4 Violence leads to agreements

Coil just stared at them as most of them had their guns raised even as Optimus asked them to put them away.' look I understand we disagreed but hey let's put that in the past and live in the present plus technically I haven't done anything wrong. Hey, where are the humans aren't they here to stand up for me ?' coil backed up as he tried to quickly bring down the hostile environment.

Coil heard another car coming as he looked at the entrance and saw a white and blue car roll in ' smoke screen reporting for- um... What's happening ' smokescreen asked as he saw all the most pointing their guns at coil which he joined by pointing his gun at coil.

'Jeez why can't this just get easier!' he asked himself before looking at all the bots in the room to notice jazz, Jetfire, ratchet, smokescreen, and side swipe started to lower their weapons.

'Ah, that's much better. now I need the other three to do the same!' coil thought as he moved forward and it made the three that was still holding their gun tense up' you all didn't see what he was capable of in combat he could have us all dead on the floor in seconds

'Exactly so why would I waste my time being nice?' coil asked before bumble bee heard him and started lowering his weapon ' well he has a damn good point.' Ironhide said before spinning his cannons and putting his arms to his side

'You two can't be serious?! I mean you saw what he can do why would you just believe him so easily?' Arcee said as she looked at bumblebee with a confused expression before she felt a hand rest on top of her gun. She looked up to see Optimus there slowly lowering her gun for her ' there is no need to act hostile our friend has given us no reason to want to harm him and he has done more good for us than we have for him. Who are we to drive him off after that? And even after that, we wouldn't do any good making more enemies' Optimus said as he then turned and walked away toward the coil

He stretched out a hand to shake coils and coil replied with shaking his hand' thank you sir ' coil responded ' damn so riotous.' bumblebee said as he turned his gun back into his hand. 'Looks like I'm starting at art, those two.' smokescreen muttered.

'I won't ACCEPT IT!' Arcee yelled and the yell kinda started Optimus as well he let off a small jump. ' if he beats me at hand-to-hand combat then just then I will accept him but only then!!

'Jesus sense when was she such a bitch?' coil thought as he nodded his head towards her ' and since when did I know how to use my body completely?' coil had a lot of questions.

'Hey hey, I also want ago against the big guy' bumblebee buzzed in' don't leave me out I want a jab at him to' smoke screen slid into the conversation as all the other bots started to raise their hands wanting to have a battle with the coil as well.

'How about we all fight him at once in the long shot it seems like a good idea after what we saw earlier with his skills' jazz tuned in before everyone started nodding agreeing with him and walking towards a large arena that was in the base.

At this very moment, the coil was shitting bricks or rather a tinfoil 'bitch I'm about to get jumped. This finna be the most humble murder to ever be committed like look at Jetfire this mf looks strong as shit! And we can't use weapons! On yeah, I'm about to get dragged!' coil was streaming eternity while keeping a straight face.

look at him he's not even breaking a sweat!' jazz said as he patted coil on the shoulder before opening the door for the arena.' welp everyone I loved my short life as a transformer but I guess it ends now!' coil thought as he jumped into the arena.

'FIGHT!' a voice rang out before all at once coil was surrounded by all of them besides ratchet(he didn't want to fight) bumblebee threw a punch before it was easily deflected getting sent directly at racer but bubbles stopped it but this made arcee flench since she was trying to prepare to block it.

During this period coil had successful grabbed the smoke screen and swung him into bumblebee ' ah damn!' smokescreen cried out before his face got scraped across the floor Jetfire and jazz threw a kick at him jet going for the legs while jazz went for the head. Coil bucked his legs and leaned back before jumping backward

Not only did this let him dodge it was leading in for his counterattacks as well he spun off the ground and right when jazz was above him and Jetfire was below him coil delivered a split kick to both of them and it landed perfectly in their faces. Some screws came loose but nothing that can't be fixed.

'Jeez I don't wanna kill me!' coil said before looking at price, sideswipe, and Ironhide who were the last ones standing, all the others were laying on the ground motionless Ironhide went in for a punch but coil deflected the punch away before grabbing Ironhide by the face side swipe slid in and kicked coil in the legs making him stumble a bit.

This gave Ironhide the chance to push him but right when ironhide pushed out his hand he was picked up. With one single hand wrapped around ironhodes head coil lifted him in the air before throwing him at side swipe who couldn't move correctly to evade the big bot that slammed into him escaping across the ground.

Acree ran at him. She was quick but it was as if the coil was predicting her every move as if he was looking into the future. Every quick kick she gave him he just made the smallest movements to dodge them.' damn you- arcee was grabbed by the neck before getting thrown into the air.

She landed on her feet and dashed at coil at high speeds. She slammed into him and pushed him away but she couldn't move fast enough before it was lights out. In a short amount of time, she pushed coil he had stricken her in her blind spot and let himself be pushed away.

A few seconds after she fell over, and with a loud clang against the ground she was done for.

'Did I just defeat them?' coil thought before a smile went across his face.

'Yep, y'all got jumped by me! AND I ALONE GET SERVED!' coil said while doing a cringy pose.