Trained to Sin (BoyxBoy) Book

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Trained to Sin (BoyxBoy)


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Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse, Self-Harm, Mature Content, Very Dark BxB/GxB/Werewolf His piercing green eyes looked right into the camera, as if looking straight at me. My breath caught in my throat. I could feel a boner coming on. I continued to watch, as he took his hand from her clit and smacks her ass. The smack was loud, and she screeched in pleasure and moaned his name. Her voice was so annoying it actually began to turn me off. "Berrrnardoooo!" She moaned, as his pace quickened. He picked up the camera and zoomed it in on his girth slipping in and out, covered in her liquids. My eyes went wide. This was Mr. Bowman? My breath quickened, as I could hear his breathing get heavier. He put the camera back and turned her and his body, so I could see the side of them. His roundness of his ass was perfect, and was also decorated in tattoo. I couldn't believe he could go any faster, but he did. The camera was able to see his girth continuing to enter and pullout. I watched liquids spurt out all around, as the woman screamed out. Her body began twitching uncontrollably, but continued pounding her and then looked into the camera. I could tell he was going to cum.


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