15 15. Bellemere

Buggy won his battle, and Bass is unconscious now. Buggy tie Bass with a rope and make sure Bass can't move. Then Buggy go to find Jimmy & Burton, but they already walk toward him with Bill being pulled on the ground.

Jimmy & Burton won their fight easier than Buggy. Jimmy made Bill busy in close combat whil Burton shot at Bill. Bill tried to get away, but Jimmy could always stop him and gave Burton chances to shot.

Bill thought he have a chance to fight these 2 together, but he's wrong. Bill was strong, even stronger Jimmy, but with Burton's shooting, he couldn't do anything. In the end, Bill fell from all the bullets in his body, and Jimmy wounded him even further by stabbing his spear on Bill's right chest.

Jimmy & Burton actually finished their battle when Buggy was dodging the flying swords. However, they decide to stay away, because they get wary seeing Buggy who didn't need to worry about slash attack avoid the swords. So it must be dangerous, and they might just hold Buggy down.

"You do the right thing. That black aura from him is able to rot any flesh that come in contact with it at visible rate."-Buggy

"T-that's scary."-Burton

"It is, but forget about that! We need to tie all of them now. Marine will give bonus if we capture all of these guys. There are hundreds of them after all."-Buggy

Marine have a rule to give bonus reward for bounty hunters who capture more than 100 pirates from a crew even if they don't have bounty. It's hard to fight hundreds of mens, so they give some bonus reward. It's not much, just 1 million per 100 mens, but money is money.

"There are 500, so we can get 5 million bonus, sweet!"-Burton

"Plus with the 50 million, it will be 55 million. Then there are a lot of treasures too in here, i don't know how much though."-Jimmy

"My estimation is there are at least 20 million worth of treasures & money here."-Buggy

"Woah, that's a lot of treasures."-Burton

"Yeah, but considering their numbers, it's normal actually."-Buggy

"Hmm, that's right."-Jimmy

The 3 then tie all the pirates and take them to the last pirate ship. Some pirates that survived surrender and didn't dare to fight back after seeing Buggy & co's power. Buggy even order them to help tying & transporting their comrades, and they can only follow his order.

With the pirates' help, the work finished faster. Then they tie their ship that have smaller size to the back of big ship. They pull their small ship while sailing to the nearest marine base. Of course they've stored all the most valuable things in their small ship.

It take 5 hours for them to reach the Marine Base. It's the 40th Branch, a base near Oykot Kingdom. The Marine base isn't that big, just like all Marine base on East Blue.

Before reaching the Marine base, Buggy disguise himself like usual. He pluck his nose and cut off his left hand. Then he put them in a safe box in their ship. This is his disguise with the alias Bob the Bounty Hunter.

When they get close to the island, the Marines got alerted and point weapons at them. Well, they use a pirate ship and didn't even rip the flag yet. Buggy then come forward and show himself with his hands raised.


"B-Bob? From the 3 Clovers?"-Marine A

"His face look familiar, it really seem to be him."-Marine B

"But how can we be sure of it?"-Marine C

"Hey, it's their ship at the back, so it must be them."-Marine D

The marine finally see Buggy's ship on the back and get relieved. They allow Buggy & co to dock on the port now. Then after they dock, the Marine immediately check the pirate ship and really find the captured pirates.

The Marines then start to transport the pirates while Buggy & co rest on their ship. It will take some time, so they wait on their ship. Then a group of people come, led by a man in his 40's. But Buggy's eyes are glued on the woman behind that man who have red hair with chelsea hawk haircut and a cigarette on her mouth.

"Hello Gentlemans, i am Captain Harold, the one with highest authority here."-Harold


Buggy just stay silent even though it's usually him that talk, so Burton quickly take the role and answer the Captain.

"Ah, yes, we're the 3 Clover Leaves, or that's how people call us."-Burton

"W-well, how about we talk inside? This place isn't suitable for such business."-Harold

"Yes, thank you for the hospitality."-Burton

They all start to walk toward the base, but Buggy suddenly grab the woman's hand.


"Eh? What? Did you need something?"-Woman

"What's your name?"-Buggy

"Huh? Uuh, Bellemere."-Bellemere

Buggy widen his eyes, and he smile widely.

'It's really her.'-Buggy

"Uuh, can you release my hand?"-Bellemere

"Ah, sorry, i was in a daze."-Buggy

"Maybe you need some water to drink."-Bellemere

"No, i'm not thirsty, i'm just flabberghasted on your beauty."-Buggy smile thinly

The others are stunned hearing Buggy's words, even his friends. They never see Buggy flirt with a women, and he just met her today. Buggy have some womens who admire him and try to get close to him, but Buggy never care about them. So seeing Buggy take the initiative to a women make Jimmy & Burton shocked.

It's not just Jimmy & Burton that shocked, but also the marines. They can't believe that someone actually flirt with the tomboy Bellemere. No one in the marine dare to do it even though they are attracted to her, because her strong personality make them nervous to even try.

"Hee, am i that beautiful?"-Bellemere tease Buggy

"Yeah, i can say you're the most beautiful woman that i've ever seen."-Buggy answer easily

"Is that so? That's very nice of you, but too bad i don't really like younger men. I am 17, and i remember that you're 16 now right?"-Bellemere

"Don't worry, it's just 1 year difference, i'll make you like me slowly."-Buggy said with confident

"W-well, good luck then."-Bellemere is stunned at Buggy's confidence

Bellemere then leave with the marines to the base. Buggy & co also follow the marines inside. And when they walk, Jimmy & Burton ask Buggy about the previous event.

"Hey, you know that girl?"-Burton

"No, i just met her today."-Buggy

"Huh? Then why're you suddenly do that?"-Jimmy

"You can say it's love at first sight. That girl really make my heart race when i see her. Just looking at her for once already make me understand that she is a strong women."-Buggy

"Well, she is a marine, so she must be strong."-Burton

"That's not it, what i mean is her heart, her personality. She is a woman that fight for herself, not a woman that will ask to be protected everytime."-Buggy

"But aren't you going to be that (pirate)? Won't that make you her enemy?"-Jimmy

"Hehe, don't worry, i know my things."-Buggy

"Well, whatever, it's your life, do what you want."-Jimmy

After they arrive in the base, Captain Harold thank them again and ask them to wait for a moment. Harold ask about the capturing chronology, so Buggy explain it shortly. Harold is surprised to hear that the pirate captain & sniper are devil fruit users, so he send his subordinates to put seastone handcuff on them.

It takes 10 minutes for Buggy & co to get their money. They return to their ship with the marines escorting them. They get on their ship, and prepare to sail. Before they sail, Buggy get on the railing and call Bellemere.

"One day, i will make you fall for me."-Buggy

"Don't just talk, prove it!"-Bellemere

"Just wait!"-Buggy smirk

Buggy & co then leave the base with Buggy have a new goal, capturing the beauty's heart.


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