391 Black Forest

As days passed, more and more people arrived in the vicinity of the lake.

Some came alone but most came in groups.

However, the group from the Sea Cloud sect had yet to arrive which made Jiang Yue and Yu Nianzhen a little uneasy.

"Cultivators from the Gu region are here." Jiang Yue said and tipped his head toward the South.

In the Cangxing world, Jiang Yue was most afraid of gu cultivators.

Although the Gu region was neutral and Gu cultivators were not the most powerful, Jiang Yue always felt they were the most dangerous.

If he could, he never wanted to get too close to them.

"Cultivators from the Great Artisan City and the Sword sect should also be here soon." Yu Nianzhen added.

"There are many formation masters in the Great Artisan City."

"You don't have to care about them. How is your progress?"

Hearing that, Jiang Yue sighed.


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