanship learned by the original owner in the town guard.

Like "Archery LV1", it was learned by the original owner in the town of Ferro.

As for the + sign that also vaguely appeared behind Muay Thai, White Crow Swordsmanship and Archery, it must be that soul power is also required to strengthen and upgrade.

"Talent: Intimacy (Special Skill)" is a skill that can improve relationships. The specific effect can only be known after using it.

And in the last line of the system in front of you: "The exploration degree of the current world is 0.01%".

Literally, it should mean to travel around the world and explore the world.

But this world is similar to the age of cold weapons in the Middle Ages. Without cars and planes, it is impossible to travel around the world.

There's a good chance he won't be able to finish it until he dies.

Morgan has other interpretations, but no evidence yet.

Speaking of which, Morgan was formerly a senior boxer because of his little fame.

At most, I only play one or two underground boxing matches a month.

The rest of the time is not training, or reading books, watching movies, and traveling to relax.

He knew he had an adventure.

Coming to this world is not only without fear, but with a kind of excitement.

This is the age of cold weapons, and there is no need to say much about the role of personal force.

There is also the so-called "time traveler system" on himself.

Morgan was excited to think about his future achievements.



Suddenly, the sound of frying oil from the fire in front of him was loud.

Morgan suddenly came back to his senses, looking at the black ball in his hand and getting angry: "Fuck, the bear's paw is scorched!"

Cursing and throwing away the charred paw, Morgan quickly slid another.

Just then, a voice suddenly came from the empty wilderness outside.

Morgan turned his head immediately, and saw a man on horseback trotting toward him.

Morgan was roasting the bear's paw in one hand, and the other hand was already holding the hilt of the cross sword beside him.

A tall, charitable old man in a gray robe with long gray hair and a wooden staff approached on horseback.

Before getting off the horse, he looked at Morgan and smiled mildly: "I take the liberty to visit late at night."

"I am Gandalf"

"I am Gandalf"

Looking at the familiar old man in front of him, Morgan was stunned when he opened his mouth.

He likes to watch fantasy movies and TV series, and he has seen the movie "The Hobbit Trilogy" and "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" when he is resting.

Although it does not reach the level of fanatical fans, I still have a certain impression of these two classic fantasy masterpieces.

For the two works, Morgan is even more impressed by the soul character "Gandalf the Wizard" who runs through the entire Middle-earth world.

Such an image, such a dress.

Morgan had no doubt that he had met the real Gandalf.

After all, he can travel to this world, and he has a more fantastic time traveler system.

What could he not believe.

At this moment, Morgan thought of many things.

What he is most interested in now is: "When is he in Middle-earth now?"

In just a split second, Morgan quickly reacted.

Looking at Gandalf, he said casually: "If you meet, you are a friend."

"Seeing that you're still on your way so late, you probably haven't had dinner yet."

"Cut where you want to eat, you're welcome."

Morgan said that he threw his previous meat-cutting dagger to Gandalf, pointed to the corpse of the giant bear beside him, and added: "By the way, you can call me Morgan."

Taking the dagger, he took a closer look at Morgan. Seeing Morgan's face was magnanimous and generous, Gandalf smiled and said, "Then I'll be welcome."

Saying that, he put away the cigarette stick, picked up the dagger in his hand, and went forward to cut the meat.

Friendships between men are sometimes simple.

As the true number one male protagonist in the six parts of Middle-earth, Gandalf has a righteous and firm character, is witty and humorous, and has a wide range of friends.

As for Morgan, he was thoughtful, open-minded and generous, and he wanted to befriend Gandalf.

The two sat in front of the fire, eating roasted bear meat, and after a while, they became acquainted with each other.

"Morgan, you look like a ranger?"

Gandalf cut off a large piece of bloody fleshy flesh from the forelegs and arms of the corpse of the giant bear, inserted a sharpened branch, and continued to put it on the fire, and said casually while roasting.


Hearing Gandalf speak, Morgan froze.

In fact, he has already thought of his identity, that is, "Bounty Hunter".

Bounty Hunter: A master who earns expensive bounties by completing difficult quests from their employers.

Bounty hunters and Gandalf's "rangers" are somewhat similar, the former being rarer and more powerful than the latter.

But the latter is much more famous than the former.

Ordinary residents of Middle-earth can name a ranger more or less.

But very few people know about "bounty hunters".

"Ranger, that's it."

"Actually I prefer the other title 'Bounty Hunter'!"

Morgan shook his head and smiled.

"Bounty Hunter?"

Hearing Morgan's words, Gandalf was slightly stunned. Bounty hunters are too rare.

However, looking at the giant bear that was nearly three meters tall and whose blood temperature was apparently just dead, Gandalf did not doubt Morgan's strength at all.

Such a ferocious giant bear is far beyond what ordinary people can deal with.

This just proves the strength of Morgan.

"That's really uncommon"

Gandalf looked up at Morgan and smiled.

"It's really uncommon, and I haven't seen a peer up until now."

That's right, he put the bounty hunter name from other fantasy movies and TV series on himself, and decided to use this identity to walk the world in the future.

As for whether there are bounty hunters in Middle-earth, he has no doubts.

Because the rangers in this world are equivalent to the low-end version of "bounty hunters".

Morgan shook his head and smiled, looked up at Gandalf carefully, and asked, "How about you, Gandalf?"

"You look more like the legendary traveling wizard?"

When Morgan asked, Gandalf smiled and said simply: "As you can see, I am a wizard."

"Official introduction, Gandalf the wizard"

"Bounty Hunter Morgan."

"Ha ha."

The two talked very happily, and the topics they talked about gradually increased.

"Morgan, did you come to Shire for a mission?"

Gandalf continued to eat the roasted bear and asked.

Giant bear meat is very expensive in many places because the meat is soft and tender, and the taste is very good.

However, because of its huge size and fierce strength, the giant bear is rarely sold in the actual market.

Even if one is caught occasionally, it will soon be bought by the local wealthy nobles, and it is difficult for ordinary people to buy it.

Although there is giant bear meat, most people can't afford it at all.

Now I happen to meet Morgan, a powerful bounty hunter, and such a big, ferocious giant bear.

Gandalf did intend to eat and eat enough.

"Is this Charles?"

Now that he knew that he was in Middle-earth, Morgan reacted immediately after listening to Gandalf.

"Would you believe me, Gandalf, if I said that I came to the Shire by being lost?"

Morgan shook his head, his smile was a bit awkward.

"Well, depending on your appearance. Of course I believe it!"

Gandalf looked up at Morgan, and after eating the last bite of the roasted bear meat in his hand, he wiped his mouth full of grease, and said with a smile.

As he said that, he took out the cigarette rod, filled it with shredded tobacco, and signaled Morgan if he wanted to take a sip.

Morgan waved his hand in rejection and smiled.

He knew that his appearance was a little desolate.

He had sold all the spoils from the bodies of the two guards in the town of Filo, as well as the damaged and inferior armor, before he could buy a horse.

Now he is wearing a short leather armor on his lower body, and an ordinary open-chested sackcloth long-sleeved upper body.

Now it is equivalent to a short sleeve with asymmetrical two cuffs.

As for the ordinary cross sword and short sword, the original owner had it from the beginning.

Such a desolate appearance, but it is a bit far from the identity of a bounty hunter.

"It's been a long time since I took over the task, I made you laugh."

Morgan said with a smile, but there was no embarrassment on his face for being down and out.

"Gandalf, you are a wizard. If you have any good missions, please introduce them to me."

Morgan continued, his expression magnanimous and casual.

Gandalf lit the cigarette rod, took a sip, and said after pondering: "Well, I do have one here. It's just"

"Is it finally here?"

Morgan was secretly delighted that he had been in friendship with Gandalf for so long, and he was waiting for this moment to receive a task from the other party and participate in the plot smoothly.

