1 Funny Man

Alice NG woke up in unfamiliar room, Her head was hurt. After while, she frowned when she saw the unfamiliar place "where is it ? Why I am here " then she recalled what happen yesterday.

Last night, she had a day out with 4 girls . one of the girl gave her a call and asked her to go out which she accepted happily. Initially, they only had dinner then her friends insisted to go to the pub as the night still young. Of course, as usual it was her who pay for all the bills.

Alice was never good with alcohol, she had low tolerance. Therefore, she hardly drank any. But last night, they forced and tricked her to drink and left her alone in drunked state again. She couldn't recall where they left her, the only memory she had was they left the pub then they hired a cab. After got into the cab, she felt about to vomitted , So the girls asked the Cab driver to stop and let her to get off. Once she was out from the car, she vomited on the side of the road and she woke up in that room.

Smiled sadly and sat down. then, she looked under the blanket "thanks lord" She muttered lowly. She waa relief that her clothes were still intact properly.

Then she got up and looked around the room. Nothing much, just a simple room with wardrobe, a single bed and a side desk. She was still observing the room whem suddenly, the door was opened and a young man came.

"Oh.. you woke up already" the man said.

"mm. thank you for last night... and what do you want in return" Alice said straight forward coldly.

"what do you mean ?" He frowned.

"You want rewards for helping me, right ? " Alice replied the Man.

" What ?! I don't want anything ?" he was shocked

"Don't lie to me. !" Alice said.

"I don't lie, just can't see a lady sleep on the street in drunken state" the man said while shaking his head and stared as her it seems he was thinking something.

"Is it what you always think? people only lend a hand for reward ?" the man asked after while. His vioce was still calm but Alice could tell that he was not happy at all.

"Sorry if I insult you but it's what normally happen. " Alice replied

"Becareful next time. You are a girl, should you pay more attention on your safety ? " Alice could sense that he was dissatisfied with her arritude Alice frowned. she felt he was annonying the she sneered inwardly. 'who is he lecturing me like that' she thought.

"Come on.. it's almost past lunch. have something to eat first then go home, your parents must worried" the man said.

Alice didn't said anything, just follow him to the dinning table and quietly had her food alone.

After while, the man come to the kitchen again "I still have a lot of work to do. You can go home by your self, right ? I can take you to see the bus stop or train station. which one do you prefer?" he was very polite.

"No need.." Alice said "I can go by my self"

what bus or train Alice said silently. She never sit on bus nor train. She was a daughter of one rich family in country T. She had her own chauffeur back in her homeland and when she moved to country U She has her own car.

She finished her lunch in half an hour then left the plates on the table like she normally to at her place. The man saw it and scolded her "spoiled girl".

"Excuse me ?!" Alice glared at the man.

"Don't you know basic attitude ? put the dish on to the sink at least" he shook his head helplessly.

Gosh.. this man is really....alright he helped me last night.. I'll do it..

Damn Alice never did that kind of job, for her put dish on to the sink is housemaid job. No reason for her to do this dirty job.

After she had done with the dish,she went back to the bedroom to get her purse back and checked it to make sure her stuff were there. She went back to the living room to find the man. he was sitting on the sofa while his hands danced beautifully the keyboard while his eyes stared on the screen of his laptop.

"Good bye and thank you for your.."

"Bye..." The man cut her unfinished sentence.

Funny man, Alice thought and left.

After the door closed, the man tilted hos head slightly. He inhaled a deep breath and he was wonder what made him meet a weird girl who successfully made him shake his head countless time.

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