Traitor's Obsession: Reincarnation of the Strongest Calamity Book

novel - Fantasy

Traitor's Obsession: Reincarnation of the Strongest Calamity


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His single obsession led him to wage war, annihilating countless gods. He was the one that had betrayed Heaven, all over a single obsession. ..... Raven had waged a war on Heaven, killing countless. Even Zeus, Lucifer or the Great Monkey King couldn't stop him. Just when it was looking like he was going to annihilate everything in his path, Gaia intervened. At the cost of her life, she cursed him for an eternity, only for him to suffer the worst of fates in every reincarnation. From then on, whenever Raven reincarnated, fate toyed with him. In every reincarnation, he lived a life worse than death. In every reincarnation, he was killed by the Gods before he could turn eighteen and remember his true past. However, everything changed in his 100th reincarnation... This time he didn't forget. This time he remembered...


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