So he decisively launched the talent special skill "Intimacy".

[Intimacy: It can greatly increase the target's favorability to you in a short period of time. ]

"Morgan, you invite me to eat roast bear meat, and I will introduce you to a commissioned task. This is a fair deal."

"Besides, that mission also requires the participation of a bounty hunter of your strength."

"In this way, if you come with me tomorrow, I guarantee that you will receive a very good commission."

Gandalf, who was hesitant at first, suddenly changed his voice and said with a smile.

"Is the effect so immediate?"

Morgan was shocked to hear Gandalf's swift change of attitude from hesitant to eager assurance.

In Gandalf's heart, he really felt that the bounty hunter named Morgan was not bad.

But it's just that, after all, the time to know each other is too short.

He was next to Hobbiton in the Shire to find the last member of the expedition, a halfling Snitch Bilbo Baggins.

At the same time, he joined the dwarf team led by the Turin dwarf prince Thorin Oakenshield.

Hearing that Morgan wanted to take the mission, Gandalf really wanted to introduce Morgan to Thorin Oakenshield.

After all, the journey to Lonely Mountain is far, arduous and dangerous, and it would be good to have a good bounty hunter.

But because the destination of this journey is Lonely Mountain, the former kingdom of the Turin dwarves.

To add members to the expedition, Gandalf had to obtain the consent of the dwarf prince Thorin Oakenshield first.

Originally, Gandalf wanted to meet Morgan and a group of dwarves first, and then see if he could find a way to persuade Thorin Oakenshield to let Morgan join the expedition team.

In this way, it may be possible to find a commission for the bounty hunter who has not been tasked for a long time.

But just now.

Gandalf suddenly felt that the Morgan in front of him was very good: when strangers met for the first time, he invited himself to eat roast bear meat. He talked humorously and had a bright and generous personality.

At the same time, he also felt that Morgan was very pitiful: as a bounty hunter, he was very powerful but became depressed because he had not received a commissioned mission for a long time, and even lost his way. He felt that Morgan's luck was bad.

Under the influence of two strong emotions, Gandalf felt that he should help the boy Morgan.

In this way, he made a promise to Morgan that he must find a commissioned task for Morgan.

Although it was not stated explicitly, this entrusted mission was actually to let Morgan join the expedition team.

Just as soon as the words of assurance to Morgan were uttered, Gandalf felt a tinge of discomfort in his heart.

Of course, regret is not enough.

But this kind of thing should have been discussed with Thorin Oakenshield first.

It's no small matter after all.

But the words were out of his mouth, and Gandalf did not want to break his word.

At most, it's time to help Morgan speak.

Besides, he also really thinks that it is a good thing to have a powerful bounty hunter in the expedition team.

Anyway, he does not need to pay commissions.

"Oh, Gandalf, are you kidding me?"

Morgan quickly regained his senses, looked up at the gray-robed wizard in front of him, and said.

"Of course, I never joke about serious business"

Gandalf took a breath, then slowly exhaled the smoke, shrugged and laughed.

"Well then, I have to... say you are very discerning, Gandalf!"

"I'm definitely one of the best bounty hunters in the world. You can't go wrong."

"It's a pity that I've run out of wine, otherwise I'll definitely treat you to a drink."

Morgan was happy to talk and fumbled around naturally.

Morgan's acting was great from start to finish, and he did run out of wine.

"It doesn't matter, it's not far from where we're going."

"We should be there tomorrow night, and it's not too late for you to invite me for a drink."

After taking the last puff of this bag of cigarettes, he exhaled smoke, knocked on the long cigarette rod and laughed.

"Of course, one cup is not enough"

The wish to initially participate in the plot has been fulfilled, Morgan said with a hearty smile.

Although Gandalf has not mentioned specifically what the entrusted task to him is.

But according to Morgan's observation of Gandalf, plus the understanding of the plot.

He guessed that Gandalf's trip should be the beginning of the first part of "The Hobbit Trilogy": "Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield led the dwarf expedition members, in the bag of Bilbo Baggins. Bottom hole collection."

This is also the beginning of the epic drama of the entire Middle-earth world.

The night was getting dark, and the two of them didn't talk any more. They closed their eyes and rested against the tree trunk behind them.

There are no ferocious monsters nearby, there is the smell of the huge corpse of the ferocious giant bear, and ordinary beasts do not dare to approach.

What's more, with the strength of Morgan and Gandalf, even if something wants to approach the night attack, they can react, and naturally there is no need for someone to watch the night.

Morgan did not know if Gandalf had fallen asleep, but he hadn't slept anyway.

Because the virtual panel of the Time Traveler system that appeared in Morgan's mind at this time was different from before meeting Gandalf.

[Time Traveler: Morgan]

[Race: Human]

[Biological level: first-order]

[Soul Power: 1]

[Attribute: Strength+; Constitution+; Agility+; Spirit+]

[Ability: Common Language; Muay Thai LV2; White Crow Swordsmanship LV1; Archery LV1]

[Talent: Intimacy (Special Skill)]

[Current world exploration progress: 0.1%]


At first glance, it seems that it is no different from the previous time when Morgan's bear's paw was scorched.

But if you look closely, you can find the column "Current World Exploration Progress" at the bottom of the virtual panel.

The exploration progress that was originally only "0.01%" has become "0.1%"!

From when the bear's paw was charred, ahem.

Morgan hasn't moved much since then.

In fact, from the time he passed through his soul to the time he killed the two guards and obtained the "Time Traveler System", the world exploration progress at that time was 0.01%.

Until now, half a month has passed.

Morgan rode for an unknown distance, but the world progress on the virtual panel was still 0.01%, and it never changed.

In just a few hours now, the world exploration progress has suddenly skyrocketed from 0.01% to 0.1%.

He could think of no other reason than meeting Gandalf.

This is also in line with the idea he had thought about before.

The world exploration progress on the virtual panel is closely related to the plot characters of Middle-earth.

If Morgan wants to increase his world exploration progress, he has to get involved.

This should be what the system requires.

And Morgan was more aware of the importance of the progress of world exploration.

This thing may be equivalent to the task given to him by the time traveler system.

As long as world exploration continues to increase, more information about the system will definitely be unlocked.

Having figured this out, Morgan stopped thinking about it.

He quickly turned his attention to the column of soul power.

Is it to strengthen and upgrade the four attributes?

Or to strengthen and upgrade the three ability skills?

Morgan was lost in thought.

Four attributes, this body is only twenty-one years old this year, and it is full of youthful vigor.

There is only a little soul power now, and strengthening the four attributes should not be too obvious to improve one's strength.

Gandalf has said that he will reach his destination tomorrow.

According to his idea, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow at the latest, he should be able to meet Thorin Oakenshield, the stubborn and proud dwarf prince.

The other party attaches great importance to this expedition, and it is not easy to join the expedition team.

Morgan knew the stubbornness of that person, and it would be very difficult to impress him if he couldn't show his strength by relying on Gandalf's recommendation alone.

Then, what I should strengthen now is the one that is the most obvious and most important to my strength improvement.

Thinking of this, Morgan immediately ruled out the idea of ​​strengthening the four attributes.

So focus on the ability column.

Muay Thai is a boxing method that he has practiced hard for more than ten years in his previous life, although its individual attack power and lethality are not bad.

But thinking of this fantastic and magical world, there are still enemies to face in the future.

Morgan looked away immediately.

White Crow swordsmanship, bowing and archery, these two are the abilities that this body is familiar with.

For the past half a month, Morgan has also mastered it proficiently.

These two abilities are what he wants to strengthen the most now.

The most obvious and most conspicuous enhancement in strength was to impress the dwarves of Thorin Oakenshield and his party.

Morgan's gaze stopped decisively on the skill "Archery LV1".

next second.

A pale white light flickered.

