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Join me on this journey full of excitement and memorable moments, from traveling with Gandalf, facing the perilous paths of Middle-earth, forging alliances with noble races, and ultimately standing against the fearsome Nazgûl of Sauron in the heart of Minas Tirith. Together, let us write our own saga, where courage and camaraderie shall prevail in the face of darkness. English is not my first language. This work is inspired by the novel 'Star with the Lord of the Rings' by the author Shen Hai Lao Mao. I didn't like how the original author led the novel to ruin, so I decided to improve it and make it readable. All rights to the creator of the image, if you see this and want me to remove the cover photo, feel free to let me know. patreon.com/Mrnevercry

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Chapter 8: The meeting is approaching

[In the tavern]

"Cheers/Cheers, haha!"

Murmurs and merry laughter echoed through the tavern. Gandalf, Aldril and the hobbits enjoyed their drinks. Wooden mugs clinked enthusiastically, some so loudly that ale splashed, staining the arms and clothes of those who toasted.

"Glu, glu." The comforting sound of deep gulps was not long in coming, momentarily leaving the tavern silent as Aldril, Gandalf and the hobbits enjoyed a large gulp of their drinks.

"Ahh." With a synchronized motion, they all lowered their jars and let out a groan of satisfaction that echoed throughout the tavern.

Gently placing his jar on the table, Aldril exhaled a long sigh of satisfaction. "Hands down the best orange juice I've ever tasted in my entire life." It was such a delicious and refreshing drink that it made a fool of all the other juices he had tasted in the various towns he had passed through.

The hobbit crafting of orange juice was very different from what Aldril was used to.

While he was used to just a few oranges being squeezed, the hobbits' way of preparation was different, as the orange content they used to prepare the drink was significantly less.

Because fresh oranges were used as the main ingredient and several varieties of fruit were added to intensify its flavor and aroma, it was not necessary that only the orange was squeezed.

The prepared orange juice was "cooled" by the process of soaking in cold river water. Thanks to this, the juice reached the maximum of freshness and flavor.

With each sip, the flavor became even more vibrant, providing an explosion of freshness that delighted the palate and left a sense of satisfaction with each sip. It was a true delight, a showcase of the hobbits' master craftsmanship in the art of brewing.

After living like a savage for more than half a month, Aldril missed a good glass of fresh orange juice.

"Tavern keeper! Another jar of orange juice, please!" cried Aldril, as the tavern keeper cheerfully replied.

"On my way!"

Hearing Aldril again ask for another glass of orange juice, Gandalf wiped the beer stains from his beard and spoke up laughing. "Ha ha! Apparently you liked his orange juice too much for you to have ordered a fourth drink."

"It's too good, you should understand me Gandalf, it's the first time I've drunk such delicious juice," Aldril said as he took a piece of smoked sausage and popped it into his mouth.

In the memories of the original Aldril he remembered always drinking orange juice in the morning in the village of Lindora and now in comparison to the hobbit juice, the Lindora juice was too sour and had no freshness at all.

Now Aldril had a goal in Middle-earth, he needed to taste all the fruit juices this land could offer him, he longed to know what a good juice from the elves' domain would taste like.

"Ha ha! The good drinks the hobbits make are one of the reasons I love coming here. As long as you stay here for a while, you'll find that the atmosphere and the food are so good that you won't want to leave here," Gandalf said as he used a knife and fork to split a piece of smoked meat.

"And I don't doubt it, as I'm getting charmed by the good atmosphere, but before I think about staying here I have to take enough commissions and make enough money to be able to live a quiet life here," Aldril said, agreeing with Gandalf.

"Although I could do commissions for the hobbits, but I doubt they need an adventurer like me," he said to himself. For the moment, he had no intention of staying in Hobbiton forever, he wanted to adventure throughout Middle-earth first.

Listening to Aldril talk about commissions, Gandalf put down the cutlery in his hand, picked up the ale that the waiter had just refilled and took a long sip. Then he smiled and said, "Don't worry, the commission I will definitely recommend you for will bring you much riches."

Aldril knew what Gandalf was referring to, but he still asked, "Gandalf, I would like to ask, who is it that needs the help of an adventurer like me?"

Gandalf kept moving the knife and fork in his hands, popped a piece of smoked sausage into his mouth and said casually, "They are a group of dwarves."

Aldril asked with complicity and a bright look, "Dwarves?".

Gandalf nodded, "Yes, if you want this commission, you have to earn the recognition of the leader of the dwarf group."

With a bright look, Gandalf looked at Aldril "But don't worry too much, you are recommended by me, you just need to show bravery and be patient, dwarves are usually very stubborn".

Aldril nodded with an exciting smile and lifted his mug to take a big gulp "In that case, I'll have to do my best not to make you look bad" Nodding towards Aldril, Gandalf continued to enjoy his drink.


As the two left the tavern, they saw that the streets were deserted, it was possibly early morning and the hobbits were already Sleeping.

Looking at Gandalf who reeked of alcohol, Aldril smiled "So are we going to join the dwarves?"

Listening to Aldril, Gandalf paused for a moment, he had arranged a meeting with the dwarves of Turin, he had even come to think that the dwarves had already arrived in hobbiton and were just waiting to see the signage for the place where they would meet.

But now that he could see their somewhat drunken state, Gandalf knew that he was in no fit condition to meet Bilbo Baggins and Thorin, besides the fact that it was already early morning.

After thinking for a few minutes, Gandalf turned around and went back to the tavern "Come, let us go to the tavern, there we can sleep, early tomorrow morning we will head for the meeting place."


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