155 Husband

Two weeks later, the group of three arrived at the centre of the inner region.

When they did, they found many others, including cultivators from the Great Zhu empire, the border guards, and the BlueStar Treasure Pavillion waiting on the periphery.

"As expected." Li Futian muttered and sighed.

"Do you know what is going on?" Yu Nianzhen asked.

Li Futian sighed again and then spoke, "the core region may not open."

The thousand herbs garden was like other secret realms, and killing was an unavoidable outcome.

However, the heaven and earth laws of the thousand herbs garden were relatively peaceful.

If killing exceeded the acceptable limit, the heaven and earth laws would react.

In fact, Li Futian had expected the secret realm to eject them and close prematurely. However, his expectation did not come to pass, and it looked like the much-awaited core region would not open.

"It's a pity." He said with regret on his face. 


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