"Archery LV2"

"This enhancement consumes 1 point of soul power, is it enhanced?"

Looking at the virtual data prompt that popped up in front of him, Morgan clicked.

The pale white light flickered, and the soul power column quickly became zero.

"Archery LV2"

At the moment when the virtual data jumped in front of him, Morgan could clearly feel a heat flow being injected into his body.

At the same time, there is also a memory information about archery in his mind.

That's a bunch of information about shooting angles, arrow distances, and things to look out for when shooting arrows.

Quietly feel and comprehend this memory about archery.

Morgan only felt that his previous knowledge of archery was too shallow.

He now has a strong urge to pick up the bow and arrow and try it out.

But he opened his eyes and saw the darkness around him, and the wizard Gandalf, who was sleeping peacefully not far away.

Morgan forced the impulse down.

night till dawn.

Morgan opened his eyes when the eastern horizon was just dimly lit.

After a brief wash, Morgan and Gandalf ate another roasted bear for breakfast.

The corpse of the giant bear was huge, and even if the two of them ate two meals together, there were too many leftovers.

The giant bear corpse is a good thing, and Morgan can't give up.

It's just that the corpse is too big, and the two of them only have two horses in total, so it is impossible to transport the whole body.

So Morgan began to divide the dead bear, and Gandalf reached out to help.

It didn't take too long to disembowel the giant bear and divide the giant bear's meat.

When pieces of bloody giant bear meat were all hung on the backs of two horses.

The two set off.

According to what was said yesterday.

Morgan rode behind Gandalf, and they both walked quickly into the distance.

Gandalf was right.

Before the evening, the two of them rode on their horses and saw from afar that low-rise houses began to appear in the distance.

"It's Hobbiton ahead."

Seeing that the town was in front of him, Gandalf said that the speed of the horses under him had dropped significantly.

Riding wildly all day.

The ass has been spent in the dick and friction.

No one understands the pain better than Morgan.

Hearing Gandalf's words, Morgan heaved a sigh of relief and subconsciously controlled the horses under him to slow down.

The destination is not far away, so don't rush.

Gandalf had already taken out the long tobacco rod, and began to take out the cut tobacco from the tobacco bag, and rolled it into a small round and filled it on the tobacco rod.

"Huh, I can finally see a living person."

Morgan looked into the distance and let out a long sigh, hearing that the smoke that Gandalf had just inhaled into his lungs was immediately choked, and he coughed again and again.

"Cough cough."

"What does this kid mean, I'm not alive?"

"It wouldn't be a wrong choice to bring this kid to see Thorin."

Gandalf squinted sideways at Morgan, muttering in his heart.

"Of course, Gandalf, you don't count."

Seeing Gandalf's strange look, Morgan immediately said, "I'm not saying you're not human, you're certainly alive."

"I mean, Gandalf, you are a wizard"

Seeing that Morgan's explanation became more and more chaotic, Gandalf coughed lightly: "Cough."

"Shut up, I know what you mean"

"Let's go ahead and dispose of these bear meat as soon as possible."

"It's been exposed to the sun for a day, and if you wait any longer, the price will drop significantly."

Gandalf was smoking, and he spoke calmly, but he had already made up his mind to kill Morgan.

After last night and chatting all the way today, the relationship between the two is already very familiar.

They still understand each other's personalities, and they don't care if they are joking.

"you're right."

"However, I'm not familiar with this place. I'll have to trouble you Gandalf to deal with these bear meat."

Morgan opened his mouth to laugh, and then called Gandalf again.

In the memory plot, he learned that Gandalf was righteous, humorous and chatty, but also a little boring.

Now that I have come into contact with him, I do find that Gandalf is a similar character.

For this kind of character, being generous and frank is the best way to get along and get closer.

Morgan had already decided that, after processing the bear meat, he would definitely invite Gandalf to a feast and make sacrifices to his temple.

Before this period of time, he had almost lived a savage life in the wilderness.

Although I eat game every day.

But game without any other spice ingredients, except for a small amount of salt, never tastes good.

Because there are no other utensils, the practice is only the most basic roasted food.

After eating for a while, I felt like vomiting when I saw the barbecue.

Even the giant bear meat can only taste fresh.

Gandalf smoked undeniably.

The two of them rode briskly toward the town in front of them.

The sky was covered with clouds that evening.

The two rode into the town on horseback.

Soon, figures began to appear on the road ahead, very short figures.

Morgan knew very well that he should have come to what Gandalf called Hobbiton. Those short people were the aborigines here, the Hobbits, also called halflings.

On the lush green hillsides, on the hills, there are exquisitely shaped, bunker-like cabins inlaid with round door frames, scattered everywhere.

Low green hillsides, small fences, fences, flowers of various colors, bluestone roads, crystal clear rivers, busy little hobbits, and even smaller hobbits running barefoot in the hillside woods trail.

A peaceful, leisurely, relaxed and beautiful pastoral scenery.

Walking into this town, Morgan has a very good feeling, a feeling as if he is in a fairy tale world.

In his previous life, Morgan had personally been to New Zealand, where The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were filmed.

Although the "Hobbiton" scenery there is still beautiful, the taste of artificial carving is too strong.

But here, everything is so peaceful and natural.

"Maybe in the future, it's a good choice to come here to retire and settle down"

The sudden thought in his mind made Morgan chuckle and shake his head.

Although it is still very early for retirement, it also shows Morgan's yearning for the beautiful idyllic environment of Hobbiton.

"It's beautiful."

"I was just like you when I first came."

Watching Morgan keep looking left and right, Gandalf laughed leisurely, breathing out the smoke.

"Is this Hobbiton?"

"Surely beautiful"

Morgan watched for a while and said with emotion.

"Of course, the Hobbit's hometown is one of the most beautiful places in all of Middle-earth."

"I love these hardworking little guys."

After taking the last puff of cigarette in his mouth, Gandalf tapped the cigarette stick on his shoe, wiped it again, raised his head and continued:

"Let's go, don't even think about selling the giant bear meat while standing here."

"Come with me."

Gandalf said, pulling on the reins, turning his head and walking forward.

Morgan quickly followed.

after an hour.

Hobbiton, in the noisy Blackcurrant pub.

Morgan and Gandalf slammed together against the tall cask cups they were sitting at the wine table, holding up in their hands.



Two tall thick solid wood cups collided, and the cool and overflowing hops splashed.


The seductive cow-drinking sound continued for a while.


An extremely refreshing moan sounded.


Thick, large wooden wine glasses were placed heavily on the wine table.

Morgan let out a long sigh of relief: "It's cool!"

Although the Hobbit's malted beer is far less crafted than the beer of the previous life, the alcohol content is also much lower.

But because the material is pure wheat grain, and several kinds of fruits are added and fermented, it can be said to be ale wine or fruit wine.

The mouth is full-bodied with a hint of fruity aroma, and after being "iced" (soaked in cold flowing stream water and taken out).

It made Morgan, who had lived as a savage for more than half a month, drink it extraordinarily smooth.

"Not bad, the wine here is more flavorful than the wines in other places."

Gandalf wiped the wine stain from the beard around his mouth and laughed.

"Really good."

Morgan picked up a thick piece of smoked sausage from the plate in front of him and threw it into his mouth, chewing and opening his mouth.

He hasn't had time to taste the wines from other places.

The original owner had drank the wine from the Feiro Town Tavern in his memory, and the taste seemed to be even worse.

The Hobbit's beer, he also drank it as fruit wine.

After all, in such a world, the requirements cannot be too high.

"That's just one of the reasons I like it here."

"As long as you stay here a little longer, you'll find that you don't want to leave at all"

Gandalf sliced ​​the smoked fish on the plate in front of him with a knife and fork, stuffed it into his mouth, and said it was full of enjoyment.

"I think so too, but before that, I have to take on enough commissioned tasks and earn enough money."

