Chapter 0276 Ward Village (Added 7200 words, ask for monthly ticket five more times)

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As a researcher of the Spirit World, Su Lu had encountered various evil spirits.

A headless spirit, while frightening in appearance, did not even reach the level of a first-class [Necromancer] and couldn't faze him in the least.

What truly concerned Su Lu was the information radiating from the spirit.

"Human... this implies that human beings still exist in this world, which is excellent news!"

"Judging by the clothing, it seems he belonged to the lower class before his death... and the productivity of this world is likely very low..."

"Being beheaded... implies it's not safe, whether it was executed by a public security officer or killed as retaliation, both represent that the human world is filled with wars and killings..."


As Su Lu silently observed the headless spirit, he suddenly spoke: "By my name... Su Lu Pottery! I command you to obey me!"

"Tell me! Your name and cause of death!"