Transmigrate to the world of The Lord of the Rings?

Join me on this journey full of excitement and memorable moments, from traveling with Gandalf, facing the perilous paths of Middle-earth, forging alliances with noble races, and ultimately standing against the fearsome Nazgûl of Sauron in the heart of Minas Tirith. Together, let us write our own saga, where courage and camaraderie shall prevail in the face of darkness. English is not my first language. This work is inspired by the novel 'Star with the Lord of the Rings' by the author Shen Hai Lao Mao. I didn't like how the original author led the novel to ruin, so I decided to improve it and make it readable. All rights to the creator of the image, if you see this and want me to remove the cover photo, feel free to let me know. patreon.com/Mrnevercry

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Chapter 16: Strange whisper

[Minutes before Bilbo's arrival]

"You were right, coming here was a waste of time," Dwalin was annoyed, he didn't understand why Gandalf had recommended a cowardly Hobbit who only wasted their time.

"Actually, it wasn't a waste of time; at least one adventurer joined the team," Kili said as he gave Aldril a thumbs up.

"Not only that, I was also able to win two bets haha," Bofur replied cheerfully as he raised his head in mockery.

"Hey, Bofur, you only won for last night's competition; the bet on whether the Hobbit will come isn't over yet," replied Glóin, annoyed, but the reality was that he was a bit nervous as there was no sign of the Hobbit catching up with them.

He trusted Aldril because he had made him win a bet last night, but as the minutes passed he began to doubt if it was right to bet in favor of the Hobbit.

"Haha, you were foolish to bet in his favor, Glóin, though I admit that Mr. Baggins prepared a sumptuous dinner for us last night. But that doesn't mean I have the guts to take risks on our adventure!"

Dwalin's comment caused several dwarves to nod in agreement. Although the Hobbit was likable, the cowardice he displayed made them not entirely like him.

What dwarves hate most is cowardice, for to them it is a clear sign of weakness. They prefer to die fighting than to save themselves by fleeing, this was demonstrated in the battle of Azanulbizar and in the battle of the five armies, in which despite being outnumbered, it only took Thorin to stand up and lead them to fight to the end.


"It's been several minutes and the Hobbit hasn't shown up, so go get those coins out at once."

"Just wait a few more minutes."

"You want to wait just because you bet in his favor."

"Haha, maybe you won last night's bet, but this time you'll lose it because you're an idiot."

"Who are you calling an idiot?"

It was almost noon, the sunlight gave a calm atmosphere to the forest, the expedition team was talking about the bet.

Those who had bet in Bilbo's favor began to pull out their coins, for they had given up hope that he would appear. The only exceptions were Gandalf, Aldril and Balin, who were more patient and waited for Bilbo's arrival.

And it didn't take long, for just as the dwarves were getting ready to split the bet, a familiar voice came from the back, which made everyone stop.

"I signed it!"

A short figure wearing a burgundy coat, a backpack that wasn't buckled, was running barefoot and waving something in his hand.

"Haha, look, Mr. Baggins did come." A cheerful Kili turned to look at the other dwarves, who had a sour face, as they had lost the bet.

"Damn, I lost again."

"What you won last night you lost now, Bofur, hahahaha."

"It was just bad luck."

As the dwarves chatted, Bilbo arrived waving the contract. As he stood near the dwarves, he propped himself up on his knees from exhaustion and handed the contract to Balin.

Who, upon receiving it, took out a pair of reading glasses and looked for Bilbo's signature. When he saw the signature, he looked at Bilbo and with a smile said, "Welcome to Thorin Oakenshield's expedition, Mr. Baggins."

After Balin's words, the whole expedition party laughed politely. A hobbit who has never traveled very far can give up his quiet, comfortable and relaxing life, and that deserves admiration.

At least the courage he showed made the dwarves respect him a little.

"Give him a pony."

Thorin looked at Bilbo and there was a hint of satisfaction in his eyes. Though still against his coming with them, he recognized the courage he showed in agreeing to come with them.

[Bilbo POV]

I had never participated in battles or adventures before, let alone riding a pony. I know the pony is safer than a horse, but still I couldn't help but get nervous.

I wanted to decline and tell them that it wasn't necessary, that I was a good walker and there was no need to give me a pony, but they wouldn't let me speak as the white-bearded dwarf I gave the contract to quickly passed me a pony.

Fortunately the pony was my size, so it wasn't hard to ride. As I was arranging my things to be more comfortable, I heard the voice of the white-bearded dwarf, who I learned was named Balin.

"Hey, Dwalin, it's time for you to pay."

At his words, a bag of coins brushed past the side of my face and so they continued to toss bags of money back and forth.

"What's going on?" With a confused face, I turned to look at Gandalf, who didn't know at what point he had stepped up beside me.

"They made a bet, they bet that you wouldn't come; most of them bet against it."

Gandalf's words left me speechless. Of course, why didn't I figure it out? Last night they did the same thing, betting on Aldril and Kili's competence.

