4 Chapter 4

"Ash, you have to travel for another ten years, now you don't have to study so hard, and you will be in a hurry when you learn later!" After dealing with Pichu, Delia walked into Ash's room and hugged him from behind Lived in Ash, said very gently!

Although Ash is sensible and saves Delia a lot of heart, but this has made Delia not try to be a mother's responsibility, except for the period of time when Ash was just born, Ash has always been mature and sensible!

This also makes Delia worry that young age Ash will hurt her body because of excessive learning!

"Mom, don't worry, I'll handle these things myself, and it's no harm to learn more in in childhood. Instead of wasting time and playing, it's better to prepare for the future!" Feeling Delia holding her, so was Ash. laughed said!

Delia's worries made Ash feel maternal love, and also felt a kind of family love that previous life had never felt. This atmosphere at home made Ash really cherish the life now!

"Okay, mother is going to cook first, you have to take a bath, and see if you are dirty!" Ash replied, let Delia sighed, every time he asked about this topic, Ash was like this Answer, so Delia can't parry at all, after all, Ash is right!

After Delia went downstairs, Ash took off his messy clothes, threw it into the washing machine, and finally came to the bathroom to lie in the bathtub. I have to say that the technology of this World is indeed very advanced, it is simply convenient To the point that Ash almost had to eat and die!

"Ding ~ Congratulations to the host for getting the first Pokémon in its own way, the auxiliary system is officially opened, please name the host!"

Just when Ash was enjoying the fun of bathing, a burst of sound made Ash stand upright instantly, so this sound made Ash unable to distinguish the direction at all. You should know that Ash 's previous life was a killer, and the most important killer is the sense. !

But now, he can't even detect the position of this voice. After a period of confusion, Ash stabilized his mind. After recalling the meaning of the voice just now, Ash's mouth was slightly curled!

"This is probably the golden finger. It seems that the novel is not just an entertainment, it also has the right side!"

"system !"

"Ding ~ host is named successfully, and is currently being digitized. Please wait 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90% and 100% for successful digitization. Please check the Attribute information of the host!"

After Ash named the system, a mechanized voice came to let the prepared Ash, not at all startle because of that for the first time!

"System, open my information, I need to check my own data!" After hearing the words of system, Ash asked his own information according to the system. After all, he got the system, so he should understand it!

"Ding ~!"

Name: Ash Oak

Level: Elite Late Stage

Age: 5 years old

Power: 7

Speed: 10

Spiritual Force: 15

Talent Ability: Mind (opened), Aura (unopened)

Acquired Ability: None

Attribute points: 0

lottery: 3

Pokémon: Pichu

After some fiddling, Ash finally got a rough idea of ​​the role of the system. The origin of the system is not clear to Ash, and the system ca n't give the answer, and the system is not a humanized system, but a serious one. Data system!

It can be said that there is no human warmth at all. The real thing is a programmatic system, without any emotion. The role of the system is mainly to completely digitize its own ability and its own Pokémon's ability, so that the host can master the beneficial First-hand information!

The Attribute points in the data can be used to add power, speed, Spiritual Force, any one of these three types after obtaining them!

And this system not at all store, but there is lottery, can be used to extract anything, but the probability is really by luck, if you can draw Psychic, then you can get it directly!

If you get the technology and item, then in addition to the real thing you get, the host can also get all the information of the technology or item, and master it perfectly, that is, as long as there are enough materials, Ash can also make it himself!

But the facts are not too good, because the probability is really bad. According to the analysis of the system, the probability of Psychic can be ignored. The probability of technology and item is very common, but it belongs to intermediate rank. The emergence of Advanced is also unsatisfactory!

Lottery times, also use Attribute points, as for the way to get Attribute points, that is to make Ash speechless, Attribute points can be obtained by relying on anything done by the game and the host, but not all games and things can be done get!

The obtained probability is also random, and the Rival Level is very strong, so the greater the probability of obtaining Attribute points, of course, there are also exceptions. If you are good luck, even if you beat Beginner Trainer, you can also get Attribute points. It can be seen that Attribute points are obtained. Real What is pitted!

"I'm relying on it. It seems to be a rigid system. It's really a pitman, but it's better than that. It will be used!" Looked at the analysis I got, Ash was really speechless to his golden finger!

After taking a shower, Ash walked out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, and wiped the wet black medium and short hair with a towel, probably just after reaching the neck, his left eye was already covered by the sea. Take a closer look, Ash gave people The feeling is handsome and cute, after all, Ash is only 5 years old!

Looking Pichu is still in his sleep, Ash remembered the system, and even more of his own ability. The heart and eyes are a kind of sense that close the eyes can feel the existence of creatures.

As long as Spiritual Force is concentrated, you can feel everything about nearby creatures, cells, skeleton, Chakra Pathway, blood vessels, everything can not escape the capture of Ash, the reason why Ash could n't internal vision others 'within-the-body before, mainly because The ability is just Awakening, so in terms of control, Ash is not very skilled!

With the system, Ash's own ability has been completely stabilized, and the control of the body is also in place. It can be said that the special benefits brought by the system!

"System, let me list Pichu's information!" Ash looked at the sleeping Pichu and said to the system in his heart. Ash was also a little surprised that Pichu became his own Pokémon, after all, he was not at all Pokéball!

"Ding ~!"

Name: Pichu

Level: Beginner

Characteristic Trait: Lightning Rod, Static Electricity

Attribute: Electric Attribute

Potential: 100% (5% developed)

"As expected, it was still Pichu who had not been born long before, and there were only 3 Ability!" Looked at Pichu's profile, Ash remembered the tearful look of Picchu before, and soon a decision was made!

Both Pokémon and Trainer have level differentiation, from low to high, Beginner 10 ~ 20, Advanced 20 ~ 30, Elite 30 ~ 40, Pseudo-Emperor 40 ~ 50, Emperor 50 ~ 60, Pseudo-Champion 60 ~ 70, Champion 70 ~ 80!

(The above figures are the potential value of development. The potential value of each Pokémon is 100. It depends on how the Trainer developed it. It 's easy to understand, how to calculate, the value is within 100. If this is not understood, then I There is no way!)

The Level of each stage is divided into Early-Stage, Middle-Stage, Late Stage, Peak. Taking Beginner's Level as an example, 10 ~ 13Early-Stage, 13 ~ 15Middle-Stage, 15 ~ 18Late Stage, 18 ~ 19Peak!


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