Reviews of Transcending the Nine Heavens


Transcending the Nine Heavens

Feng Ling Tian Xia

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Please change the translator this cool novel is getting butchered by novelsaga,the last translator even if he was slow he did a good job and he didnt get paid at all.

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Beautiful novel put to shame by translator. I remember reading translations of this novel on a site called walkthejianhu (or something similar) and they pulled it off wonderfully, and they weren't even getting paid or taking donations (as far as I can remember), they were purely translating it because they enjoyed the novel and wanted others to read it as well. It's very sad to see such a wonderful novel be translated so badly, please up the quality or get a new translator altogether. Hurry and catch up to previous translations as well please...


Website : qidian china Views : 35.14 million Rating : 8.7(8626) Chapters : 2684 Status : completed Word count : 8.3 million author rank : platinum


The only problem is the translation quality. Since it the time the translator change it become horrible to understand. If only something would be done. I mean this is still one of my favorite novel yet I'm putting it on hold until maybe someday when it will be retranslated. meh


I love this story and I am truly disappointed about how Qidian decided to practically trash this story away by throwing it to the wolves. All your readers are telling you to change the translators(novels saga who are having a really bad reputation among our community) and even after translation nations decided to pick it up you took that away from them and put these incompetents to continue translating. I suppose mtl is the way to go much better than this translation... Way to go Qidian if this is how you are going to keep treat us readers than I suppose us readers we will treat you with the same amount of respect. Ptu...


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The more I read the more I am saddened how such a masterpiece is being butchered by mediocre translation. Qidian, please find a new group for this novel. At this point I would rather read the MTL.


If you are hesitant on whether to read this novel or not..... DO IT. *romance... brotherhood... family... power* First of all...... I'm here to say that this novel is actually one of the most deep and "poetic" novels that I have ever read. Aaaaand... I've read A LOT OF NOVELS. - The topmost reviews are about poor translation quality. The translation quality has no issues (because it has been fixed recently I assume). In fact the translations are just as descriptive as the RAWS. I assure you. - The characters all have depth. Although the MC is a bit OP and cold with his godsword, he has a bit of background and has reasons for his personality. All the characters in the story have a history that makes them who they are today and the author illustrates that very thing. The author also reveals the background and also the lives of the MC's 'brothers' when they are not with the MC (their family ties/lives, their loved ones, etc.). Each person has a depth to them (including enemies and occasionally side characters). *it's not SAO* - The Stability of Updates: the speed should be around 1-2 chapters a day if I'm not mistaken. Although around the time I am posting the review, the translations got suspended because of some transitioning. BE SURE TO CHECK HOW OLD THIS COMMENT IS BEFORE YOU JUDGE because the translations may have resumed by the time you're reading this. TL;DR: - The reviews against the "translation quality" are out-of-date. The translations are now very good. I assure you that if you like a smart MC, brotherhood concept, and a but of romance, this NOVEL IS FOR YOU. You should trust me because I have read these novels every single day for many years. It won't let you down


As so many others have mentioned: terrible translation, extremely good story. Please get a translator that can convey the awesomeness that is this story!


1 Translation done by "Novelsaga" are horrendous. After all, they ninja-ed the translation. Like literally garbage translation. The previous translator was far better. No amount of godly editors can save up Novelsaga's trash translations. 2a. Story development : Its a typical "band of brothers" kind of xianxia. Mixed in with some Stephen Chow-ish humours of the 90s, and this is what you get. 2b. The story can get ridiculous at times, but its still very, very enjoyable. In "Xianxia common sense", this story really stretches some parts a bit, but still quite believable.