"After all, I can't grow potatoes like The Hobbit"

Morgan nodded, agreeing with Gandalf.

But now he has no intention of living in Hobbiton.

It seems that he heard Morgan mention the meaning of entrustment, Gandalf put down the cutlery in his hand, picked up the wheat beer that had just been filled by the bartender, and took a gulp.

Then he smiled and said, "Don't worry, this commission I introduced will definitely make you earn a lot of money."

Morgan, who knew it well, immediately asked: "Gandalf, I want to ask, who is the employer you introduced to me?"

Gandalf kept moving the knife and fork in his hand, put a piece of smoked sausage in his mouth, and said casually: "A group of dwarves."

Morgan knowingly asked, "Dwarves?"

Gandalf nodded: "Yes, if you want to get this commission, you have to satisfy the dwarves."

Speaking of which, Gandalf seemed to feel a bit slapped in the face. After all, he had promised himself before, so he immediately continued: "But don't worry, with your strength, Morgan, there is absolutely no problem in being competent for this commission."

"Besides, what about me?"

Morgan nodded with a smile and raised his tall glass. "Of course I believe you, Gandalf, come."

When the two walked out of the Blackcurrant Tavern, it was already dark.

Drink from the afternoon until the evening, even if the hobbit brewed ale was low in alcohol.

The two were not drunk, but there was already a lot of alcohol on them.

Morgan looked at Gandalf. "Let's go now?"

Gandalf knew that the group of Turin dwarves who had made an appointment with him might have arrived, and perhaps they were now waiting for his notice.

But whether he was in this state at this time, it was obviously inappropriate to see Bilbo Baggins, whom he had not seen for many years, or Thorin Oakenshield and his party.

And today is a little too late in time.

After a little consideration, facing Morgan's gaze, Gandalf turned decisively and re-entered the Blackcurrant Tavern behind him.

Early the next morning.

Morgan finished washing up and stood in front of the poor glass mirror in the tavern room.

It was the first time he really saw his own body.

More than six feet tall, nearly one meter nine.

Tall and strong, with long black shawl hair tied into a ponytail, his face is thin and well-defined, with a pair of deep and charming blue eyes.

"Such a face value, such a high-quality appearance condition."

"It's no wonder that you can hook up so many lovers in Feiro Town, even including the former boss, the wife of the captain of the town guard in Feiro Town"

Looking at himself in the mirror, Morgan shook his head.

Compared with his previous life, such a figure is very different.

He looked ugly in his previous life, and could even be said to be vicious.

But as a senior underground boxer, he is still a little famous. He is not short of money, and naturally he is never short of women.

So, he doesn't care about his appearance.

Now that he has suddenly become a handsome guy with good physique and good looks, he is really uncomfortable.

To put it a bit pretentious, if possible, he would rather have the vicious face of his previous life.

Anyway, with strength, there will be no shortage of women anywhere.

But being handsome is also a new experience in life, and Morgan will work hard to adapt.

Without thinking too much, Morgan picked up the silk comfortable long-sleeved, brand-new leather breastplate that he had just bought yesterday, and began to wear the leg armor.

Yesterday's giant bear meat sold a total of three gold coins.

One standard gold coin in this world is approximately equal to twenty standard silver coins.

It cost ten silver coins to buy Gandalf a drink last night, plus the purchase of clothes, leather armor, arrows, and the room fee.

Morgan now has two silver coins left on his body.

Can be described as money like water.

Among them, ten silver coins were spent on food and drink, fifteen silver coins were spent on replenishing arrows in the quiver, and three silver coins were spent on new clothes and room charges.

The rest was spent on this new set of leather armor, a total of thirty silver coins.

Although the quality of leather armor seems to be very general.

Morgan knew the dangers of the journey from memory.

He originally wanted to buy a set of steel wire armor, but he gave up after only asking about the price.

As for the cross sword that he wanted to change before, he didn't even dare to ask.

Without him, it's too expensive.

The bodice features long silk sleeves and a yellow breastplate.

The lower body is tight-fitting, and the legs are also tied with yellow leg armor.

The black hair was tied into a ponytail, and the beard was shaved off with a short sword.

Finally, hang the long sword on the waist, the short sword on the calf, and the long bow and quiver on the back.

When Morgan finished tidying up and walked out of the room, it was as if he was a different person.

Coming to the tavern hall from the second floor, Gandalf looked at Morgan and nodded.

"Finally look like a bounty hunter."

"Let's go, we don't show up again, I'm afraid they will have to wait."

The two walked out of the Blackcurrant Tavern, took the reins from the attendant, and immediately got on their horses and walked quickly towards the distance.

At this time, the sky is hazy, and a red sun in the east is hidden under the horizon and will not appear.

The two of them rode quickly to the outside of Hobbiton.

After a while, I crossed two clear streams, several low hills and hills, and behind large tracts of green crops.

Another small, delicate, scattered bunker-like hut appeared in the sight of the two of them.

Morgan followed Gandalf, trotting forward with clear purpose.

It didn't take long for him to see a small, stocky hobbit sitting leisurely on a bench by the side of the road, smoking a cigarette.

Gandalf rode straight ahead to the smoking hobbit.

Morgan followed behind, and as the distance quickly drew closer, he finally saw the appearance of the short hobbit sitting on the roadside bench in front of him.

It is the protagonist of the film "The Hobbit" trilogy series: Bilbo Baggins.

Morgan was finally able to know exactly when he came to Middle-earth.

He had guessed right before, right before the start of The Hobbit.

It is also the beginning of all epic stories.

According to the development mode of the plot.

Gandalf's trip was to find that Bilbo Baggins who joined Thorin Oakenshield's dwarves' adventure team to execute Lonely Mountain and prepare to capture the heart of the mountain.

On Gandalf's suggestion, their party needed a Snitch.

Thorin Oak Shield has a great background in leading this group of dwarves.

They came from what was once the most powerful long-bearded clan of the seven dwarves in Middle-earth.

[Longbeard clan: considered by other dwarf tribes as a clan with sacred blood, the nobles among the dwarves, successively from Gundaba Mountain and Moria, they have the demeanor of kings, rich and traditional. ]

The Longbeard clan is the orthodox descendant of the Turin dwarves, also known as the Turin dwarves.

Thorin Oakenshield, headed by him, is the grandson of Thor and the son of Thorne, the king of the former Kingdom of Yamashita (Iruba Kingdom).

More than 60 years ago, the Yamashita Kingdom was attacked by the giant dragon Smaug from the north and was destroyed.

After the country was subjugated, the Turin dwarves had to escape from the Lonely Mountain and began to wander.

During this period, Thor, King of the Mountain, raised his mind to take back Moria, the old capital occupied by orcs.

After being dissuaded to no avail, Thor led the clansmen who survived from the Lonely Mountain to fight with the Orcs.

In the final battle of Moria, Thor, King of the Mountains, was killed by Azog the Defiler, the leader of the Orcs.

It was also in this battle that Thorin's grandson Thorin lost his shield and fought with a piece of oak to turn the tide, thus gaining the reputation of "oak shield".

Because of the heroism of this battle, Thorin Oakenshield was also recognized by other clansmen.

King Thor died in battle, and Thorne succeeded the King of the Mountain, but Thorne disappeared for other reasons.

The King of the Mountain was inherited by the living Thorin Oakenshield.

This is also the background before the plot of The Hobbit series begins.

Quickly skipping the Hobbit plot in his mind, Morgan followed Gandalf and quickly approached the bench where Bilbo was.

After dismounting, he followed Gandalf and stood silently outside the small fence, looking at Bilbo Baggins, who was still sitting leisurely on the bench, breathing out smoke rings with his eyes closed.

Passively woke up, Bilbo opened his eyes, and saw two strangers, an old man and a young man, standing outside the fence of his house, staring at him strangely.

