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Join me on this journey full of excitement and memorable moments, from traveling with Gandalf, facing the perilous paths of Middle-earth, forging alliances with noble races, and ultimately standing against the fearsome Nazgûl of Sauron in the heart of Minas Tirith. Together, let us write our own saga, where courage and camaraderie shall prevail in the face of darkness. English is not my mother tongue. This work is inspired by the novel “Star with the Lord of the Rings” by author Shen Hai Lao Mao. I wanted to make my own fic but I didn't know where to start, so I took the Chinese fic as inspiration. All rights to the creator of the image, if you see this and want me to remove the cover photo, feel free to let me know. patreon.com/Mrnevercry

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Chapter 6: Ancalagon the black

[General POV]

"Ancalagon the black? I've never heard of him," Aldril said as he pondered the name of that dragon.

He liked The Lord of the Rings, but he hadn't read all the books, hence his bewilderment at not knowing anything about Ancalagon.

Looking at Aldril's bewilderment, Gandalf chuckled a little. "In that case, let me tell you about the redoubtable Ancalagon the Black," he said with a spark of excitement in his eyes.

"Ancalagon was one of the mightiest and most terrible dragons that ever took to the skies of Middle-earth," Gandalf began "He was the leader of the winged dragons, known as the Urulóki, and his power was feared by the elves and men of that time."

Aldril listened intently, his face excited and curious at Gandalf's tale "It is said that Ancalagon took part in the famous Battle of the Plains of Anfauglith during the First Age, fighting on the side of Morgoth, the Dark Lord. It was in this battle that Ancalagon and his brothers, the dragons, wrought chaos and destruction."

Gandalf paused as he took a drink of water. "But the most impressive thing about Ancalagon was his mammoth size. It is said that he was so large that he could darken the sky with his outstretched wings. His roar was like the roar of thunder, and his scorching breath could melt even Mithril said to be the strongest metal in all of Middle-earth."

Aldril was completely engrossed in the story, amazed at the information he was receiving, he did not doubt the veracity of the story since Gandalf is the one who was telling it.

"That is fascinating, such a dragon, who could slay such a beast of such caliber Gandalf?"

Gandalf's smile widened at Aldril's curious question. "Do you not doubt that what I am telling you is just a tale?" he said as he turned to look at him with a hint of mischief in his gaze.

"A wizard never lies, Gandalf, so I don't think it's just a tale," Aldril replied. "Then who killed Ancalagon the Black?" he asked with an expectant look.

Laughing a little Gandalf nodded, appreciating Aldril's confidence in his word, after a few seconds of silence, Gandalf replied "It was Eärendil."

Aldril's curiosity was piqued at the name "Eärendil? Who is he?" he asked, his mind flooded with fragmented memories of the original Aldril at the mention of Eärendil.

He had heard that name once when he was a child ("You are destined to be just as great as Eärendil") Said the Old Woman who cared for him when he was a boy, though he played it down at the time, as he did not know who the Old Woman was talking about.

Now that Gandalf had mentioned that name again a suspicion began to form in his mind "could it be that the original Aldril was no ordinary peasant?"

Oblivious to Aldril's thoughts, Gandalf replied "Eärendil, the navigator, bearer of the Evening Star, faced the dread Ancalagon in a battle that echoed across the skies and through the annals of history. With courage and determination, Eärendil defeated Ancalagon, freeing Middle-earth from the yoke of darkness."

Astonished at the new information, Aldril asked expectantly, "Was he an elf or a man? And what happened to him after he won?"

Turning to see him, Gandalf gave him a mocking look "haha you have a lot of questions Are you very interested in him aren't you?"

With a nervous smile, Aldril looked down in embarrassment "I'm a little excited by the story" He admitted frankly "Besides the old woman who took care of me as a child once mentioned that I would be as big as Eärendil, so I'm a little curious."

Gandalf nodded with a smile and a twinkle in his eye "The words of elders often carry significant weight with them, who knows maybe you are destined to be equal or better than him?" Gandalf said as he gave him an expectant smile.

"And to satiate your curiosity, Eärendil was descended from Men and Elves, a half Elf in short, his legacy still lives on through his son Elrond lord of Rivendell."

[Aldril POV]

I nodded with a smile, I absorbed every word of what Gandalf said "This is so wonderful to know, now I regret not reading the books" many thoughts ran through my mind at the new knowledge I gained from Gandalf.

My thoughts were interrupted by Gandalf's cheerful voice. "Look, we have arrived in the shire!" he announced excitedly, pointing ahead with a broad grin on his face.

He looked up and my eyes lit up as I took in the view stretching out before me, a tranquil landscape that gave a welcoming feeling, rolling hills covered in green meadows, small houses were visible in the distance, smoke billowing from their chimneys.

A sense of anticipation rose within me "My journey begins here" I murmured as we rode at a slow pace "So where do we have to go Gandalf?" I asked, as my backside was a little sore from the poor condition of the saddle and I was looking forward to reaching our destination so I could rest a little.

"To Hobbiton village, it's not too far " With that said, we both rode into the shire.


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