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Toxic Affair

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"Be mine, Hailey." He breathed against her neck, loving how she smelled like honey. She always smelled so damn good and it drove him crazy. He just wanted to devour her. Her breath hitched as her knees threatened to give out. She dug her nails into her palms as his minty breath fanned her neck. She couldn't deny it: She was very much attracted to him but she couldn't be persuaded. He was her boss and he was married with a child! "I can't. You're my boss and you have a wife." She panted, biting her lips in anxiety, trying to ignore the painful throbbing of her moist core. The sexual tension in the air was thick and suffocating. She needed to leave his office. "I promise I will not hurt you. All you have to do is be mine." He desired her. He couldn't bare her rejection anymore. He knew she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. He spun her around, her petite body crashing into him with a surprised yelp. Grabbing a firm hold of her throat, he planted his lips on hers and they both melted into an unholy ecstasy. ------ Hailey Blake had given up on love after multiple damaging heartbreaks. She was content being alone and single for two years; That was until Romeo Snider came along and made it his deadly intention to pursue her, despite being her boss and being married for three years. He had his eyes set on her since the very first time her fine ass walked by him in the hallways, leaving an aroma of honey lingering in the air. He had to get her. And what Romeo wants, Romeo gets.