Bilbo was a little uncomfortable by the two of them, and subconsciously said casually: "Good morning"

"What's the meaning?"

"Are you saying hello to me?"

"Or do you want to say whether I like it or not, this morning was fine?"

"Or did you want to say you were feeling good on this particular morning?"

"Or are you just saying, this is a morning worth living?"

Gandalf spoke fluently with his staff, which made Bilbo Baggins, who was holding the pipe, a little confused, and even more unnatural and uncomfortable.

But soon, he figured out whether it was in Hobbiton, or in front of his Bag End, which was his own territory.

So he immediately calmed down, shrugged his shoulders to make himself seem more relaxed, and said, "I think it's all."

Bilbo's voice fell, and Gandalf was silent again, just watching Bilbo without speaking as before.

Morgan stood by and said nothing, watching Gandalf and Bilbo quietly.

When the two of them, especially the tall old man in a gray robe, saw some hair, Bilbo couldn't sit still and hesitated and said, "Do you need my help?"

Gandalf finally spoke again: "Look and see."

"I'm looking for an adventure with me."

Gandalf looked at Bilbo and spoke quietly.

Bilbo was stunned for a moment, finally reacted, and immediately shook his head: "Adventure."

"No, I don't think anyone west of Bree would be interested in an adventure."

"That's disgusting, annoying, uncomfortable"

"And it will keep you late for dinner."

Realizing the unkindness of the two uninvited guests, Bilbo said and got up and began to step back.

When the round door of Bag End Cave was closed tightly from the inside.

Morgan finally spoke, looking at Gandalf: "What now?"

Gandalf did not speak, but only stepped over the low fence to the door of Bilbo's Bag End house, and gestured with his staff on the round wooden door.

The inconspicuous staff, which looked like dead wood, continued to emit light when writing on the gate, causing Morgan's eyes to widen.

It was the first time he had seen Gandalf cast a spell, and the first real magic in his life.

Gandalf drew a pattern that resembled a branching branch on Bilbo's gate. If you look closely, you will find that there are flashes of light on the pattern from time to time.

Because the mark is engraved on the corner of the gate, it is difficult to detect it if you don't look carefully.

Morgan stepped forward and asked knowingly, "This is you?"

"Let's go, someone will come to persuade him for us"

"We'll come back later."

Gandalf smiled mysteriously, and turned to the horses by the side of the road.

Morgan knew that, and naturally wouldn't ask more.

Soon Morgan rode away with Gandalf.

When the movement outside faded away, Bilbo, who was leaning closely behind the round gate, leaned over the small window beside the gate and began to look out.

Realizing that the two had just left, Bilbo opened the door again and walked out.

After looking left and right and found nothing out of the ordinary, Bilbo muttered, "It's really inexplicable."

He then went back to the house, closed the door, and began to hum a song to prepare for today's breakfast.

Even if someone interrupts, it will not affect his mood to eat delicious breakfast.

The day passed quickly.

It was dark and night fell.

Inside the small, warm Bag End, Bilbo was busy with his dinner.

Fry the smoked fish until golden on both sides, the sausages are grilled and fragrant, add two cheeses, and a glass of fruity red wine.

Bilbo looked at the delicious dinner in front of him with great satisfaction, just as he was about to enjoy it.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

"It's so late, who will come to visit?"

Bilbo was stunned for a moment, but soon got up and went to open the door.

Hobbits have always been very hospitable.

So did Bilbo Baggins, as long as he wasn't a morning guest.


Bilbo replied, walked briskly to the door, pulled the lock, and opened the door.

I saw a tall dwarf standing outside.

"Dwarin, at your service."

The dwarf bowed and saluted, looking very gentlemanly.

Bilbo was frightened by the dwarf's professional attitude, and immediately returned the salute: "Bilbo Baggins, wait for your orders."

And just like that, Bilbo's nightmare began.

When Morgan followed Gandalf back to Bilbo's Bag End again.

Before he got close, he could hear the roaring noise inside, and Bilbo's helpless roar.

"Is there a party in here?"

Standing in front of Bilbo's Bag End, Morgan, who was familiar with the plot, seemed to be able to think of Bilbo's anger, and asked with a chuckle in his heart.

"Perhaps, you know that dwarves like parties the most."

Gandalf touched his nose, replied, stepped forward, and rang the doorbell.

At this moment, Morgan noticed that Gandalf was marking the branches of the tree during the day, and was now emitting a faint light.

"Enough, I've had enough, I'll see how many dwarves there are, how many!!!"

Before the door opened, Morgan first heard Bilbo's angry growl inside the door.


The door was opened, and Bilbo was stunned when he looked at the two people outside the door.

He didn't know when he had stabbed the dwarves, thinking it would only be those rude, savage and smelly dwarves.

I didn't expect it to be the two I saw this morning.

Bilbo had already learned some news from the words of the dozen or so dwarves who had just arrived.

Seeing these two now makes him a little suspicious.

"Good evening, Bilbo!"

At this moment, Morgan, who was standing beside him, suddenly said hello.

"I'm Morgan, nice to meet you."

"We met during the day, do you remember?"

Faced with Morgan's smiling face, Bilbo was still very personable.

Of course, maybe it was just because they had seen the rudeness of the group of dwarves in the room. Against this background, these two were indeed more polite.

Bilbo smiled reluctantly: "Of course."

Go into the room.

Morgan finally met for the first time a dwarf he had only seen in film and television.

He was about the same height as a Hobbit, or even slightly taller.

But dwarves are far more prosperous than hobbits when it comes to hair.

This can be easily seen from the fact that the dwarves' hair is generally braided and the mouth is full of beards.


"Gandalf you have come at last."

"Good evening Gandalf."

The dwarves who saw Gandalf greeted him.

Morgan noticed that this group of dwarves of various shapes were constantly carrying food from Bilbo's pantry to the largest long table in the room.

Inside the small and delicate bag bottom hole, it was already a mess at this time.

The thick and beautiful carpet was also covered with dirty mud stains.

It was clearly the dwarves who did it, and it was no wonder Bilbo was so angry.

"Who is this?"

"who is this?"

After greeting Gandalf, the dwarves quickly noticed Morgan, and immediately some dwarves asked.

"This is my helper."

As soon as Gandalf opened his mouth, there was another knock on the door of the room.

Gandalf, who was near the door, turned and opened the door.

Morgan saw a tall, handsome and sturdy dwarf standing in the doorway, wearing a delicate chainmail inside and a luxurious fur trench coat.

"Gandalf, the place you speak of is not very easy to find."

"I got lost twice and couldn't have found it if it wasn't for the sign on the door."

The handsome and tall dwarf walked into Bag End Cave, and the other dwarves standing beside him immediately bowed their heads and saluted.

But Bilbo heard something wrong and immediately said, "Mark?"

"There is no marking on the door, I just painted it a week ago."


Gandalf answered: "I drew it this morning."

Gandalf said this, and Bilbo immediately responded.

No wonder these dwarves are not found by others, but all of them find their own homes. It turns out that Gandalf did it.

Bilbo looked at Gandalf angrily.

Gandalf immediately said, "Bilbo Baggins."

"And Morgan."

Then he gestured to Morgan beside him and continued: "Please allow me to introduce our head to you."

Gandalf said and looked at the tall and handsome dwarf: "Thorin Oakenshield."

When the words fell, Thorin Oakenshield stepped forward immediately, looked at Bilbo, the halfling who had been mentioned by Gandalf for a long time, and smiled: "So, are you the hobbit?"

"Mr Baggins, can you tell me what battles you've been in?"

"Sorry, I'm also wondering, what weapon do you prefer, an axe, a hammer, or a sword?"

Thorin Oakenshield looked at Bilbo and continued to speak, although in a joking tone, Morgan could hear the contempt in the other's words.

