72 Chapter 72: Found

As the head of the General tumbled onto the ground, a heavy silence settled over the scene. The surrounding knights remained motionless, their eyes filled with a mixture of shock and disbelief, as if unable to comprehend the gruesome sight before them.

The dark-robed knights, unaffected by the shocking turn of events, continued their merciless onslaught. With each swing of their swords, they claimed another life, their blades becoming increasingly tainted with the blood of their fallen knights.

Amidst the chaos, voices of dissent began to rise among the knights.

"Have you lost your sanity?" they shouted, dismounting from their horses and bravely engaging in combat, trying to push back against the dark-robed assailants.

Unfortunately, the Knights of Elian, despite their large numbers failed to gain any ground against mere thirty knights. Instead, it were the dark robed knights that were moving forward, the sound of swords clashing echoing everywhere.


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