But I was curious, would Gandalf have been for me or against me? To satisfy my curiosity, I asked, "And you, Gandalf, were you for or against?"

As soon as I finished speaking, a bag of money was tossed towards Gandalf, who looked at me with a smile.

"Of course it was for, I never doubted you," he told me as he tucked the bag into his tunic.

As I was flattered at Gandalf's confidence, the scary-eyed but kindly man stepped to my other side. His words surprised me in a gratifying way.

"Bofur, only you are missing," he said to then catch a bag that was thrown by the dwarf who told me about Smaug and made me faint from fear.

Noticing my look, the man gave me a smile as he shook the bag of coins.

"I bet on you too, Bilbo."

It was nice that not only Gandalf trusted me. He certainly has his scary eyes, but he is a kind person.

"Thank you for your trust," I said as I gave them both a smile.

[Aldril POV]

"You're welcome, we'll be adventuring companions from now on," I said casually, but the truth is, if I didn't know the plot, I would have bet against Bilbo as well, as his behavior last night gave the impression that he wouldn't risk leaving the comfort of his home for a very dangerous adventure.

I really did not dislike him, nor did I intend to belittle Bilbo as the dwarves did, as I knew he was the main character in The Hobbit. Besides, Bilbo was showing that small people can accomplish great things.

Plus he will be the supreme One Ring wielder and the only one at the moment who is able to ward off the evil influence it provokes.

I watched as the little Hobbit was silent for a few seconds as he ducked his head and muttered, "Fellow adventurers."

It caused me to chuckle as he began to nod quickly and then raise his head and decisively say, "Yes! I am now a member of the team and my own adventure has begun! Perhaps I can achieve the same accomplishments as my great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather in the future."

I certainly didn't know what was going through Bilbo's mind, but I was a bit lost in my thoughts as I thought that, if the plot remains unchanged, the One Ring is still in the hands of Gollum, who is deep in the Goblin Realm.

If we really get to the Goblin Realm, should I snatch the One Ring from Gollum before Bilbo does?

Middle-earth is a world with gods, and I don't know if my decision will cause them to change the destiny they have possibly imposed and, consequently, get annoyed and end up killing me.

As I was thinking about this question, a beautiful white bird settled on my shoulder and I could hear a soft and beautiful voice saying to me, "~That is not the bright fate that awaits you~"

At the voice, I looked all around, only to see the white bird fly off, as one of its beautiful feathers landed on my shoulder. As I picked it up, I could feel so much calm and a touch of love as if it was the embrace of a grandmother or mother.

"What the fuck was that?" I said to myself as I watched the bird fly off into the horizon. As I watched the bird fly away, a memory of the old Aldril popped into my mind.

[flashback scene]

In a small village surrounded by lush forests, an Aldril was seen as a child in a clearing accompanied by a white bird. Not long ago, Aldril had witnessed several children being escorted by their parents, as they flashed smiles and affectionate gestures.

Aldril had grown up in an orphanage, where he had never received affection; the caregivers were indifferent towards the children, so it was not a good environment to grow up in. So, before such a joyful scene, Aldril felt an emptiness in his heart that made him run to the forest to vent his sadness.

It was a sunny afternoon; as he ran through the forest, overwhelmed by sadness and tears he could not hold back, Aldril sat in a clearing and let his tears flow freely.

The leaves of the trees seemed to whisper words of comfort as a gentle breeze caressed his anguished face. In the midst of his grief, a beautiful white bird descended from the sky and landed gently in front of him.

With a gentle flutter, the bird wiped away his tears with its soft feathers, as if it understood Aldril's suffering and wanted to offer him comfort.

Surprised by the bird's presence, Aldril felt a strange warmth and comfort he had never experienced before. Without saying a word, Aldril and the bird looked deeply into each other's eyes, and in that moment, he felt an inexplicable connection, as if the bird was someone close to him.

After wiping away his tears, Aldril watched as the bird flew off into the horizon. Now calmer, he got up and returned to the orphanage, where they didn't even care how ragged he looked.

It was during the morning of the other day that a kindly old lady appeared in town; the old lady went to the orphanage where she adopted Aldril.

Certainly, Aldril was a little scared at first, but he calmed down when he felt that affection he had felt with the bird the day before.

From that day on, the old woman raised him like a son, until he grew up. When he turned 16, the old woman mysteriously disappeared.

That day, Aldril was quite depressed, as he felt abandoned, but in his moment of sadness the bird of his childhood appeared again.

It landed on his shoulder and rubbed its head on Aldril's face, as if to comfort him. After his mood improved, the bird left again and he had not seen it again until today.


"So, since my childhood you've been there," I muttered as I watched the bird walk away.

"Who was the original Aldril? Or rather, what am I doing in this world? Transmigrated or reincarnated and only two months ago regained the memories? Endless questions arose

"I hope to find answers."


I've seen that many people are upset that the MC doesn't drink or smoke, are they really upset about that?

I personally have never smoked, the only time I drank I was disgusted and from that moment on I never drank again.

Anyway, this chapter leaves a huge clue about the origin of the MC.

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