This Turin dwarf prince, who can now also be called the Turin dwarf king, has very vicious eyes, and it is easy to see that Bilbo should have no combat experience.

"This does not."

"However, I don't know what this has to do with me."

Although there were some guesses in his enthusiasm, Bilbo still didn't understand, and only spoke truthfully and solemnly.

"I also believe so"

"He's less of a snitch and more of a grocer."

Thorin Oakshield hugged his chest and laughed, and the dwarves beside him also laughed.

At this moment, Thorin Oakenshield walked up to Morgan and looked at Morgan in leather armor, with a long sword hanging from his waist and a longbow quiver on his back.

"This one looks like a warrior"

"But Gandalf, I remember you said that there seems to be only one Snitch in my party?"

Thorin Oakenshield looked at Gandalf as he spoke, his expression calm, but the meaning of his words was obviously dissatisfaction with Morgan's arrival.

Standing aside, Morgan also easily felt Thorin Oakenshield's contempt and arrogance.

Although this dwarf prince has a strong aura, he is the focus of everyone.

But as a master of black boxing who had been undefeated for two consecutive years, Morgan, who came to this world with the help of the system, was also extremely proud.

Being so despised by Thorin Oakenshield, Morgan was not a Bilbo who knew nothing.

Before Gandalf could speak, Morgan took the lead and said, "Introduce yourself, Morgan, Bounty Hunter."

The voice fell, and seeing everyone's eyes gathered, Morgan nodded slightly to the Thorin Oak Shield who was looking at him, showing respect.

After all, the other party has a noble status, and this time he is his own employer, so proper etiquette is still required.

After the salute, Morgan looked directly at Thorin Oakenshield and said rudely: "You can doubt my qualifications to stand here, but you can't doubt the strength of a bounty hunter!"

"This is an insult to me and all bounty hunters!"

"I'm going to fight you!"

Morgan looked directly at Thorin Oakenshield and spoke in a low voice.

Morgan's voice fell, and everyone in the room realized that things seemed to have suddenly become serious.

Bilbo Baggins knew nothing and knew nothing, and laughed at him.

But this man named Morgan.

At this time, everyone really paid attention to the Morgan brought by this Gandalf.

Honor cannot be insulted!

Not to mention the honor on behalf of the entire bounty hunter community.

Just like if someone insults a dwarf, the dwarves will fight each other desperately.

The same is true.

Thorin Oakenshield immediately realized his mistake, even though he didn't know what a bounty hunter was.

Thorin Oakenshield turned to look at Balin the Whitebeard, the oldest and most knowledgeable of the dwarves.

I saw Bahrain nodding, obviously the other party knew about the bounty hunter.

In the face of the angry, aggressive Morgan.

Thorin Oakshield couldn't back down, and he couldn't back down, so he said solemnly: "Okay, I accept your challenge!"

"Feel sorry!"

"I have no intention of insulting you, let alone the bounty hunter!"

"I accept your challenge!"

Realizing the mistake he had made, Thorin Oakshield was upright and immediately apologized.

But Morgan's challenge in front of him was also an insult to him.

Thorin Oakenshield has a noble status. If he refuses the opponent's challenge, he will lose the face of the entire Turin dwarf family.

There's no benefit to winning, because that's what it should be.

His status and bloodline status determined that he had to win.

But if you lose, it's even worse.

So whether Thorin Oakenshield wins or loses, Morgan's blatant challenge to him is an insult to him.

Although Morgan has good reason.

The voice of Thorin Oakenshield agreeing to the duel challenge fell, and the room immediately burst into commotion.

What is the identity of Thorin Oakenshield, what is the identity of Morgan.

Even if Morgan has enough reasons, although I don't know if the reason is made up by the other party.

But the noble identity and blood inheritance are the most important things in the whole Middle-earth world.

To challenge Thorin Oakenshield is to humiliate all the dwarves present.

"No, Sorin, you can't promise that human kid, let me come"

"Get out of the way, let me teach this kid Morgan a good lesson."

"No, let me come, I said first."

"Let me come, I just saw that the human boy was upset, that boy actually looks more handsome than me"

"Let me come, I think he can use arrows, and you can't use archery"

"What does challenge have to do with bows and arrows, I want that kid to taste my axe"


The dwarves talked a lot and were filled with righteous indignation.

Gandalf looked at Morgan with a strange expression, only to find that the kid was winking at him.

Only then did he realize that Morgan did it on purpose.

Also, this kid doesn't look like a reckless person.

He could not fail to understand the seriousness of challenging Thorin Oakenshield, unless he did not want the commission.

Of course, Morgan's violent reaction just now made Gandalf feel a little nervous.

Because what Thorin Oakenshield said just now really looked down on Morgan, and Morgan's honor statement was very similar to that.

Knowing that it is impossible to challenge Thorin Oakenshield, it is always possible to challenge other dwarves.

Gandalf soon realized what Morgan really meant.

Yes, spare Thorin Oakenshield and challenge the other dwarves.

As long as he can win, this will not only win back respect, but also prove Morgan's strength.

With a few more words from myself, Thorin Oakenshield, who is very serious about this expedition adventure, will never refuse a bounty hunter like Morgan to join.

Just kill two birds with one stone.

Thinking of this, Gandalf came out at once and said, "I think so."

After some expensive discussions.

Morgan's challenge was successfully transferred from the Thorin Oakshield to the young dwarf Kili.

Because the adventure is about to take place soon, no matter whether they win or lose, it is not good for whoever gets hurt in the duel between the two.

Then it was because Morgan said that he was good at bow and arrow, and among all the dwarves in the room, the young dwarf Kili had the best bow and archery skills.

This can be seen from the longbow and quiver carried by the opponent.

Using the method of archery to prove who is stronger, simple and healthy, is naturally accepted by everyone.

Now that the decision has been made, the competition will begin immediately.

Bilbo's pocket hole was so small that Morgan would have to bow while standing, and he would certainly not be able to compete.

Soon, the group moved to the outside of Bag End Cave.

There are too few entertainments in this world, even less at night.

It is rare to see such a lively contest between the two archers Morgan and Kili.

A group of dwarves looked more noisy than the two parties involved.

Because Morgan's challenge has become Kili.

The anger of a group of dwarves against Morgan naturally changed as Morgan's challenge goal changed.

After all, their dwarven king Thorin Oakenshield was the first to disrespect.

Morgan was willing to let it go and not care about it. Although the dwarves weren't so grateful, they certainly didn't have any anger and grudges.

Dwarves are grumpy, and this character also means that they are straightforward, as long as they don't offend them, they are still willing to reason.

The challenge turned into hilarity.

A group of dwarves who are very good at making fun of things naturally have an attitude of joining in the fun.

Soon, a bet was made on who would win between Morgan and Kili.

Because the dwarves had a better understanding of Kili's strength, the majority of those who won the battle quickly became the majority.

But Morgan's temperament is extraordinary, and coupled with the very rare bounty hunter in Middle-earth, they have just heard the story of the bounty hunter briefly told by the white-bearded dwarf Balin.

Several dwarves could not help but have some confidence in Morgan, and they pressed on Morgan.

When the dwarves asked about Gandalf, Gandalf cheerfully took out a bag of money and laid it on Morgan almost without thinking.

Morgan was brought by him, and he must believe in Morgan.

What's more, the giant violent bear that Morgan killed a day ago has already demonstrated Morgan's strength.

Gandalf must have beaten Morgan.

Except for Thorin Oakenshield, who was present did not join in the fun and press a fortune.

Even Bilbo Baggins, who was really watching the fun from beginning to end, was instigated by the dwarves and pressed, and he was also pressing Morgan.

After the betting was over, Morgan and Kili began to discuss how to compete.

Kili was a handsome young dwarf who, like Morgan, had black hair.

It's just that Kili's black hair is in a mess, and Morgan is tied into a ponytail.

