Transmigrate to the world of The Lord of the Rings?

Join me on this journey full of excitement and memorable moments, from traveling with Gandalf, facing the perilous paths of Middle-earth, forging alliances with noble races, and ultimately standing against the fearsome Nazgûl of Sauron in the heart of Minas Tirith. Together, let us write our own saga, where courage and camaraderie shall prevail in the face of darkness. English is not my first language. This work is inspired by the novel 'Star with the Lord of the Rings' by the author Shen Hai Lao Mao. I didn't like how the original author led the novel to ruin, so I decided to improve it and make it readable. All rights to the creator of the image, if you see this and want me to remove the cover photo, feel free to let me know. patreon.com/Mrnevercry

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Chapter 5: My horse what?

[General POV]

With hands trembling with excitement, Aldril slid the new sword from its sheath. 


The morning sunlight reflected a silvery glow on the blade of the sword that seemed almost unearthly.

"How beautiful!" he exclaimed, marveling at the beauty and quality of the weapon. "The series does not do credit to such a sword and to think that every witcher counted on one" I wouldn't lie to say that I was both amazed and intrigued.

"How is it that the sword was able to get here, was it because of that dream?"

"that dream was influenced by the system or something else, but for the moment I won't think about that, now I will make the most of this new addition to my arsenal." 

Deftly swinging the sword, he felt his weight and balance "Perfectly balanced" His trance was interrupted by the sound of a yawn.

"Yaaawn" As he slowly stood up, Gandalf stretched his body and looked at Aldril who was swinging his sword "Practicing in the morning?" he asked him.

"That's right, I always try to stay in shape" With a smile Aldril replied as he took the sheath and put the sword away "I will wash my face and after that we can have breakfast". 

"Alright, I'll light the fire and put on a couple of meats" Gandalf said, Then he picked up his cane and recited a chant under his breath

"Fzzt" a small spark flew out of the staff and lit the campfire.

"How convenient magic is" Aldril muttered, turning around and approaching his makeshift backpack, pulling from it a canteen and a peculiar plant that has blue leaves resembling the shape of a fan.

The plant he picked up has the ability to generate foam and leaves a pleasant smell, it is a natural soap in a nutshell.

While traveling he found this plant, finding its resemblance to the Xiuhamolli plant (Green Soap in Nahuatl) used by the Aztecs for bathing, taking a few, he experimented with them and was surprised to find that they also lathered and left a pleasant smell.

Since that day he has used these plants to bathe or wash his face.


"If I am going to undertake the journey with Thorin's group of dwarves I will have to measure the times I bathe, I should not waste water on long journeys" Aldril said to himself while he carved his face and moistened a cloth to then pass it over his face.


After a brief wash, Aldril joined Gandalf for breakfast.

As he ate his breakfast, Aldril looked at the carcass of the stag "It's big, I doubt we'll be able to finish it all. How far are we from the shire, Gandalf?"

Gandalf, with his characteristic serenity, took another bite of his breakfast "We are half a day from the borders of the shire," he replied, looking up towards the horizon. 

"There you could sell what's left of the meat and wolf-skin you carry. Hobbit merchants are always on the lookout for good produce, it will be easy to sell what you carry."

Nodding, Aldril finished his breakfast and began to cut up the carcass of the stag, after he took the last bite of his meat, Gandalf came over to help.

It didn't take them long to separate the entrails and cut the meat into portions that would be easy to carry.

As the pieces of deer meat were hung on the backs of his horse, Aldril swore to see his horse grimace in disgust "Damn, I swear to god this horse is not normal."

"Haha, your horse is definitely not normal, I can see arrogance and pride in his eyes where did you get him?" Gandalf asked as he climbed onto his horse.

Getting on his horse Aldril smiled at Gandalf "How about telling you the story of how I got this big guy as we go along?" At his words the horse neighed.

"haha well, a good talk makes the road less boring."


The sun was already beginning to show itself in all its splendor on the horizon, painting the sky with warm, golden tones.

Aldril and Gandalf prepared to set out on their journey to the shire.

As Aldril rode behind Gandalf, he recounted the facts of how he tamed his horse.

"Well, it all began one morning."

[flashback scene] 

Aldril could be seen entering the village with a cloak that hid all his features, not long ago he had transmigrated, he needed to get away as fast as possible from Lindora because of the actions that the original Aldril committed, for that reason he came to this nearby village to see if he could get a horse.

A young lady dressed as a peasant passed near him, upon seeing the young Aldril he stopped her "Excuse me miss could you tell me if in this village there will be someone who sells horses?"

"Oh yes, old Loid is selling his horses, just go straight ahead and you will see the stable." 

Thanking her, Aldril followed the young woman's instructions and arrived at an old stable that had several horses.

As Aldril was inspecting the horses an old man approached and with a smile spoke "Hello young man, I see you've come for the horses any that interest you?"

Returning the smile, Aldril spoke politely "That's right, I came for a horse, one that is sturdy and agile. 

The old man smiled, leading Aldril towards the stable where the horses neighed at the sight of the old man. "Tough and agile, do you have a preference as to color?"

Aldril watched the horses carefully "I'm open to any color."

"In that case, follow me, I'll show you each of them."


After a few minutes of looking at the horses Aldril asked nervously "So how much are you asking for a horse?"