Transcending the Nine Heavens is a novel that I will never get tired to read. Well even with the fact that the translation is slow, everytime I see an update it makes my day complete. I love how the characters were portrait especially the main characters' --- his passion, dedication and willingness to change oneself for a better is simply humane. So far he's kind of different compared to the MCs of Wuxia and Xianxia I've read in terms of having a lot of subordinates and friends he could rely. I like him, he is not traveling the world alone because of some sort of misfortune that threatens his life or because some OP opponent is chasing him. He has a clear purpose and goal not only to become strong but also to correct his wrongdoings. The world of TTNH makes me wonder how it really looks​ like πŸ˜€. Imagine three layers of continent, hmmm. Does it look like Aincrad of SAO but smaller version? Haha All in all this is one of my favorite novel I will definitely read till the end. Looking forward to the time when Chu Yang will unify the continent , meet his parents (discover why he's abandoned) and have relationship development with his wives. ***Highly recommended​ for fantasy, action and time travel fanatics. :)


Story is fantastic. Pity that all the recent translations are poor and hard to read. Currently can't even follow the story due to the translation quality.


I created this account in order to say that this novel should really get what it deserves. Which is a slightly better translation and a lot faster release rate. If you can't fix the release rate please give it someone that has the capability to so or of course just get someone to help you. With regards :)


chu yang is one of the best mc's in chinese novels and the romance in this novel is very good,everyone should read this masterpiece. .


If you want to describe this novel in a word it would be FUNNY! It's very well writen, the beggining is quite cliche but afterwards it walks an individual path (of glory), the system and the battles are good, the world building isn't perfect but it's very solid and has potential. The characters are one of it's strongest points, they aren't 1d but have personality and they are unique. Something uncommon is that it's not a pure Xuanhuan story( at least in the first couple hundred chapters) but also involves strategy and politics, but not too much to make it boring, the author does a superb job keeping a good balance. The translation quality isn't bad, it's just that the former one was better, but it's improving!


It's pretty good. There's a good mix of light-heartedness and humor to off-put the, at times, rather grim story. As of the latest chapter currently translated(316), the characters have only on a handful of occasions acted in ways I would consider "out of character". They're consistent in their beliefs and bearings and the story unfolds accordingly, rather than being a bunch of psychopaths doing emotional 180s whenever the author wants to force something through. The translation quality for the earlier chapters by Walk the Jianghu were very high quality. There was a lot of noise made about Novel Saga's work, but having read it myself I have had no difficulties. The only real gripe I've had with it is that the translator sometimes appears to have used the English equivalent of a word, even when that equivalent is... outlandish, to say the least. But I consider that a very minor problem, and it only happens rarely. As for the story, I would also rate it rather highly. There's a good balance between cultivation, politicking and scheming; although it is rather light on fighting, surprisingly. I am currently also following another work by the same author, Realms In The Firmament, and the similarities are obvious. If you enjoy that story, you will probably enjoy TTNH as well. I will refrain from ****** a judgement on the romance so far, mostly because there has been very little of it. The only thing I can say about it really is that there are several love interests, but the MC remains devoted to the primary one. The novel is classified as a harem, and certainly there are relevant women, but as of yet there's been rather limited progress. As for flaws, they are the same as most WNs suffer from, in my mind. The stories are incredibly long, which is both a good and a bad thing. For casual entertainment it is excellent; one novel can hold you over for several days. But it also causes the story to stagnate relatively often. Obvious incoming plot points are delayed by several chapters of content that, while entertaining, is mostly irrelevant. It's difficult for me to judge WNs, because to use the same standards I apply to the more classical type of novel can't really be used. Overall, I would not classify it as an inventive story. It is done very well, however, ****** for an entertaining story with decent characters, which is also in no way hampered by the translation quality. So.. yeah. It's pretty good.


I wonder why this novel is too low in ranking?this is one of the best xianxia novel i ever read,the world build,the characters,everything,...im so sad it is so very underrated😒😒😒


Pls increase rate of release. It's far too slow for such a good novel. Updating is also irregular. Translation quality is bit better since it's taken over but still needs improvement.


Nice novel!! I don't know why the hate on the translation quality. I think it is pretty good. Keep it up Novel saga don't bother with these bad reviews and pls increase the chapter releases per week . Thanks


Always fun to read and pretty funny at times. The first few hundred chapters are more serious and the characters are mostly dominating and arrogant. The story gets better and more interesting later on