The two of them each said a test method, but obviously they were not good.

At this moment, the sound of birds suddenly came from the woods in the distance.

Morgan's eyes lit up, he had an idea, and he immediately said, "Let's shoot birds?"

After hearing this, Kili immediately looked at the dark woods, and after secretly weighing his grasp, he nodded in agreement: "I agree, then shoot the bird!"

The two parties decided on the test method, and the dwarves began to look forward to it.

Morgan and Kili didn't say who came first, and took out bows and arrows from their backs and arrows from their quivers.

Because the bow and arrow and arrow tail feathers on both sides are different, the arrows fired at that time will be easy to identify.

Although it was night.

But there were a lot of stars twinkling in the sky, and the sky was hazy and barely visible.

The two held their bows and arrows, looking into the distance calmly.

The group of dwarves behind them did not dare to speak loudly at this time, for fear of affecting the two of them.

The distance between Morgan and Kili is not too far.

It was in the wild at this time, and the surroundings were quiet. When the two of them held their breaths, they could almost hear each other's breathing.

Since it was a competition, neither of them dared to be careless.

When the breathing started to slow down, a sudden bird chirping came again from the woods ahead.

Kili's eyes lit up with a calm face, and the long-awaited arrow in his hand shot out with a swift "whoosh".

In the next second, a shrill bird chirping was heard.

Kili looked happy, and then a happy voice came from behind: "Shot!"

But also know that Morgan did not shoot, the voice quickly disappeared.

Morgan's face was calm, and the news of Kili's shooting couldn't distract him at all. Knowing how loud the shouting and scolding in the underground boxing ring in his previous life was, he could remain absolutely focused.

Especially now.

Slightly narrowed eyes scanned the woods ahead carefully.

The LV2 level of archery makes Morgan's knowledge of bows, arrows, and archery far better than the average archer.

You must know that he has practiced Muay Thai for more than 20 years in his previous life, and there is only LV2 in the system.

From here, we can see how strong the empowerment test of the Time Traveler system is.

At this moment, a dark shadow suddenly flew out of the dark woods.

"It's now!"

Morgan's gaze followed quickly like an eagle, the bow and arrow in his hand suddenly pulled to the maximum arc, and his fingers twitched.


The arrow made a whistling sound of breaking through the air and shot straight ahead!


The arrows shot swiftly towards the woods ahead.

At the moment when his fingers loosened and the arrow was fired, Morgan suddenly had a very strong premonition.

"This arrow will hit!"

This is not Morgan's blind metaphysical premonition, but the ability brought by LV2 level archery.

There is a sense of control over every arrow you shoot.

This is the ability that every archer who has reached LV2 level archery can naturally master.

Morgan could just clearly feel the moment when he shot the arrow.

The dwarf Kili, who was not far away, was obviously short of breath.

To say that among the people present, the most nervous should be Morgan himself.

But as a competitive player in his previous life, Morgan, who had been baptized in various big scenes, didn't know what it was like to be nervous. When he got to the competition field, he was more motivated to fight and more focused.

Morgan was not nervous, but naturally it was the turn of the young dwarf Kili.

Just like in the previous life, no matter what the game was, no matter how good the pre-match slogan was, what friendship came first and the second match, you actually knew what was going on.

As long as they can win, who cares about friendship.

As long as it's a competition, there's nothing you don't want to win.

They were all men, and there were so many people present.

In front of Thorin Oakenshield, the "uncle" of the Dwarf King, and a group of dwarven brothers.

In terms of bow and arrow, which he is best at, Kili is naturally unwilling to lose to this human Morgan.

The same is true for Morgan, and this test is a great opportunity to show his strength.

It is not only related to his own dignity, but also related to whether he can successfully join the expedition team.

"I gonna go see."

Morgan shoots the arrow, which means the test is over, and now it's up to the outcome.

Among the dwarves behind them, the dwarves who were eager to know the result immediately ran to the woods not far away.

It didn't take long for the two of them to walk back quickly with an arrow each.

Both arrows hit the bird, a hapless bird the size of a human slap in pitch black.

Only an arrow hit a bird.

The other arrow hit two!

The arrow of this arrow was so powerful that it shot through the bodies of both birds, just like hanging skewers on a barbecue.

"I'm coming."

"Who wins and who loses?"

"Will Kili win or Morgan win?"

"Both were shot."

"Wow, who is this, and shot two birds with one arrow?"

As soon as the two bird-picking dwarves came back, the dwarves who were watching the fun immediately greeted them and started talking.

"Get out of the way, you still need to compare the arrows to know who wins and who loses."

The dwarf carrying the bird came over, and Morgan and Kili walked over immediately.

At this time, everyone gathered around.

Including Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield, who has always looked cold.

Bilbo followed outside and kept looking.

Although the length of the arrow and the arrow are not too different.

But Morgan used bows and arrows forged by humans, while Kili used bows and arrows forged by the dwarves.

There are definitely differences.

In fact, in the eyes of Morgan and Kili, the two archers can almost recognize the arrows they use at a glance.

It's a simple observation.

But other people who can't use bows and arrows naturally don't understand.

In order to make everyone more clear at a glance, this needs to be compared.

When two arrows strung with birds were placed in front of the two parties.

With just one glance, Morgan recognized that the arrow that killed two birds with one stone belonged to him, and he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He used a little caution in the competition before.

With the bow and arrow skills of the two, shooting a bird in such an environment is actually nothing.

The higher the archery attainment, the more the competition is not just the simple archery ability, but more patience.

Morgan's trick was that he let the dwarf Kili take the first shot.

The moment you hit a bird is bound to startle other birds flying around.

This will give him the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Only then can he win the match with an undisputed result.

Otherwise, both of them only hit one bird, so how would you win or lose.

Of course, the premise of this is that Morgan must have sufficient bow and arrow skills and the strength to kill two birds with one stone.

It's not that the blind cat meets the dead mouse, it's just luck.

"I lost"

"Don't look at it, this one is mine."

Looking at the two arrows, before taking out the arrows from his body for comparison, the dwarf Kili pointed at the arrow that hit a bird, and said very simply.

Morgan could recognize his arrows, and so could Kili.

As mentioned earlier, the vast majority of dwarves are stubborn, paranoid stubborn.

But equally crisp, forthright, and straightforward.

Win is win, lose is lose!

He Kili was not a dwarf who could not afford to lose.

"Morgan's archery is indeed better than mine."

Kili looked at Morgan and smiled. Although he was a little reluctant, he still admitted that he had lost, and he was very generous.

"Just luck"

"You know, that arrow of yours scared away all the birds in the woods."


Morgan was more straightforward, not only humbly admitting that it was luck, but also stating the reasons.

Such a big step was handed to Kili, and it was difficult for Kili to have any opinion on him.

Sure enough, when Morgan's voice fell, Kili smiled immediately, and the depressed look on his face was obviously relieved.

"Morgan, you don't have to comfort me. In such a night environment, it's not just a matter of luck."

"I hope to have the opportunity to compete again in the future."

Kili shook his head and spoke with a shy smile on his face.

After all, for the young and inexperienced dwarf Kili, it was a little embarrassing to ask a human who had not known each other for half a day about bowing.

"There's definitely a chance."

"We're friends aren't we?"

Brother Morgan patted Kili's shoulder and laughed.

Not to mention that Morgan was enjoying Kili's touts.

The two sides of the bet are divided.

The dwarves who gathered to gamble quickly cheered and wailed.

Press Morgan to win and laugh.

Did pressure Kili win sell batches?

Dwarves have always been straight.

Morgan and Kili won the competition neatly and neatly, without the slightest bit of arrogance after winning.

It's hard to make other people hate it.

It is Thorin Oakenshield, looking at the energetic Kili who can still talk to Morgan after losing to Morgan.

I also have to admit that Morgan is a really good human being.