"Each one is worth 40 silver coins, if you went elsewhere a horse would cost you much more expensive." 

"Oh shit, I only have 10 silver coins from my savings and 30 bronze I stole from those guys" Aldril muttered, then shook his head "Can't you let me have it cheaper? I only have 10 silver."

Shaking his head the old man turned him down "I'm sorry young man, that's the lowest price I can sell them for." 

With a sigh of defeat Aldril prepared to leave, but the moment he turned around he felt a very intense gaze, turning his head towards the direction he felt the gaze, Aldril saw a black horse, with noble bearing and a finely manicured mane, looking into those eyes he saw an arrogant and noble look.

"That horse you didn't show me."

Following the direction of Aldril gaze the old man quickly shook his head "That horse is not for sale, it is very aggressive it has killed by stomping anyone who tries to tame it, I was thinking of slaughtering it this afternoon, so it is not for sale."

Approaching the horse Aldril kept looking him in the eye, with a whinny the horse looked away.

"How about 10 silver coins for him?" Aldril turned around and smiled at the old man who was looking at him as if he was an idiot.

With a sigh, the old man agreed "Fine, I won't insist, you're a big boy and you know what you're doing, if it hurts you don't come and give it back to me" Nodding to the old man, Aldril took out the bag of his coins and threw them to the old man.


Approaching the horse carefully, Aldril felt the intensity of his gaze as the animal watched him with distrust. despite the old man's warnings, his intuition told him that he had to buy this horse.

As Aldril led the horse out, the old man spoke again "I warn you, boy, this horse is very dangerous"

Nodding seriously, Aldril replied in a firm tone "I understand, but I am willing to take that risk"

With the deal done, Aldril advanced through the village, thankful that the horse was behaving himself, he started to buy some provisions with the money he had left.


Already on the outskirts of the village, Aldril decided to tie the horse to a tree and started trying to tame him, at first it was difficult, as the horse would not let Aldril get too close to him.

"How do I manage to tame it?" He thought, until an idea came to him from what was said in his previous world "I must be gentle and try to speak to it tenderly so that the animal does not feel threatened" With decision he approached the horse in a friendlier way.

"Hello, friend, we got off to a bad start, so let me fix it" he began, extending his hand gently. "I'm Aldril, I'm approaching you in the hope that you will allow me to gain your trust."

The horse watched Aldril curiously, his gaze was just as intense but this time it didn't feel threatening. He emitted a soft whinny, as if he was evaluating his words.

"I will call you Shadow Star," Aldril continued, his tone brimming with warmth and respect. "Since your beauty lies in the darkness and because you will be the beacon of light that guides me in the darkness."

Shadow Star seemed to respond to the name with a slight nod of her head, as if in agreement with Aldril's choice.

Stepping closer, he allowed Aldril to stroke his beautiful mane "I believe that together we can accomplish great things," Aldril said, his voice carrying a hint of excitement.

"You and I, we can face any challenge that comes our way" The steed whinnied softly, as if agreeing with his words.

"Together, we will ride into the future with courage and determination," Aldril declared, his gaze fixed on the horse's eyes. "And together, we will experience many adventures."

With a whinny of affirmation he bent down and looked at Aldril, allowing him to mount him, with a smile Aldril placed the saddle on him, looking at the slightly worn saddle, grim star looked at him with a bearish look.

Sensing his stare, Aldril chuckled "Sorry buddy, I promise I'll get you one in better condition" With a neigh the horse turned his head away, as if ignoring him.

"Haha I feel like this horse can understand human language" Aldril muttered as he adjusted the saddle. 

On that day a new friendship was born, a union between an adventurer and his noble steed, destined to have their names engraved in the annals of history.


"And that's how I managed to tame this big guy who runs faster than the wind and outruns any horse we come across" Aldril said as he patted grim star, while the horse whinnied as if in agreement.

At the front Gandalf was silent for a moment as he muttered "Horse that possibly understands human language, proud and arrogant look" With a smile, he turned to look at Aldril.

"Without a doubt, an exceptional horse, I don't think you have realized that your horse is a descendant of Felaróf Father of the Mearas, lord of horses and the horse of Eorl of Rohan, you have with you one of the best horses in all of Middle-earth" Gandalf said, as he laughed upon seeing Aldril's surprised face. 

"My horse what?!" asked Aldril in surprise, only to come out of his trance as he laughed "Haha, so my big guy is the best in middle earth" At his comments Shadow Star neighed and raised his head with pride. 

"Yes, a great horse, But how did he end up in these parts?" wondered Gandalf quietly.

Finishing stroking his horse, Aldril looked at Gandalf and with a twinkle in his eye asked "And you Gandalf Do you have any stories about dragons?" 

Snapped out of his thoughts by Aldril's voice, Gandalf was quiet for a few seconds, then spoke with a twinkle in his eye "Sure, I have a few Would you like to hear about Ancalagon the black or Smaug?" 


And booom! There you have it that our MC's horse is not normal, grey shade is not the only descendant of Felaróf.

If you only saw the movies, don't worry, I'll be giving a brief explanation of things (Although I've only read a bit of the books, everything else I get from the wiki haha). 

Enjoy the chapter and sorry for the delay, I have the problem of procrastination, Soon in my patreon: " patreon. com/ Mrnevercry"

there will be new chapters.


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