133 Have they Forgotten Us?

As soon as the voices stopped, heaven and earth qi wrapped around the four. Tendrils of power invaded their bodies, and an invisible bond formed between them.

'Oath of brotherhood…' Jiang Yue thought in awe.

However, he didn't have more time to marvel before a peppy voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Let's drink, brothers." Xuan Ke said and lifted his wine cup.

Jiang Yue rolled his eyes but still grabbed his own.

"We are brothers from today onwards." Li Futian also picked up his wine cup.

Without a word, Yu Nianzhen also grabbed his own, and the four simultaneously emptied their cups.

After that, the four drank a few more cups before Li Futian and Xuan Ke left the tent.

"Are you resentful?" Jiang Yue asked as soon as the others left.

He sat across Yu Nianzhen and looked him in the eye as if wanting to see deep into his soul.

"I am not."

"Are you sure?"


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