He attached great importance to this expedition to Lonely Mountain, and was almost desperate.

For a strong guy like Morgan, he naturally hopes the more the better.

Of course, this has a premise that the team must be under his control.

Since the misunderstanding has been eliminated.

That's when you need to come forward.

Thinking of this, Thorin Oak Shield stepped forward, looked at Morgan and said with a smile:

"The misunderstanding just now was my negligence."

"Now, I want to formally invite you to join my team. I wonder if you can give me such a chance, Morgan?"

Look at Thorin Oakshield with a sincere face.

Morgan suddenly felt that he had learned something new about the dwarf king.

"Of course, it is my pleasure, Your Highness."

Morgan stroked his chest with one hand and bowed slightly in respect.

Thorin Oak Shield was very satisfied with Morgan's response. He raised Morgan with both hands and said with a hearty smile, "Welcome to the team!"

Watch as Morgan is personally invited by Thorin Oakenshield to join the expedition.

Gandalf breathed a sigh of relief.

He was watching Morgan step by step from being despised by Thorin Oakenshield almost all the way.

And then to angrily rebuke Thorin Oakenshield and threatened to challenge him.

Then sell face to the other party and change the challenge object.

In the end, he easily defeated the dwarf Kili, and not only made Thorin Oakenshield personally apologize, but also personally invited Morgan to join the team.

In the eyes of the dwarves and himself, he showed his strength well.

After such an operation, Morgan's position in the team will never be lower than that of the dwarves.

In the future team, no one can underestimate him or dare to underestimate him.

You must know that due to character reasons, the dwarves value strength more than any other race.

Before, I just thought that this kid Morgan is very strong.

I didn't expect this kid's brain to be so useful.

You must know that from beginning to end, apart from being hinted by Morgan to make peace in the middle, he hardly said anything.

This is much better than what I told Morgan earlier, joining the team on his recommendation.

Morgan's exceptional performance made Gandalf think of Bilbo.

I also want to recommend joining the team.

Recalling the attitude of Thorin Oakenshield and the dwarves to Bilbo.

Gandalf was a little disturbed.

But with him around, Bilbo is sure to join the team.

It's just that before that, the little guy has to agree to it.

Thinking of this, Gandalf took out the cigarette stick again.

Back in Bilbo's Bag End.

The dwarves have not completely recovered from the competition just now, and they are still in high spirits.

Even Bilbo, who had always been depressed and unhappy, had just won money and was infected by the lively atmosphere. At this time, his mood was much better.

The just unfinished party continues.

Watching a large amount of various foods and drinks be moved out of the food storage room.

Bilbo was gritting his teeth and comforting himself: "Since it's inevitable, it's better to be generous and show the hospitality of the Hobbits."

Thinking of this, Bilbo's bleeding heart seemed to feel a little more comfortable.

Soon, the long long table used for the banquet was filled with all kinds of food.

Looking at the smoked fish, bacon, smoked sausage, smoked ham, cheese, white bread, dried tomatoes, dried persimmons, dried mushrooms and more than a dozen kinds of dazzling foods.

There are also several types of wine, such as red wine and fruit wine.

Morgan finally got some idea about the Hobbit, no, Bilbo's family.

This is not a food reserve that the average family can have.

The predatory carrying of the dwarves quickly filled the entire table.

A group of dwarves took their seats, and Morgan sat beside Gandalf.

The dwarves don't pay much attention to the dinner, and they start to eat when they sit down.

Morgan is also welcome. In this world, there is no such thing as losing weight.

Most people can eat a few meals a day to be full.

Morgan has a lot of plot memories in his mind, and he knows that there will be many hard days on the expedition.

If you don't eat at this time, when are you going to eat?

Smoked fish, bacon, prosciutto, smoked sausage, cheese, and morgan munching on a variety of high-calorie foods.

Fruit wine and wine are also available.

Not to mention, these smoked meats have a different flavor.

Morgan thought he could eat it for a long time anyway.

Although Morgan was drinking and eating meat, he was much better than the dwarves when it came to eating.

When the dwarves eat, they not only sing loudly, but also dance at the dinner table.

At this time, at the dining table, a young dwarf who was about the same age as the dwarf Kili, but slightly shorter than Kili, with blond hair and a few small braids, was twisting his butt in the middle of the long table.

The surrounding dwarves were waving knives and forks, beating the tableware and making various noises, laughing and shouting in cooperation.

Fortunately, Morgan had just eaten a big meal to fill his stomach, and at this time he really didn't want to continue eating.

So, holding a tall wooden barrel cup filled with fruit wine, he sat on the bench like Gandalf and watched the excited performances of the dwarves.

"It's interesting."

"As long as you get acquainted with them, you will like them."

Gandalf raised his glass and touched Morgan, and laughed.

"Although it was a bit noisy, it was really good."

"I think as long as I'm with them, I'll never be bored."

Morgan took a sip of fruit wine and nodded.

"Looks like you're starting to get acquainted with them"

Listening to Morgan's words, Gandalf turned his head to look at Morgan with some surprise and smiled.

Morgan raised his glass and met Gandalf again, and continued: "Tell me about the team. I only heard you mention it, but I don't know anything about the commission. This is not good for my next work."

"I can't explain this for a while."

"Wait a minute, you'll know in a while."

Gandalf shook his head and motioned Morgan to continue watching the dwarves.

The meal lasted quite a while.

When the meal was over and the table was cleaned up, it was already late at night and early in the morning.

Watching the dwarves sitting around the long table, Morgan knew the show was coming.

"Any news of the Eridron meeting?"

"Have they all arrived?"

The first to speak was Balin, a dwarf with all white hair and beard.

Thorin Oakenshield nodded: "Yes, there are envoys coming from the seven kingdoms."

Dwarin, a dwarf whose status is comparable to Balin, immediately said, "What did the dwarves of the Iron Hills say?"

"Will Dan be with us?"

Thorin Oakenshield shook his head: "They won't come, they say it's our adventure, just ours."

The voice fell, and all the dwarves fell silent.

At this moment Gandalf stood up, gathered the candles on the table, and took out a yellowed parchment.

Spreading out the parchment scroll, there are clearly drawn mountain peaks, rivers, forest wasteland, and it is a map.

"In the far east, over mountains and rivers, through forests and wastelands, lies a mountain: the Lonely Mountain."

"Yes, Quillin saw the omen, and the omen said the time had come."

"When the dodo flies to the Lonely Mountain, as in the prophecy."

"When the birds of yore fly to Iruba again, the reign of the monster will end."

Sentence after sentence, the dwarves obviously knew this prophecy.

"Monster? What monster?"

Bilbo on the side was attracted and suddenly asked.

"The dragon, the fire-breathing dragon Smaug, the most ferocious and terrifying disaster of that era!"

"I'm not afraid of it, I want it to taste like a dwarf iron rod"

"Don't think about it, it's too difficult, even with the support of the military, and we only have a dozen people, not the best and brightest."

"Hey, what do you mean. Who are you calling stupid?"

"We are not stupid"

"We have bounty hunters now, and Gandalf the wizard."

"Gandalf killed hundreds of dragons"

"Uh, no, wait, I, I don't want to say"

"How many?"


"How many dragons have you killed, Gandalf?"

"cough cough"

"We're not big enough"

"But we are all fighters, we will never back down and swear to the death!"

"Yes, we will never fear dragons"

The dwarves were talking about each other, and their opinions were basically divided into two types.

The young dwarves, such as the dwarf Kili Filioli, are impulsive and seem to have no fear of anything.

The older ones, mainly Bahrain, who had experienced the tragic situation of the giant dragon Smaug attacking the old capital of Iruba were much more rational and cautious.

"Knowing that you are invincible, but going up is not heroic, it is stupid!"

"Hey, who are you calling stupid?"

"I am talking about you!"