1 Run Away With Me

I watched slowly as Dabi reached in his pocket. "There's some money in here, just give me a minute," He seemed frustrated. I was too, sort of. It didn't take long for him to pull out a few hundred dollars. "Here," he threw the money at the waitress and got up.

We were on a date, and he had robbed a bunch of people to fulfill his promise to me. He'd promised me that he would take me on a date night, and I was hoping he'd do it.

Of course, he came through, and then some.

"Oh- T-thank you, sir," The waitress seemed flustered by Dabi. She'd been blushing and staring at him the whole time he was talking. She reached in her apron on pulled out a small slip of paper. "This is my phone number, y-you know, I-if you wanna call me?" She said.

"I'll take that," I took the piece of paper from her and evaporated it. Whenever I evaporate something, I get a wave of dizziness and I hear a whoosh of air in my ears.