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As you cans see at the description, I really added kpop group Seventeen so that it will add a little spice like I said 😅.

I don't know if Carats and Stays would like it, but I hope so..

I will be doing it like the every other day..

I hope you like it..


Sorry I published it early cuz I'm too excited 😓

Everyone can read it if you want ❤️..


Y/N - You

JL - Jilin

TJ - Tarja

VN - Vanessa

KM - Kim

BC - Bang Chan

I.N - Of course you know it

JS - Jisung

HN - Hyunjin

LK - Lee know

SM - Seungmin

CB - Changbin

FL - Felix

P.S I will add here some new characters so stay toon...

Also,I'm gonna write each character a POV so that the characters can have their own story not just one 👍